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2019 Messages

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Posted by Shana Freeman on 08/25/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thanks for the hospitality.

Posted by Shana Freeman on 08/25/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thanks for the hospitality.

Posted by Heather Lewis on 08/23/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ONCOLOGY
LIZ, I wanted to thank you for from the bottom of my heart for trying to help my dad, Michael Hathaway. He sure is a fighter and it is rare for him to admit he is not feeling well. So, when he does and I call you then you jump to fix it. I can not thank you enough. You have a calm demeanor and that is helpful because ALL of this is super scary. I think you are an asset to Kettering Cancer Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock . Sincerely, Heather Lewis on behalf of Michael Hathaway 04/18/1945

Posted by Brad Bernard on 08/22/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ICU
I came into Soin ER a couple weeks ago with Sepis. I was hot, sweaty, and confused. I was quickly transferred to the ICU. I was a mess. Hope, RN,gave the care I needed in a kind, professional, and helpful way that speaks to the excellent training, skill, and compassion she possesses. She was also reassuring to my wife and family who were worried about my health. I want to thank Hope for her superior nursing care.

Posted by Teri Merle on 08/21/19
Bryce Merle
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Bryce, Thank you for your patience and careful explanation of each procedure you performed. You are a great Nurse. Alex and I truly appreciated the care you provided. Sincerely Teri Merle

Posted by Teri Merle on 08/21/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Revised Bryce, Thank you for your patience and careful explanation of each procedure you performed. You are a great Nurse. Alex and I truly appreciated the care you provided. Sincerely Teri Merle

Posted by Jean W. on 08/21/19
Everyone on 3S
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3S
Thanks to everyone on the unit who provided amazing care to me! You're the best! :) Jean W.

Posted by Jean Warren on 08/21/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5N
Thanks to everyone on 5N who took great care of me during my recent visit! I appreciate all your hard work! JEAN W.

Posted by Tony Malone on 08/15/19
Morgan Dyer
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ED
Hello, My name is Tony Malone and I’m a Paramedic with Buckeye. We had a transfer out of Sycamore ED to KMC on Saturday evening of August 10th. Morgan did a phenomenal job in helping us with a difficult ALS patient. I could go into details, but it is not necessary. Simply put, it was a mix of equipment issues and a very distressed patient. Morgan stayed with us the entire time to see that our needs and the patient’s needs were met and she never lost her cool. The staff in the ED is always great to us, but this evening Morgan really displayed the “Team Effort” concept. Thanks, Tony

Posted by Megan Moore on 08/15/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for being awesome. You made me feel so much better about my first ever surgery. You helped me out alot.

Posted by Jan M Wanamaker on 08/14/19
Olivia Benton
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: cath lab
Valuable asset to Cath Lab. Made me feel at ease and comfortable during my procedure. She greeted me with a smile she was pleasant, efficient and answered all my questions that I had. Her bed side manner and attitude was incredible. She is truly an asset to Kettering Medical Center Cath Lab. I hope you realize how wonderful she is and she deserves this recognition. I am writing this for the Daisy Award Recognition for Olivia Benton. Sincerely, Jan M Wananmaker

Posted by Shirley Cheek on 08/12/19
Jazmin, Carolyn
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 6th floor
You guys were great! Answered my questions and explained everything that was about to happen to me.

Posted by Michele Lehman on 08/07/19
Alicia, Youngson, Nicole
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Pre-surg
Thank you so much for the loving care you provided! You're awesome! Please also thank Beth (Registration), Iyon (Transportation) & Tiffany/Rose (GI). So appreciate you all....

Posted by Deb switzer on 08/05/19
Carolina Fogle
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thanks for going out of the box. The family appreciates your caring and concerns.

Posted by Dawn on 08/01/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for taking great care of my girlfriend! (Caroline Christy Taylor) We really appreciate all you did!

Posted by Stacy Prouty on 08/01/19
Lakin Flanigan
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 6100
I just want to thank you for being an excellent charge nurse. I don't think that you get enough recognition. I miss working with you and I wish you the best of luck in your career!

Posted by Peggy Collins on 07/31/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
I wanted to send Caroline a Thank you from my sisters and I. She was so informative, so caring and clearly very smart in the care of my mom Phyllis Yingling. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate her straight forward communication and concern. She is an absolute gem.

Posted by Jennifer Elkins on 07/30/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L&D
As a first time mom and a first time patient, I had no idea how much I would depend on my nurses for support. All the nursing staff were amazing, however I wanted to call specific attention to Nurse Jen who was assigned to me during my active labor in L&D on Tuesday July 16th, day shift. Wow, just wow. She was beyond exceptional in every way. From her calm and supportive demeanor, to her well rounded considerations of my needs. She anticipated care that I didn't even know I needed. She served as educator, motivator, support person and advocate and I believe - single handedly - made all the difference. Thank you, Jen, for making my experience at KMC perfect as could be. Jenn, Matt & Baby Parker Elkins

Posted by Amanda Ostendorf on 07/29/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you for showing compassion while caring for my father! Please thank the other nurses on the unit for making our family feel at ease and ensuring that he could transition out of the ICU. Our family appreciates all that you do! May God bless you. Sincerely, The Ostendorf's

Posted by Natalie Chenoweth on 07/29/19
Hannah & Kayleigh
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor/Delv
Hannah and Kayleigh, I wanted to thank both of you for all of the encouragement you provided me during my first delivery of my son, Leland. You calmed my anxiety (sorry for asking every hour for a new arrival time estimate!) and made the birth process so much easier. You are both incredible at what you do and I couldn’t have asked for more knowledgeable, personable, and supportive nurses. I cannot thank you both enough! -Natalie C

Posted by Ashley on 07/21/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 4120-B
Thank you for caring for my mom. I appreciate all your hard work and everything you do to make her time in the hospital as pleasant as it can be.

Posted by Jody Carter on 07/20/19
Matt Unknown
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor - room 5315
Thank you, Matt, for being a wonderful nurse. You kept our family informed and were very patient with my mother. I appreciate your compassion.

Posted by Emilee on 07/17/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L & D
Amy in labor and delivery was amazing! She made me and my husband feel so comfortable in the care we were receiving. When my labor turned into an urgent c-section she was there with me the whole way. I am so thankful for her!

Posted by Bruce Steele (submitted for pt by M.Kelhoffer RN) on 07/15/19
Penny St Clair
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: GV ED
Bruce stated, "If I could hug her right now I would. She really listened and believed me. She was awesome".

