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2021 Messages

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Posted by Stephanie on 03/01/21
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Medsurg
Taylor, Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me! You are so kind, caring, and professional! You eliminated a lot of my worries! Thanks for all you do! You are awesome! Stephanie

Posted by Kaye Dungan on 02/24/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Daniel, thank you so much for everything you did Sun when I was there. Your kindness & care helped me calm down. I appreciate you & our conversations. I am very blessed that I came in during your shift. I especially enjoyed the discussion of the German language.!!! Again thank you !

Posted by Sue Hanshaw on 02/23/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
I am sorry but seem to be having a difficult time finding where to send a letter of gratitude to. I wanted to tell someone about a wonderful experience I had at cornerstone medical imaging. Both my mother and I recently had bad experiences during the same test at different Kettering areas so I was very nervous with my most recent visit. The technician Barbara went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during the test. She is kind, compassionate and made me feel like family. I will no longer go any where else but to her facility. She 100% represents her profession and the network in a positive light. I am thankful for Barbara

Posted by heather McCoy on 02/22/21
Southview Medical Center, Unit: nicu
I would like to thank the hole nciu staff say/night for taking care of Christine Richmond I know its been two years but I've been busy

Posted by Laura on 02/19/21
Soin Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you all so much for everything you do. You all are heroes. Thank you!!

Posted by Laura on 02/19/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you all so much for your heroic service. You all are so incredible. I, as well as many others, appreciate you all so much!!

Posted by Marilyn Cleckner on 02/18/21
Beckie unknown
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: CTCU
My husband was recently a patient in CTCU. While I was visiting him one day, I lost my diamond wedding ring that I have had for over 35 years. Your EMS employee by the name of Beckie found it in the lady's room and made an effort to find the owner which happened to be me. I was so thankful she took the time to find me that I cried all the way home I was so impressed with her. Please recognize this valuable employee in a special way for her outstanding integrity.

Posted by Adam Glowka, Heidi Jackson and Family on 02/18/21
Christine B.
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
We ALL truly appreciate assisting in bringing our Beautiful Daughter Erica Kate Rose in our lives. We understand how hard it has been through these tough times and Hope this Thank you Finds all of you well. Being Blessed may come in many ways, from many different people. But deep down inside, we know that God had put us in your specific care as our Angels. Thank you for you Great Hard work and Every single person that we spoke with the entire time was 100% dedicated to our Families Good Future! I wish to send pictures through this Thank you submission, but can not, so I will make sure that you ALL get t o see just How Beautiful of Blessing your Great work help blossom into existence. Respectfully, The Glowka Family

Posted by Leslie on 02/17/21
Shelby Lindsey
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
Shelby provided exceptional care and compassion to my sister during her time in the Er. You made her feel comfortable and confident that she was in good hands! Thank you for your uplifting personality during a stressful time. Thanks again to you and your team. You are amazing at what you do and we appreciate you.

Posted by Leslie Lindsey on 02/17/21
Leslie Lindsey
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
Shelby provided exceptional care and compassion to my sister during her time in the Er. You made her feel comfortable and confident that she was in good hands! Thank you for your uplifting personality during a stressful time. Thanks again to you and your team. You are amazing at what you do and we appreciate you.

Posted by Betty A Howe's family on 02/17/21
Aja Burrelli
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
We want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mother. You went over and beyond to keep us updated and aware of her health at all times. You were so thoughtful and it really made a difference to us for you to take time out of your very busy day to contact us. You even offered to talk to us after our mother was transferred to ICU. My mother was very scared and frightened when she arrived and after being under your care, she expressed such thankfulness that she was in the right hands to help her heal. Thank you again for all you did for our mother.

Posted by CHRIS ROMIE on 02/13/21
Brian (Bryan?) Unknown
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Atrium Gri
I was able to thank Brian for what I witnessed but not to the extent of the impact it had on my day. I suspect he is humble and not one for attention but my hope is that this message will make it to his employers and peers. During lunch hours on February 4th, while waiting to place my order a few persons back from one of the registers Brian was working. He was helping a lady that was seemingly having issues understanding the menu, what she wanted and what she could afford. Brian was patient and sweet but the lady continued to have difficulties and was concerned she didn't have enough money to pay for her modest meal. Brian insisted and ultimately convinced her to let him purchase her lunch. Not only that, he left the register, personally prepared her meal and drink, brought it around the counter and walked her to a nice spot to sit and enjoy her lunch. I had just watched my first child come into this world the evening before and Brian's act of care and manner in which he did it of made my day. I hope that statement drives home the impact. Yes, these were small gestures but they were mighty. The kind of gestures you don't get to be a part of everyday but hope to be and can try to be. For Brian it was effortless and without thought. Our birthing experience at Kettering was amazing; from the nursing staff and other specialists, to the dietary, team, housekeeping and the Atrium Grille. But Brian stands out. Thank you.

