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Pete's Story

After having his prostate removed in 1996, Pete thought his battle with prostate cancer was over. But just two years later, his doctor found increased levels of Prostate-specific Antigen, an indicator that his prostate cancer was back.

Pete started a series of 35 radiation treatments at Kettering Medical Center. While those treatments successfully pushed Pete's prostate cancer into remission, they also came with side effects.

The radiation treatments caused cysts to grow, eventually bursting and bleeding. About once a month, Pete would go into the hospital to stop the bleeding and have the cysts cauterized, or burned shut, leaving scar tissue in their place.

After years of enduring the side effects of radiation treatments, Pete pursued a new therapy option: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Often used to treat the late effects of radiation, HBOT promotes healing by stimulating cells to rebuild and encouraging new blood vessels to develop.

Pete had HBOT treatments at a multi-person hyperbaric chamber operated by what is now the Sycamore Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center. He chose the chamber because it was spacious and relaxed. "It was a nice room where people could sit and read during treatments," says Pete. "If you had to stand up, you could."

For 40 treatments, each lasting about an hour, Pete transformed his health-and his reading list. "I read a lot of books!" he says. "But the greatest thing is I got quick results without medications or side effects. There was no pain at all."

"I was very apprehensive before I started treatments, but I'm glad I did it," says Pete. "I would highly recommend it-it's worth a try!"