Posted by AL ROEMER on 07/13/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ERCP/GALLB
Thanks to Casey, Betsy, Kim, JD, Michaela, and Christina for the excellent care I received on their watch during my two surgeries on July 10 and 11th. They are a professional caring group that helps make you comfortable knowing that they are there for you in any situation. Al Roemer

Posted by Stapleton Family on 07/08/19
Jennifer & Mike
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: MICU
Our family wanted to reach out and give a big thank you to RN's Mike and Jennifer in the MICU. These 2 nurses were phenomenal! They made everything easy and smooth and really made you feel comfortable and explained everything. They treated our loved one just like they were their own family member. They both went over and beyond their normal duties. We all felt they deserved some special recognition for their efforts.

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Medical Ob
Thank you for everything you did for us while I was at the hospital on Sunday. You put us at ease about a lot of things and we appreciate your help in getting discharged and making sure we knew what to do

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ER
I came in on the ambulance, scared not knowing what to expect, finding out that I was being admitted and Nora did so much for us to make us feel more relaxed. Thank you for everything you did for us! Thank you, Al and Linda

Posted by Alfred Daniels on 07/08/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Medical Ob
Thank you so much for everything you did while I was there Saturday night. We really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us out and make us feel at ease!

Posted by Sahena on 07/07/19
Marilee, Erin, Natasha, Brianna, Debbie,Chelsea
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
We couldn't thank enough for the wonderful care provided by the nurses for the mom and baby. All the nurses - Marilee, Brianna, Erin, Debbie, Natasha, Chelsea,Bri (couldn't remember few other names, I apologize :( ), doing wonderful job, thank you guys.

Posted by Bob Combs on 06/29/19
Aaron Combs
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Teresa and I really appreciate the care you gave me and the way you looked after me. You have a great personality and your sense of humor is really helpful to people. We wish you all the best and you represent Kettering very well.

Posted by Tera Easterling on 06/24/19
Kari N/a
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Emergency Room
I was brought by the EMTs in the middle of the night after having a seizure again. I had to wait a bit longer due to other severe emergencies and you kept me updated the best you could, you talked to me like you've known me quite a bit and with respect as well. You made me feel much more at ease and comfortable in my scary situation. Thank you so much

Posted by Larry and Linda Bourdon on 06/24/19
Velma Redman
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Heart
We would like to thank Velma for her excellent care and professionalism. She is kind, pleasant and thoroughly enjoys what she does and it shows. She always had a smile on her face when she came into the room. She was extremely helpful and informative on the cardiac catherization procedure and follow up. She made the experience a pleasant one. Thank you Velma.

Posted by Mike Adamson on 06/18/19
Tami Stapleton
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for always taking good care of me and my family when we come in there.

Posted by Savannah Ashe on 06/18/19
Michael Vanderpool
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you so much for the wonderful and precise care I received! You left no stone unturned to help get the best care I needed. Providing an abundance of patient education also helped ease my mind. I appreciate your help!

Posted by Karen Lee on 06/17/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: icu
Thank you for all of your help and keeping my friend up to date over the phone. Thank you for helping to protect my dignity as well.

Posted by James Engle on 06/17/19
Brenna Gingrich
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: CCU
Ref my brother Richard Mello room 3504-1 May 25 I am unable to thank you enough for your actions that saved my brothers life. He is turning over a new leaf after this life changing experience and we have you to thank for that. You will always be in my thoughts and I will never forget your wonderful act and beautiful spirit. I will always be at your service if you ever need my assistance, please do not forget that.

Posted by Andrew on 06/15/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Obviously going through a tough time with a loved one in the ICU. Special thanks to Megan for communicating and exceptional care that was provided.

Posted by Victor novell on 06/14/19
Cardiac rehab
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit:
The rehab nurses you have here are excellent the made my rehab fun and enjoyable they really need praise for there job well done thank you so much from the bottom of my heart your aces keep up the good work

Posted by Kinda Ammon on 06/11/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Spines
I had spine surgery on the morning of June 3rd and then in room 5520. I just want all my nurses- I am so sorry I don’t have all their names (drugs will do that to you)-to know just how wonderful they truly are! I know I talked to Jacob about his wedding and talked a lot to Abby. They took such great care of me. I appreciate them so much. Also the physical therapist was great. I am sure I gave them a giggle about the ants on the ceiling that were really screws. Everyone I came in contact with was just perfect. They made a very uncomfortable situation bearable. Thank you??

Posted by Natasha Mullins on 06/08/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Angie i believe you are hands-down one of the BEST nurses I had at Kettering Medical Center. thank you for your kindness and patience. I do believe and  think you were definitely born to be a nurse and are very good at what you do. She went above and beyond with my husband and myself. She answered any question I had, to making sure we both were taken care of during our stay. She made a special connection with my husband and myself.  She helped myself remain positive throughout all the challenging moments during my husband latest hospital stay.       She showed great interpersonal skills such as listening to all my concerns, to great teamwork with coworkers. Overall she is a wonderful nurse through and through. If I ever have to be hospitalized I honestly hope I get her or some who shares the same skills and enthusiasm for their job!  I will never forget the kidness exhibited by Angie. She truly made a difference in my life. 

Posted by Shannon Habel on 06/06/19
Brittany Habel
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you for your amazing kindness in the emergency room on 05/30/2019, my stay with all the nurses were amazing and the ones on the 5th floor as well, I appreciate you! Sincerely, Shannon Habel

Posted by Abigail Diane Varney on 06/03/19
Marilee Varney
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Labor and
I just want to say she is hands-down the BEST nurse I had at Southview. She was my nurse when my daughter was born, and she kept the mood up and was always so cheerful. When I had my second child my experience was less than pleasant with my L&D nurse and Marilee came in and helped me push through the pain when my nurse wasn't being very encouraging or nice. I love her to death. She remembered my daughter when I was in labor with my son and in the future (if I have any more babies LOL) I would request her time and time again for my L&D nurse. She is the most hospitable, caring nurse I have ever met. I hope she's doing well??

Posted by Cydney Harkness on 05/31/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Radiology
I wanted to thank Kim, and the other nurses who work with her in Radiology specifically with the MRI scans. I have had quite a few MRI scans at this location, and have had Kim every time. Kim and her team are ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS professional and courteaous, ALWAYS knowledgeable and efficient, and ALWAYS make me feel like a priority when I am there for my scans. For me, this is customer service at it's very BEST! Thank you Kim for being amazing! You make this otherwise nerve wracking procedure (for me) a breeze, and I'm so thankful!