Posted by Mingwai on 02/10/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for everything you do! Your hard work does not go unnoticed!!

Posted by Shannen Hall-Shively on 02/09/21
Jaycie Fisher
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: MICU
Jaycie, You were beyond amazing to my family and I while you were my grandma's nurse. It wasn't the outcome we hoped for or even expected, However, your care for her and us was above and beyond, even before you knew I was an employee. I can not thank you enough for making us all feel at ease, treating us like family and answering all of our questions, as I know we can be overwhelming. You are truly the meaning of our CORE values, and Grandview and the Network are lucky to have you!

Posted by Crystal Carson on 02/09/21
Cynthia Cynthia Vanscyoc
Other, Unit: Springboro
Thank you for always willing to help out. I appreciate all that you do each and every day!!

Posted by Vinnie Chen on 02/08/21
Other, Unit:
Hi there i would lke to say thank uou for all the help that you have been providing our country i am really thankful :) <3

Posted by Vinnie Chen on 02/08/21
Other, Unit:
Hi im am realy thnakful for you. You are the best you inpsire me

Posted by Teresa on 02/07/21
Matt Schidecker
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3411
Thank You Matt for your kindness, patience and taking Great Care of my mother Phyllis. Teresa

Posted by Zach Enz and Family on 02/07/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 5 West
We would like to thank you for taking such great care of Zach while he was in the hospital for his leg. You went above and beyond in our eyes. Many blessings. The Enz Family

Posted by Teresa on 02/07/21
Matt Schidecker
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3411
Thank You Matt for your kindness, patience and taking Great Care of my mother Phyllis. Teresa

Posted by Teresa on 02/07/21
Matt Schidecker
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3411
Thank You Matt for your kindness, patience and taking Great Care of my mother Phyllis. Teresa

Posted by David Blumenstock on 02/06/21
Tiffany RN
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3104
Tiffany, Once again, I want to thank you so much for the care you gave me during the overnight hours of February 3-5. Wednesday the 3rd/4th was particularly difficult and you prayed for me and with me and I felt God's presence in the room as you were working. I know that you're very busy, but you made me feel that I was the only person you had to care for that night. You are the best in your profession and I'm glad you use it to minister to those you come in contact with. God's blessings to you and your family! David Blumenstock

Posted by Michele on 02/05/21
Melinda, Lisa, Kendall, Eva
Other, Unit: On Demand
To the ladies of Washington Township On-Demand Clinic-You provided me with great care yesterday and today...timely, compassionate, professional! Cannot thank you enough! You each live out KHN's mission and your sacred calling. :)

Posted by Celeste on 02/05/21
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you for being absolutely amazing Aimee!! You gave me hope in medical providers again, thank you for assisting my husband and being profesional and the sweetest person ever!

Posted by Michele Lehman on 02/04/21
Barb Lehman
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ER
Barb, You were my Mom's nurse. Your no-nonsense, professional approach meant so much as you ensured she was safe and under your watchful eye. Thank you for the loving care you provide patients like Mom. Many blessings to you!

Posted by Michele on 02/04/21
Archina & Hannah
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ER
Thank you for going out of your way to provide loving care to my mom last week! Blessings to you both.

Posted by Skyler King on 02/04/21
Stan King
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: C
Thank you, Stan, for making my stay at KBMC from January 4th-6th the best it could be. Stan really cares about the “people” (he doesn’t call them patients) he meets. He has his own church and is just an all around great guy! He really connected with me on a personal level and I felt very comfortable talking to him. His groups were amazing, and he talked a lot about God during them. Thank you again, Stan The Man!

Posted by Yuna Shi on 02/03/21
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit:
I would like to thank you along with all the other doctors, nurses and healthcare workers out there for being so brave and strong in this hard time. The work you put into helping patients will never be forgotten as heroes will never be forgotten. Thank you and stay strong and safe!

Posted by Yuna Shi on 02/03/21
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you to all the healthcare workers for all your hard work and dedication in helping people get better. Stay strong and positive!

