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Jessica's Story

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Weight Loss Surgery Seminar

Jessica Upton struggled with her weight for years. Now she's 95 pounds lighter, and happy she finally found a solution that worked for her.

Jessica's journey with weight loss began over a decade ago. "When my dad passed away - that's when the weight came on," she says.

She tried everything to lose the weight, but nothing would work. Dieting, exercising, weight loss pills - none of them could keep the weight off. They would work for a while, but soon the weight would come back.

"It was a constant yo-yo. I would lose weight, then something would happen and I would gain it back again."

After struggling for more than a decade, Jessica attended a weight loss surgery seminar at Kettering Bariatrics. Surgeon David Schumacher, MD, and the team at Kettering Health Network Weight Loss Solutions decided that Jessica was an appropriate candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery changes the communication between the brain and the gut. It allows the body to tolerate small portions of food and it increases the body's metabolism. After three years of researching and discussing it with her friends and family, Jessica decided the surgery was her best option.

It's been two years since Jessica's surgery, and she couldn't be happier with the outcome.

After losing almost 100 pounds, she's most excited about being active for her son. "My son loves to play basketball. Before, I could play maybe a few minutes before I'd get winded," Jessica says. "Now I can keep up without embarrassing him."

Managing her weight is still a struggle sometimes, but Jessica says portion control has been the key to her success. "Food doesn't run my world anymore - it just keeps me going."