Posted by Carole Umstead on 05/27/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor and
I wanted to thank you for your kindness and patience. I think you were definitely born to be a nurse and are very good at what you do. The orange slushy was amazing too. Carole

Posted by Bryan Cooper on 05/26/19
Heather Cooper
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: E R
Thanks for your compassion and listening to my wife in her time of need!

Posted by Doan Tran Noe on 05/22/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: CVMU - 5th
Dear Landon, I wanted to take time on behalf of my family to thank you for the OUTSTANDING care you gave my father after he got to your unit, from experiencing a stroke. You guys were short staffed during the weekend and we understood how busy you were, but you never hesitated to help us when we needed it, with a smile. Furthermore, you went above and beyond to help my father take his first steps after his stroke. You found out that rehab was not able to come help my father that day and you made the choice to stay after your shift to help him. As you stated, you would want that care to be given to your own family member. By doing that, you made my father, and family so happy and hopeful for a good recovery. You also made "squeeze balls" for his hands out of ace bandages when you could not obtain any from PT. Your efforts were above and beyond the usual call of duty and extremely appreciated. Thank you for the EXCELLENT care you provided...any patient who gets taken care by you is extremely lucky! Best wishes to you!

Posted by Doan Tran Noe on 05/22/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: SICU
Dear Chad, My dad, Minh, came to your unit on late May 9/ early May 10 with a hemorrhagic stroke. I spoke to you on the phone as I was in Texas at that time, frantically worried for my father's condition. I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me during that time of admitting my dad, as I know that's a hectic time to try and juggle family on top of a critical patient. I appreciate your calm demeanor and your explanation of what was going and what to expect. Furthermore, my mother expressed her extreme gratitude of your constant care during the night. She and I believe without your diligence in taking care of my father, he might not have had the best outcome. I know you were following orders/protocol, but I also know some nurses may be more laxed about it than others. My mother stated you were on top of everything and provided the best care and concern to both her and my father. THANK YOU for being there for her and for him. Thank you for doing an EXCELLENT job. Thank you for what you do and all that you do. We are grateful for your excellent care during a critical time of his physical life. I wish you could see him now...he's in rehab, but recovering very well. Thank you again. I wish you all the best :)

Posted by Ashton Bentz on 05/21/19
Ashton Bentz
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
All of my nurses on the delivery side of maternity went above and beyond. Making sure all my needs were met. Doing there best to ease my anxiety. Helping me get comfortable. Being a listening ear. They truly went above and beyond. One nurse I can remember is Casey, she was amazing holding my hand through my epidural coaching me through it and just being very nurturing and supportive! I also remember Jen who helped deliver my daughter, she also provided great care and was extremely helpful with coaching me to push. The delivery side of Kettering blew me away and made my child birth Experience amazing, along with Dr. McCluskey. So blessed and thankful.

Posted by Brenda S Ebbing on 05/21/19
Stacey Downs
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Cancer car
Thank you Stacey, for all your support and being a such a shining light for me aways. Your a true professional.. your beautiful smile and caring way mean so much to me and I am sure to all your other patients and coworkers. Thank you again for all you do. Brenda

Posted by Taryn and Michael Wheatley on 05/20/19
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
We would like to give special thanks to our nurse Rachel for the outstanding level of care she provided us during our stay. We met her shortly after our check in Friday, 10 May 2019, and had her that night as well as the following evening. She was extremely friendly and made us feel comfortable immediately upon meeting her in the beginning of her shirt. She went above and beyond making us feel at-home during such a emotional time of our lives, and treated us more like family. She was very professional when the moment called for it and proved she was knowledgeable in every area of her job. She explained everything to us in a manner we flawlessly understood and went above and beyond in all her duties. Upon having to deliver via emergency c-section, Rachel stayed with us and talked us through the process, as well as helped us stay calm as we were both scared. We are exceptionally thankful for having Rachel as our nurse for our first two days and were sad we didn’t get to see her again. No amount of words can describe how thankful we are for our care we received from the entirety of the Southview staff, but would love for Rachel in particularly to know how amazing she was. Thank you Southview, and thank you Rachel!

Posted by Crystal on 05/20/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Life Care
My family and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for our father, and grandfather. Your truly a blessing in our eyes. We really appreciate everything you do.

Posted by Charles on 05/16/19
Karla Dey
Other, Unit: Wound Care
You are still an amazing nurse! You’re dedication to your patients and your expertise has ALWAYS been exemplary. . Keep up the good work!

Posted by Ronnie Richardson on 05/14/19
Cory and Sarah Richardson
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Specialty
I was in on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 for rotator cuff surgery. Cory and Sarah were the most caring and considerate nurses I have ever met. They were professionals when they needed to be and fun when it was appropriate. If everyone in the medical profession was as wonderful as these two, people, people would invent illnesses just to see them. I want to send my most grateful appreciation for two amazing professional nurses. You are two wonderful ladies and Kettering is lucky to have you. Thank you Ron Richardson

Posted by Rebekah Long on 05/12/19
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit: Er
On two occasions I had the misfortune of ending up in the emergency department for support of others. When my close friend fractured his occipital bone the older male nurse that was working helped keep us all calm and even though my friends temp wasn’t registering he did not fret in the least as he placed heated blankets on him and a heat light over him. It wasn’t until later that I realized that his body temp had dropped too low. On a separate night I was awoken in the wee hours of the morning by my mother letting me know that my grandfather was passing. I hurried to Greene as fast as I could and upon arrival was met at the entrance to grandpa room by the same male nurse. He explained the state of his body before we went in so I wouldn’t be shocked. I still was however as I couldn’t process he was already gone. He let me be to talk to him as he took my daughter away to allow her to cry. He simply sat with her and that was the kindest thing I never could have asked for. He deserves recognition as he carries himself every day with grace and wisdom. Nurses like him are why I’m going into the field myself. Thank you, more than words can express.

Posted by Elizabeth Strader on 05/12/19
Lashawnda Runyon
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for being such a great Nurse!