Posted by Sandy on 02/02/21
Anthony Motley
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: SICU
I have never in all of our times at a hospital experienced such an amazing nurse. The tenderness and dignity that you offered my father in his time there renewed my faith in your profession. Your kind words and willingness to spend time talking with me helped more than you can ever know. You are an amazing, kind, generous and devoted person and words can never express my thanks to you.

Posted by Danny on 02/01/21
Brittany Shirley
Other, Unit: Emergencyd
I know you have been told by your dad how sorry i am. Hopefully you know his info is misleading. I am a better person than everyone thinks. That being said this is about you, your sister, and all of the hardworking nurses that sometimes,even daily, risk it all to serve all the rest of us during this covid-19 pandemic..Please take care of yourselves.we all love you and admire your courage and strength. Keep being true professionals and thank you, thank you, thank you so much . I love you one and all!!!

Posted by Jesse Shirley on 02/01/21
The entire faculty
Other, Unit: Childrens
This is what i know my baby boy would say; Thank you all from the janitors to the chief oncologists, especially the nursing staff. Even though i have gone on to be with my lord and saviour Jesus Christ, i am watching over you with the hope that it will influence you to take as good of care ofyour patients now as you did for me. I love you all! I held Jesse' hand as he took his last breath and i know during his last days he thought of you.

Posted by Kelly MOORE on 01/31/21
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Emergency
Katie, Thank you so much for taking care of my husband, David Bowman on 1/31/2021. The compassion and sincerity you showed to him during his time of care was beyond measure! The world needs more RN's like you! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Kelly MOORE on 01/31/21
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Emergency
Katie, Thank you so much for taking care of my husband, David Bowman on 1/31/2021. The compassion and sincerity you showed to him during his time of care was beyond measure! The world needs more RN's like you! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Patricia A Houston on 01/29/21
Other, Unit:
I received my first COVID19 vaccination Friday, Jan 29 at the Salem Avenue location. It was the best organized medical event I have ever encountered. The many staff on hand kept a steady pace, were pleasant, smiling, friendly, caring and upbeat. None of them made me feel pressured or uncomfortable in any way. They engaged in a bit of small talk which put this oldster at ease. The wait after the shot went quickly because staff checked on my well-being several times. It was such a positive experience that I almost didn't want to leave. Kudos to your planners and big stars (and socially-distanced hugs) to those at the entrance all the way thru exit. WELL DONE, EVERYONE!!

Posted by Jeromy applegate on 01/29/21
Shannon Palmer
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit:
You really made my stay a lot more comfortable with your kind words and your sweet talk every time you would come in you tried to soothe me and you tried to get my mind off my pain and it worked very much and I want to thank you.

Posted by Bethany Schultz on 01/27/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 4th rehab
Thank you for your kind and caring ways taking care of our mother Marcia. I appreciate your attention to her and making her comfortable. Your kindness has touch my heart and appreciate your professionalism with a whole lot of caring compassion. Thanks so much! Bethany

Posted by Haein on 01/27/21
Soin Medical Center, Unit:
THANK YOU SO MUCH, all nurses. You guys are the heroes! Because you've been working hard through 2020, I hope in 2021, all the nurses can have a rest and take care of themselves. Hope you stay safe!

Posted by Haein on 01/27/21
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit:
Thank you for all nurses hard working and saving us from pandemic. Hope everyone stays safe!

Posted by Cynthia Robinson on 01/27/21
Cynthia & Richard Robinson
Other, Unit:
We want to congratulate Kettering Health Network on the very positive Covid 19 vaccinnation site on E. Dorothy Lane in shopping center. From the moment we walked in we found employees very friendly and extremely helpful. Facility very clean and signage wonderful. From what we have heard from friends no one else offering the shots comes near what you have done. Many, Many thanks. We feel very fortunate. And also I had left message when after I got appointment my handicapped husband could not, web site offered me to call and leave message. Another great ting happened- day or say later was told he could come along with me.

