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Treatment Options

Non-surgical: In many cases treatment options may involve medical or physical therapy. Our physicians evaluate each patient's specific needs to determine if non-surgical therapy is the best course of treatment. Some conditions can be treated with a simple office procedure.

Physical Therapy: After evaluation it may be determined that a course of prescribed physical therapy exercises and appointments would be the best form of treatment.

Mona Lisa Touch: The Mona Lisa Touch laser is an innovative procedure that helps restore vaginal tissue to a healthier state. The treatment has virtually no pain or side effects and is completed in an office environment without a need for anesthesia.
Minimally Invasive Surgery: Many procedures can be performed without any abdominal incisions, or alternatively, with laparoscopy involving very small incisions. Our physicians are fellowship trained and board certified to provide a variety of surgical options for all pelvic floor conditions.

For more information on treatment options and how we could help you, call 937-436-9825.