Posted by Brittany rowland on 05/11/19
Ian Valentine
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Heart cath
One of the most refreshing people to encounter well as todd....great work and friendly

Posted by Kayla on 05/11/19
Claire Howell
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ED
Thanks for being a great mentor! Lucky to have worked with you!

Posted by Kayla on 05/11/19
Kreath Fishback
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Soin
Thanks for always being awesome and great mentor! Miss working with you!

Posted by Renee Reeves on 05/11/19
Linzy Shepard
Soin Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for always putting others first even in your career. You are outstanding, caring, and an amazing human who has so much heart for others. ??

Posted by kayla on 05/11/19
Nadine Landess
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Float
Thanks for always being a great mentor and answering all of my questions. I've learned so much from watching and working with you. I am forever grateful!

Posted by Diana on 05/10/19
Sam Gallagher
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 South
Sam, you are an amazing nurse! I am so honored to work alongside you on 2 South. I appreciate everything you have done for our new hires regarding orientation processes and even picking up additional shifts to ensure they had someone to be with. I don't know how else to express my gratitude besides keeping telling you THANK YOU and I APPRECIATE YOU!

Posted by Jordan O'Neal RN on 05/10/19
Megan Holfinger
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: GVED
Thank you Megan for always providing us with such caring leadership in your role as charge nurse. Megan is as fair as possible in her role on our unit and is always there to help us however she possibly can. She is a great role model for new nurses to the ED. Thank you!

Posted by Adrian Crawford on 05/09/19
Townsel Combs
Soin Medical Center, Unit:
Wanted to say thanks to one of the best nurses I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He made such an impact on me spiritually and professionally. His exemplary attitude and work ethic are the embodiment of a nurse. His caring nature and kindness not only helped heal his patients but our team. Thanks Tom!!

Posted by DAD on 05/08/19
Emily Rush
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: KH MSICU
Thank you my dearest daughter for making mom and I so proud of your choice to follow us into this special profession of caring for people in need. It is and has been a most rewarding profession for me personally and one in which I have no regrets. You continue to inspire me with your enthusiasm and youth. The pleasure I have had in watching you grow in nursing and as a person is priceless and I am so proud to call you my daughter. Happy Nurses Week sweetie. DAD

Posted by Diana on 05/07/19
Patti Middleton
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac Re
You are the trifecta---best nurse, mom and friend! Thank you for being such a blessing to me and everyone else around you. I love you!

Posted by Jorge Arzola on 05/07/19
Dawn Ward
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Urology
Dawn- Thank you for all that you do for our patients. It does not go unnoticed. I know that I am blessed to be able to work beside you and I am grateful you choose to stay. Thank you! Jorge

Posted by Dan McField on 05/07/19
Bethany Frye
Southview Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Bethany was my wife’s nurse while she was in the intensive care area at southview. Of all the nurses we have she is the shining star. Bethany is an amazing person. She is a natural cheerleader. She made my wife laugh when she wanted to Cry. God made Bethany a nurse because she probably wouldn’t be very good at another job.

Posted by Alexis Headley on 05/07/19
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Labor & de
Catherine, Thank you for all you did to help bring our first child into the world. We had the best possible experience. Thank you for always explaining everything, every step of the way and for always being there when I needed help. Happy Nurses' Week! - Alexis, Luke, and Eli

Posted by Jorge Arzola on 05/07/19
Rhonda Whitney
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Urology
Thanks Rhonda for caring for our patients the way you do. You are truly gifted with your people skills and I am blessed to be able to work with you- thanks! Jorge

Posted by Sarah on 05/07/19
Jessica Florence
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Med Surg 4
Jessica is the true meaning of a nurse. she Is caring, compassionate, patient, willing to go the extra mile. Iam at ease when I know Jessica is our Nurse for the day. We are always cared for and kept in the loop at all times. Thank you for being an amazing Nurse.

Posted by Jenna Seebach on 05/06/19
Erin & Brittany
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Brittany was my night shift nurse and Erin was my daytime nurse. They were hands down the BEST nurses I could ever ask for. They helped me when I needed it and also went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and everyone was happy. They also made conversation and were very easy to talk to! With my first, I didn’t get along with the nurses so I was a little nervous, but they were absolutely awesome. I have ZERO complaints about them. Everyone that came and visited even said how nice they were! Thank you so much Erin and Brittany!

Posted by Amy Rowe on 05/06/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3W
Jim was wonderful. I was in the surgical care unit for 12 days in August 2018 and had the pleasure of having Jim as my nurse several times. He was there for my worst day prior to surgery, answered questions throughout my stay, and was just overall kind! Any time I found out Jim was on duty for the day I knew it would be a great day - no mater how miserable I was. Jim’s care was unmatched and I will be forever grateful for him.

Posted by Kari on 05/06/19
Tom Diemunsch
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for the sacred work you do every day to ensure your patients receive the care that they deserve.

Posted by April Jones on 05/06/19
Elizabeth Gilbert
Other, Unit: DON
Thank you for being a beautiful and loving soul and allowing God to guide you. You have helped me in more ways than you know. Keep inspiring others. May God bless all your endeavors that you embark upon. Sincerely, April Jones LPN

Posted by Mary on 05/06/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
My whole stay at Sycamore was great, but I especially remember Zoe! She is a young, bubbly nurse who always has a beautiful smile on her face. She went above and beyond to attend to my needs. I did not have to use my call light once, because she checked on me often, even though she had 6 patients that night. She is really sweet, attentive and compassionate. She offered to pray with me because she could tell I was nervous about my upcoming procedure. Even though I only had her once, I’ll never forget how caring she is. So thank you Zoe! You are an amazing nurse and you are going to bless everyone you meet and serve with your bright smile & personality!

Posted by Jeannette Gifford on 05/06/19
Amy Rose
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: cancer
Thank you for being so compassionate and and for going above and beyond your job duties to help your patients.

Posted by Laurie Soper on 05/01/19
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and my baby. You were super friendly and caring and as someone who has been in the hospital 5 times for having babies you were by far one of the few nurses that were caring and didn't make me feel like I was a burden. I am hoping to become an RN in the near future and hope that I am half as caring as you were. Thank you again so much.

Posted by Kim on 04/29/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 4th floor
My Dad has had several hospitalizations over the past several years. SOIN by far been the best experience. Last week Ashlee (PCT) and the student nurse Tess took care of his personal needs. They went above and beyond to show compassion and care with him. My family really appreciates knowing he is receiving such great care!