Posted by Heather Denchik on 01/27/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ED
I wish to thank a wonderful, kind, brilliant nurse named Lauren from the ED. I came in yesterday 1/26/2020 with many symptoms that made no sense. The doctor ordered so many tests, labs, meds, and IV's to be started. Lauren was nothing by kind and compassionate the entire time. Always a smile behind her masks, and checking in with me hourly or before to make sure I was ok. I do not go to the ED often, and was so very scared. And, with Lauren as my nurse, I was put at ease that she would advocate for me if my needs were not met. I know front line workers are working so hard these days, but to truly now know how busy the ED was that day, and to feel like I was her only patient, says a lot. Thank you Lauren, for making my experience so much less frightening. You were made for this job. Thank you! Heather Denchik

Posted by Dezivikka Powell on 01/27/21
Melissa Powell
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Radiology
You made me feel comfort, safe and respected. Provided excellent knowledge with what I was undergoing and amazing care. Thank you so so much!

Posted by Vicki J Mott on 01/21/21
JR Southard
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Covid
I would like to thank you so very much for the amazing care you gave me while in the hospital in November with COVID.You helped to calm me during such a scary time in my life, you were my rock! You are a wonderful nurse and I feel so blessed to have had YOU caring for me! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Vicki Mott

Posted by Emily Michael on 01/21/21
Cheryl Michael
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor
This was my forth baby and if I wish I had had a nurse as caring and educated as Cheryl for all of my deliveries. She was an advocate for me and helped voice my needs quickly and safely. She came in the next morning to check in on me and was so kind. Everyone deserves a nurse like Cheryl during a delivery! She eased my stresses of having a baby during a pandemic. She is one of a kind ! I delivered back in August, but have been wanting to thank her! I can’t remember her last name, but she was the charge nurse that morning on August 13,2020.

Posted by constance dively on 01/20/21
Ryan All nurses
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 5 floor
Just a big thank you to the nurses on the covid unit taking care of my son Tanner Dively. I am forever grateful to all of you. I wish I could visit but he doesn't want to expose his parents to the covid.

Posted by Friend of Brother of Daniel Mulholland on 01/20/21
Daniel Mulholland
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Room 407
My brother tells me that everyone has been wonderful especially the nurses on the floor he is on, room 407. Family cannot thank you enough and appreciate your attention to my brother Daniel Mulholland. Sincerely, Paul Mulholland

Posted by Michael L. on 01/19/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 South
All the nurses and staff have been awesome. One staff member, Khloe (who I believe is a nurse’s aide) has gone above and beyond. She’s done exceptional work and has put forth every effort to make sure I’m well taken care of.

Posted by Gary Wheeler on 01/18/21
Carol Ann ?
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 1st Floor
I did not get the chance to thank Carol Ann when she concluded her shift on January 4, 2021 (I'm grateful she allowed me to sleep at shift change for the first time in 24 hours). But I wish to express my sincere appreciation for her wonderful care and helpful guidance to me during my stay at Sycamore. Though she was busy when I arrived on the floor, she was exceptional as she checked me in, helped me manage my pain, then begin to feel better. Thank you, Carol Ann. May the Lord bless you today. Rev. Gary Wheeler

Posted by jade fang on 01/18/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for the dedication and hard work during this pandemic, stay safe and healthy!

Posted by Maheen Ali on 01/18/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
I can't imagine the conflicts and hardships you are going through on a daily basis to make this pandemic easier. I want to strive at some point to be as brave as you and guard our cities! For all of your services, I am very thankful!

Posted by jade fang on 01/18/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for all you do, your hard work and dedication does no go unnoticed, we all appreciate you for working so hard during this pandemic, stay safe!

Posted by MIssy Ankarstran on 01/15/21
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 1-bed 1
Celeste was so kind and went above and beyond for my mom. I just want to send a special thank you to her for the care she showed. All of the nurses in Unit 1 have been great and have been so patient and understanding. Always willing to answer questions and explain what is going on. I thank you for all that you do especially in these trying times. May you all be blessed. With Gratitude , Mrs.Ankarstran

Posted by Nancy on 01/14/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 4 west ICU
Kate, Thank you so much for the care you're giving my husband Norm. You have been so loving and compassionate to both him and me, you are truely a great example of what a nurse is supposed to be. This is the hardest time of my life, and you are definitely one of the people helping me through this. Thank you and bless you. Nancy Cione

Posted by Lisa on 01/13/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: I urse
I jut wanted to thank you for every thing that u di for me while i stayed there u are such a great person in side an d oui coulnt have asked for a better perdon lik u thank u again from lisa blair an my fsmily

Posted by Rachel May on 01/12/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Mother/Bab
I had a baby girl November 24th 2020. Heather was one of the nicest mother and baby nurses. I've been trying to find her to thank her personally. I'd never been able to breastfeed without her help.( She isn't the lactation consultant) she made me feel confident in one of my most horemonal and darkest moments after giving birth.