Posted by Wilbur on 04/24/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Cardio
Haven’t forgotten you. Thanks all your care??

Posted by Alexandra Harker on 04/24/19
Ally (Alexandra)
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Mother and Baby
Ally was so sweet and caring. She really went above and beyond in helping me with my pain control and tracking down the obgyn to see if I could take something for a head cold. I was lucky to have her for two days.

Posted by Alexandra Harker on 04/23/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Mother and baby
Thank you for being so sweet and thorough during my recovery.

Posted by Alexandra Harker on 04/23/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Mother and baby
Holly was wonderful and really helped my third c section recovery. Very professional and sweet.

Posted by James Neill on 04/22/19
Alice Patient Transport Specialist
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Transfer
Thank You Alice for your thoughtfulness to help me find my way from Cafeteria to waiting area for my wife. You made our visit so much smoother. May God bless you.

Posted by Kevin P Hall on 04/22/19
Sharon Hall
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Nicu
To.Sharon We love and appreciate you. The Halls. KING PATRICK HALL is now 7years old and will soon be 8yrs old .July 13.2011 look us up and remember. We'll never forget any of you all. We are now one of the ambassador families for the good neighbor house. A nonprofit organization sponsored by Kettering health network. We are on their websites.

Posted by Kevin P Hall and his wife on 04/22/19
Sharon Hall
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Nicu
We live and appreciate that you were there for us and king Hall. We don't know if you remember us.but we since became one of the ambassador families for the good neighbor house. A non profit organization that Kettering sponsors. Thank all of the excellent staff in the NICU for saving our sons life.

Posted by Steven and Debbie on 04/20/19
Renee Johnson
Soin Medical Center, Unit: SCN
Sadly we can only mention one of you by name, however we would like to thank each and every nurse in the SCN who helped us and our son Evan Lee Balkovec after his pre-term birth on 4/17/19. Each and every one of you was absolutely amazing. You listened to us talk, answered each and every question and most importantly are taking such amazing care of Evan until we are able to bring him home. We wish we could give you all a medal, raise, or the vacation you so deserve. Thank you for all you've done and are doing, we will never forget you for all you've done, you will forever be part of our extended family. Thank you so much: Kourtney, Mary B, Cindy, Melauie, Barbara, Cindy Y, Chelsea, Kim, Bonnie, Kathie, Kristen N, Cheri, Becky, Debbie and everyone else who we forgot. Love, Steven Balkovec and Debbie Dickerson.

Posted by Constance Santez on 04/19/19
Sam, Maddie, Emily, Jacob, Shelley, Bobby, Amber Unknown
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 N TRAUMA
A HUGE condos to the nurses and na's on 5N!!! The care you gave to my special needs adult daughter was impressive. Sarah was on your unit from April 7 thru April 15 for an MVT. Not only were the nurses extremely knowledgable about her condition, but they all went out of their way to make Sarah as comfortable as possible. All of you demonstrated what it means to be a nurse: skill and compassion. I shall sing your praise to everyone I meet! Thank you for making such a frightening experience manageable!

Posted by Walters Family on 04/17/19
Sherina Bunch
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 South
Sherina went above and beyond for my father. She made sure we had everything we needed before leaving. My father was clean, checked on every hour, and we are more than privileged to have had a worker such as her. If ever we have to come back I will always request her. You will never be forgotten for your great work ethics. Wish we could do more to show our appreciation but you well deserve it!!!!!!!

Posted by Gene Coates on 04/14/19
Becky Coates
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thank you Becky for being a great nurse! You really helped me more then you will ever know. You put me at ease when the stress level went thru the roof. Again thank you.

Posted by Gene Coates on 04/14/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thank you for your compassion, caring and your ability to put your patient at ease. Haja you helped me out a lot. Thank you for being a great nurse.

Posted by Michele Poelking (daughter of patient Elizabeth) on 04/10/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you so much Todd. My Mom was brought in by squad last week. You showed over and above the amount of caring and compassion towards her. It started out as a scary day for us and your sense of humor and kindness helped calm her. (And me!) We appreciate you making her short stay a positive one. Sincerely, Michele and Elizabeth

Posted by KATHY OBRIEN on 04/10/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: CATH LAB

Posted by Anna Mattaliano on 04/09/19
Stephanie Ray
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Radiology
Thank you so much Stephanie (a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker) Outrageous staff in this radiology department! Everyone was wonderful. I felt at ease and at home being cared for by this staff. Thank you Stephanie!

Posted by Anna Emanoff on 04/08/19
Laura While
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
Thank you Nurse Laura for giving exceptional care to my mother, Marcia Emanoff. My mom was admitted to the emergency room on April 4th, she is 81 yrs old and has been in and out of hospital since Dec. 13, 2018. Thank you for being such a blessing to my mom. Not only were you kind and patient with her, you treated her with respect and allowed her to maintain her dignity. You are a true gift to all the patients you treat, but especially to the geriatric community.

Posted by Sharon Richardson on 04/08/19
Karen, Kolesia, Phil, Jeff, Vanessa
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
I wish to thank the staff who took care of me during my surgery and stay in the hospital. I had surgery on March 18 and was discharged a few days later. During my stay the nurses were excellent and caring. I want to thank Karen, Kolesia, Phil, Jeff and Vanessa who cared for me in the ICU step-down unit. Also, the nurses and doctors during my surgery deserve a thank you (I don't have their names). Please pass along my thanks and may God bless each and everyone who helped me through a tough surgery and recovery. Sincerely, Sharon R.

Posted by Casaundra Bronner on 04/07/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Sicu
Thank you Grandview SICU for the loving care that you demonstrated for one entire month to my wonderful father, William "Lonnie" Cole. Every nurse took excellent and humane care of my father and we are grateful. Elena, Sarah, Andrew, Allyson, and others..including Susie Bullard, LSW. Dad was in ICU from February 15th, 2019 until March 15th, 2019. Thank you , Sincerely, Casaundra Bronner

Posted by Michelle lee on 04/04/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thanks so much for being such a kind nurse today! Lots of nurses really don’t seem to care about their patients but I feel you do a great job! Keep up the good work.

Posted by Dionna Jones on 04/03/19
Holly B
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you so much for helping me when the nurse practitioner was being rude and not being honest at all times. If it wasn’t for you I would have left and went to another hospital. I really appreciate it!

Posted by Virginia Shannon on 04/02/19
Emily, Beth & Bethany
Southview Medical Center, Unit: ICU
My family received such great care from the nurses in ICU. I wanted to send my heartfelt gratitude to them during the most difficult time. All of your efforts did not go unnoticed. To the nurse that administered CPR and wouldn’t quit. Thank you. He was able to spend the last few hours with close family and friends. Thank you for staying over your 12 hour shift. Thank you for coming in early to just check on us before hanging your coat up. Thank you for the snacks. Thank you for allowing the entire family in. Thank you for the flowers and blanket for our anniversary. Thank you will never be enough for your efforts. Just know you have a special place in our hearts for all you did.

Posted by Lindsey Faulkner on 03/28/19
Other, Unit:
I’m not sure if I’m posting this to the correct place, but I just wanted to send a shout out to Gail (sp) at Cassano Health Center! She always has a smile on her face, and is great at what she does. She is always willing to figure things out for you too! I moved from the area years ago, but she’s one of the main reasons that I’ve never switched doctor offices! Thanks Gail! ??

Posted by Wendy Jo Engle on 03/27/19
Rick Cantrell
Other,Southview Infusion , Unit: Southview Infusion
Thank you Rick. For something that is almost unbearable to me, you make it possible to walk through the doors and face my fears. You are truly an Angel and more than a Nurse, you are my friend. That means a lot.

Posted by Dashawnn Genise Porter on 03/25/19
shay robbins
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: cvmu
amazing Nurse!!!!! Very knowledgeable and accurate. Shay worked rentlessly to provide me the best care.

Posted by steve ludwig on 03/24/19
emily Forstinger
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Radiology
Thanks for the very professional assessment and the time you afforded me to explain my swallowing test last March 5th. I just had the follow up voice/video analysis with Angela Campanelli. Angela mentioned you. I was trying to confirm the spelling of your last name and you came up on Linkedin. Didn't mean to hit the connect button.

Posted by Greg Martin on 03/23/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I would like to say thank you for looking after my father who was in there for influenza. I do not know your name however you have medium length blonde hair, a great smile, very nice and I just want to say thank you for what you do. I hope your life is filled with as much love and kindness. Sincerly Gregory Martin (937) 520 9265

Posted by Martha J Vaughn on 03/22/19
Patrick, Nana, Eric
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 North
Just want to thank you so very much for the great healing care you shown to me during my stay there in Rm 2322. The entire staff on 2 North is so caring, kind & knowledgeable on helping your patients achieve their best possible outcome.

Posted by Tracie on 03/22/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Short Stay
Thank you for making pre-op worry free and comfortable. You helped to calm my fears and help me relax. I appreciate that you made me laugh and were so caring. You’re awesome!

Posted by Brittany B. on 03/20/19
Kristin Spin
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Med surg 3
I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and guiding me through the average day of a nurse. You’ve handled every situation and patient with such grace and care that it has truly inspired me even more to become a nurse. Working along side you I’ve never felt more confident and sure that nursing is for me when I’ve doubted myself several times. You have taught me so much in the few hours I’ve followed you in clinicals it truly amazes me how great of a nurse you are. Thank you again!

Posted by Annette Harting Boose on 03/20/19
Morgan Dyer
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
My mom was admitted on 2/23 around 12:30 am. Morgan was efficient, calm, professional, knowledgeable and kind. She made my mom as comfortable as possible and was very understanding and helpful to me in what was a frightening situation while I waited for mom to move from ER to admit. Her customer service skills are commendable. Please don't publish my name or email address anywhere that can be seen publicly.

Posted by Wade Brower on 03/19/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
Nurse practitioner Sharon was awesome along with the whole staff. Great sense of humor and kept us updated all the way until Jeanette Brower was admitted to the hospital. I have raved about Soin Hospital before and how nice everyone was-but we really appreciate NP Sharon as we were dealing with some unknowns and she really made us feel comfortable. Many Thanks!

Posted by Wade and Jeanette Brower on 03/19/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
Nurse Ashe was awesome! She took care of us like we were the only ones there, even though the ER was packed! Wonderful attitude and great sense of humor (she even laughed at my old man jokes - like when she asked who I was in relation to the patient and I answered “ the pool boy”.... But Nurse Ashe was professional and made us feel special. I even asked her if Soin did special “customer service “ training because everyone was so nice and caring. But Nurse Ashe stood out with her caring attitude and attention. Thank you all!

Posted by Christina mullis on 03/19/19
Emily Mulis
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit:
Thank you for the care you showed me when I was their being treated for bronchitis. I also think that you are a very nice and sweet person and you are very good at your job and once again I thank you so much for showing me the care that you did.

Posted by David Altman on 03/19/19
Drew Guisinger
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
There is no better charge nurse than Drew. I have been working as an RN at Soin ED since May 2017. We have extremely busy days in the ED. I say with utmost sincerity, Drew is the most supportive RN charge with respect to patient assistance, ensuring all his nurses get lunch breaks, and an overall control of the unit. We have great leaders on the floor but I want to recognize Drew G., the best! David Altman-RN

Posted by Andrea B Lewis on 03/18/19
Theresa Topp
Soin Medical Center, Unit: IR MED SUR
Thank you so much for coming over and helping me. I know that you and Dr. Soin went above and beyond with trying to help me with this migraine. Because of you being an advocate to me I don't t least got to see my daughter leave for Washington DC. Thanks again Andrea

Posted by Andrea Lewis on 03/18/19
Mike Vanderpoole
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
Mike. Thank you so much for your amazing care last night, (3/17/2019) of not only me but also my dad and step mother. We have spent a lot of time in the hospital in the past several years and you have by far surpassed every nurse that i have dealt with in your bedside manner and care. Many people in the health care field show that they don't care about the patients it is about the person. Not the pay check. . Thanks for being so awesone. Hope to see ya out once the weather breaks. Andrea Lewis

Posted by Vincent E Sacksteder III on 03/13/19
Amy ??
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac Ca
Amy was my main nurse while I was in for cardiac catheterization. She was unable to prep me because she had other duties that demanded her attention at that time, but she more than made up for that while I was recovering and took care of my needs with outstanding diligence and, I thought, personal concern. She was a delight to be with and a strong support in a trying time.

Posted by Vincent E Sacksteder III on 03/13/19
Velma ??
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac Ca
Velma helped prep me for cardiac catheterization in the afternoon of 3-12-19. She was a model of efficiency and clearly had significant skills regarding what she was about. At the same time she managed to be unusually hospitable and saw to my comfort (physical, emotional, whatever) and well-being in a very effective way. I can't say enough good about her.