Posted by Saba on 01/12/21
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
You deserve our applause, our thanks and our respect. You are making a bigger impact than you realize.

Posted by Lindsay Brewer on 01/11/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L&D
Katie truly went above and beyond for me. She was always in the room checking in on me and anticipated my every need. Katie made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the entirety of my labor. She explained everything thoroughly and answered every single one of my questions. She was an amazing delivery coach and did everything she could to help my labor and delivery go as smoothly as possible. She was so kind and caring and you could definitely see the passion that she has for her job. I am so thankful that I had her as a nurse when I brought my baby girl into the world. Thank you Katie!

Posted by Abin Swar on 01/11/21
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much to all our health care workers, and for what you do during this hard time. Your efforts are appreciated and you deserve every credit to help us guide you to the end of the tunnel.

Posted by Chris Ortman on 01/10/21
Chris Ortman
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: IMC
I want to do something special for the whole staff on the 2nd floor IMC. I have been so impressed by all of the staff and I want to show my appreciation. There are certainly too many of the staff to mention. Please allow me to do something like Edible flowers, boxes of candy,,, Chris Ortman

Posted by Ciara Atkinson on 01/10/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor
Thank you to Julianna for staying with me the entire time I was in labor. I arrived at the hospital around 8:00 pm and delivered my daughter at 4:32 am. Julianna was so compassionate, calming and is amazing at what she does. She kept that determination and strength in me. She never left my side and if she did she was right back quickly. Julianna is truly made for her line of work. I can’t thank her enough! ??

Posted by Heather Whitt on 01/08/21
Sara Delaney
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 3rd floor
Sara is a beautiful example of what a RN should always be! a strong patient advocate, caring, empathetic and willing to go the extra mile. As a fellow RN, I know how demanding the job is and I can't possibly say thank you enough, for how she loved on my momma! how she kept me updated on her status and plan of care while she was at Soin. I am in Michigan and was unable to travel to see her and Sara was my go between. I never felt fear knowing that Sara was at her bedside, providing her excellent care. Thank you again! and my mother (Emily Miller) thanks you as well.

Posted by Mona A Hamilton on 01/07/21
Aaron ( physical therapist )
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Physical t
Aaron, physical therapist (not Nurse) I EXPECT THE BEST for you! Return to Sender.

Posted by Peggy Hutton on 01/06/21
PEGGY Hutton
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 4th floor
Thanks to all of you that made my stay there a good one. Also to the kitchen staff.

Posted by Hannah jefferis on 01/06/21
Soin Medical Center, Unit:
I would really like to thank Jasmyne, Barbara, Jen & Autumn for helping me through labor and postpartum. They were all so extremely helpful, even when my modesty was long gone. Yes it was their job to help, but it really felt like more than that. They all gave their all to us and caring for me and baby Maverick. I honestly could not have done it without them and I’ll always cherish them, even though they have dozens of patients, I hope they remember me, Caleb (the father) and baby Maverick. They made our stay SO much more enjoyable and they listened to every little thing and concern I had and I’ll always be so grateful to those women. Thank you all, especially Autumn since she was the nurse right after I delivered Maverick. I will never forget the absolute comfort they brought us.

Posted by Tricia Liming on 01/06/21
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Brittany for all the time, attention and care you have been providing my mom, Pat Meeks. Truly appreciate your taking time to provide updates on her. Blessings to you!

Posted by Tiffany Cai on 01/04/21
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit:
Thank you for all the work that you've done during this dark time period. With nurses like you, I am really relieved and appreciative! Thank you so much!

Posted by Tiffany Cai on 01/04/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for all that you're doing! Thank you for all the hard work, sacrifices, and support during this time. You're truly a hero!

Posted by Tiffany Cai on 01/04/21
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Special thank you to the hero getting this message. Thank you for risking your health to protect everyone at a time like this! I hope you take care and stay safe!

Posted by Marissa Barber on 01/03/21
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Room 4108
Chenell, Thank you sooo much for all the help while you were my nurse. I hate to bother people with my requests, but you never made me feel like a burden. You promptly responded to my needs, and in fact, you tried to meet my needs before I even asked. I wished you were my daytime nurse since I was asleep most of the time I had you! When you are away from your family and alone it’s so hard and depressing to be at the hospital. Thank you for easing the sadness and being so kind to me. You are a wonderful nurse! -Marissa Barber