Posted by Vincent E Sacksteder III on 03/13/19
Melissa ??
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac Ca
Melissa helped Velma prep me for cardiac catheterization in the afternoon of 3-12-19. She handled her tasks with aplomb and efficiency and managed to be thoroughly friendly and supportive at the same time. It was very comforting and encouraging to experience her evident concern and efficiency.

Posted by Stephanie Morrow on 03/11/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: ER
My Husband was in the ER on 3/9/2019 - we had a WONDERFUL nurse for most of his stay there. She left around 3am on 3/10/2019. She was incredibly kind, she had a great sense of humor and was there within seconds any time we needed her. She was very attentive and overall just a pleasure to be around. Thank you so much for being a ray of sunshine on an otherwise very bleak day! I'm not 100% sure if her name was Emma, but she had short hair & a great smile!

Posted by Alan Monnin on 03/10/19
Sarah Crowe
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for the excellent care you provided during my stay at Grandview. I appreciate the fact that you showed compassion and professionalism, helping make my treatment and recovery a success.

Posted by Alan Monnin on 03/10/19
Maggi Stormer
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Nurse Aid
Thank you for the extra effort in helping me get on my feet and able to recover sooner. The many walks we took aided in my recovery.

Posted by Mollie Conley on 03/09/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Liz was an absolute wonderful nurse in assisting my father in the ICU. She was extremely nice and very patient with us, and took such great care and made sure to answer all of the questions and concerns we had. Thank you Liz for all of your great care!

Posted by Larry Burgess on 03/07/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Joint Ctr
Sara - You made my recent stay bearable. I had a partial knee replacement but also kidney failure, so I was hooked up to a catheter. I still am, so most likely I'll be hospitalized again, except on a different floor!! Thank you so much for being an angel.

Posted by Rose Banwart on 03/07/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 3east
Thank you for being my nurse and being so sweet and kind and caring! Always remember our prayer time. I am so excited to see what Gods up to! Thank you , Rose

Posted by Erin Isaac on 03/06/19
Beth Hogan
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
Beth, I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for all you've done for me and my family. You'll forever have a spot in my heart. Love, Erin, Danica, James and Evan Isaac

Posted by Aaron Mood on 03/06/19
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
My wife was admitted for an induction on March 2nd, 2019. While this was our third child, this was her first induction, and it was a longer process than her previous labors. Marilee's shift started the next morning and she was wonderful from the beginning. She took the time to explain all of the procedures and make sure our questions were answered. Her sense of humor helped keep everyone in a good mood. Thanks to Marilee and the other staff at Southview, we had a great experience welcoming our son to our family.

Posted by Tyler Murrell on 03/05/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: SICU
Courtney was the best nurse we've had in the 3 days we've been here, she was so caring and took really great care of my mother. She was also very friendly and helpful to me and the rest of my family in this rough time of our lives

Posted by DAVID HERGENRATHER on 03/04/19
Samantha (Sam)
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Sam for the great care you gave me while I was there. You are a blessing to the nursing staff and was a great comfort to me in such a trying time. Thank you again to you and the other nurses in icu Dave Hergenrather

Posted by Gerry and Pam Mitchell on 03/02/19
Whittney Sam Taylor theresa Sup Carol
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank You to all of you special wonderful people Matt ‘s recovery is because of all your special attention to care you all went up your required tasks Again we cannot begin to Thank You All enough- you all are exceptional ??

Posted by Rocky on 03/01/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 2nd floor
I just want to send a HUGE thank you out to Justin. I wasn't able to get his last name. He was very respectful and knowledgeable. He has went over and above to take care of my grandmother and my family. I work in healthcare as well, and there are very few like him anymore. Thanks for all you do! You are making a difference.

Posted by Christina Bates on 02/27/19
Houston Dean
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: HouseFloat
Thank you Houston, for your extraordinary care you provided to your patient in SICU. She survived because of your actions that day. We cannot thank you enough for your care, your great attitude when faced with adversity and a challenge. It's wonderful to work along side you! Thanks so much for all you do!

Posted by Robert Rose on 02/25/19
Megan ?
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
Thank you for the great care. Appreciate your kindness and understanding. You have a good sense of humor! You took good care of me on Valentine's Day. I came in with head pain and you were gentle and attentive.

Posted by Sandi C on 02/23/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
I wanted to say a special thanks to Mickey, one of the housekeepers that came in to clean my room during my recent stay at Kettering Cancer Center. He was very thorough, friendly, and a pleasure to talk to. I know this is to thank a nurse but I hope this gets to him and he is recognized for his hard work.

Posted by Jeremy & Holly on 02/22/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ER
Sari, you are the most competent medical professional in the universe. My poor wife Holly and I have seen zillions of nurses and doctors in countless facilities and few are as impressive as you. Thank you for your expertise and humanity and good luck around the world! Civilization is all the greater for having you among its teeming throngs.

Posted by Eddy Ellis on 02/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I just wanted to Thank you so much for the great help you gave me during my time in the emergency room. Your kindness & helpfulness were greatly appreciated. You went way beyond the duties of a nurse. Thanks again Eddy

Posted by penny on 02/18/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 5 NORTH

Posted by Hawkins family on 02/18/19
Sherina Bunch
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Float
God sent angel you are! From start to end of shift you did a fantastic job. You were very patient and you really cared with passion. You got my father to smile, talk, and eat something he hadnt done in 3 days prior to coming to Kettering. You took the stress load off by finding reliable resources on your lunch break to help my family out. When i say we will never forget you I mean that! You put a special place in our hearts to me knowing once I left my father was in good hands with you. Thanks for all you did that day. I’m still smiling. Employees like yourself make a difference who truly care about what they do for their patients.

Posted by penny on 02/18/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: cardiovasc

Posted by Anna on 02/14/19
Lori Schaaf
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Instructor
Thankyou gor being such a great instructor.

Posted by Anna on 02/14/19
Angela Huff
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Instructor
Thank you for all the help these past 2 weeks. You & Lori. Make a great team .

Posted by Ashley Tuco on 02/13/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Nicu
We are so thankful for all the wonderful care Brenda provided to our little Adalynn during her stay in the NICU. Brenda became like family and was always willing to listen and better explain things when I did not understand what was going on.

Posted by Charles Johnson on 02/12/19
2 North Nurses and Staff 2 North Nurses and Staff
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 North
My Name is Charles Johnson. I was a patient in 2 North in Room 2316 in January prior to bowel obstruction surgery on January 15. I had suffered from a very painful chronic bowel obstruction condition resulting in over a dozen hospital admissions since 2001. The surgical. team of Dr. Andersen is confident that my condition has been cured by the surgery. My care during my many admissions has been superb and particularly by the Nurses, Nurses Assistants and Staff of 2 North during my last admission. Even though there were certainly many more, I want to thank Nurses Roberta, Zack, Melissa, Monica, Cathy for their sympathetic and caring support during my stay and recovery. My wife Teresa and I are forever in your debt.

Posted by Linda Bryant on 02/11/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
We brought my dad in to the ER a few weeks back and David was the nicest nurse ever , so kind and compassionate to my dad he is so appreciated!!

Posted by Stacey Hodge on 02/10/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L&D
I hope this finds the right nurse. I just want to say thank you SO much to Cary for helping me get through the birth of my first daughter. I had a long and challenging induction but she made it so much better for me. She started my induction before her shift was over and came back for her next shift and worked with me again. There’s something so calming and special that her presence helped with. She went above and beyond for me and even talked about tv shows between contractions to take my mind off the situation. I could not have done it without her. I went in to the induction absolutely terrified and my fears were eased. So thank you again. You and the other labor and delivery nurses and staff are AMAZING and I was so lucky to be placed in your care!!! Stacey Hodge & baby Finlee Hodge :)

Posted by Katrina Dudley on 02/08/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 5
Dear Ben, My family and I want to thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and the care that you took of our beloved Stanley Zeisloft. We think you did an excellent job responding to our needs and assisting us through the difficult situation. Best of luck to you in your career and life going forward! God bless you, The Zeisloft family

Posted by Carol Severance on 02/07/19
Delaine Adrian
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
Sending you a BIG shout out for a job well done! Thank you for taking time to organize our equipment closet and providing continued support to ensure MSICU is always ready to provide exceptional care to our patients. You make a difference, Thank you! CAS~

Posted by Misty Brightman on 02/07/19
Carrie Cabinoff
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
My family and I would sincerely like to thank Carrie for the impeccable care and attention that she provided to my brother in law. Carrie was always willing to explain any questions or concerns that we had, and I feel that she went above and beyond her duties. Carrie, Thank you for everything! The MSICU has an amazing team of nurses and we were blessed to have you all! We would also like to thank... Taylor, Tina, Gladys, Erin and David! You all are amazing and greatly appreciated!

Posted by terri johnson on 02/06/19
Kim johnson
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for caring for me.

Posted by Stacie Jordahl and Elizabeth Withrow on 02/06/19
Brianna Abraham
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
You are not only a wonderful nurse but an amazing person inside and out. We appriecate not only your help thru the delivery but also your kindness thru out our time with you as our nurse. The care you showed our son we will forever be grateful. Thank you very much Bri you truly are a amazing person. Much love from The Withrows and baby Kingston. Thank you.

Posted by Doug on 02/05/19
Katie Mccord
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac
She went out of her way to make sure that my mothers needs were always met.

Posted by Ron Wyatt Dawn cerullo on 02/05/19
Samantha Stephen
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Icu
You are a awesome nurse u gave us Hope when no one else did I thank u from the bottom of my heart you definitely were meant to be a nurse

Posted by Ron Wyatt dawn cerullo on 02/05/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 4
Thank you for being so understanding you are so easy to talk to and very caring

Posted by Scott Gray on 02/03/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Icu
Thank you Paige for the exceptional care you provided my mother Candy! There is no doubt you are highly committed and dedicated to your patients. It was your high level of professionalism, skill, knowledge and determination that gave us comfort and peace. We are greatful to you as well as the ENTIRE Kettering team at Fort Hamilton! My mother was fortunate to be in your care! Great doctors are supported by great nurses! Thank you!!

Posted by Janelle Phillips on 02/03/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor and
Cheryl, What can I say!?!? You are the reason so many people become nurses! It is by watching you in your element, caring for a patient, that an individual would want to be like you. I watched you care for my daughter while she labored and knew she was going to be perfectly fine. With love and humor you led her through the labor process. And to top it stayed past your shift until baby Lincoln was born. As a nurse myself I learned so much by just watching you. Thank you so much Cheryl. I will never forget you! Janelle

Posted by Candy's Family on 02/03/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: ICU
Thank you Paige for all of your care with Candy! We are so grateful for your care and compassion, and for all of your dedication and commitment to your patients. You help put everyone at ease and gave us peace of mind knowing she was in good hands with the Kettering team. You and all of the nurses and doctors at Fort Hamilton are outstanding! We are so lucky to have such amazing nurses like you taking care of our loved ones. Thank you!!

Posted by Fred hodapp on 01/30/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thank you for everything you did for me. You made me feel safe and cared for! No matter what was going on you made time for me and I felt better knowing you would be back. You made me look forward to your part of my stay, I had a few good nurses but nobody compares to you. You can tell you love your work and your patients, and in return I can't help but love you. Thank you again and I hope grandview realizes what they have in you! Fred

Posted by Larry Lawson on 01/29/19
Entire nursing staff
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit: Emergency
I was admitted into the emergency room at approximately 4:30 pm on 1/28/19. I was suffering greatly from impacted bowels but the nursing staff ministered my care professionally and with humor trying to calm my agitated state. My bowels are now clear and I'm feeling much better. I owe my great results to the excellent care I received from physicians and nurses from your emergency trauma center. I especially wish to thank the nurse who so pleasantly cleaned me up after my bowels finally broke loose at 3:00 this morning. She was such a sweet gentle lady. I kept apologizing for causing her extra work and she told me she loved her job and loved helping patients like me. She sent me home in a relaxed and calm state and for that, I wish to commend her. She and the rest of your emergency room staff are a credit to the fine care Greene Memorial provides our little town of Xenia. Thanks again. You folks were fantastic.

Posted by Douglas Fordyce on 01/29/19
, Unit: Cardiac
I under went a heart Cath yesterday and would like to express my appreciation. I'm sorry I can't remember the names of those in the Cath lab but they all did a very good job and dealt with we very kindly. The nurseing staff were all very helpful as well but I would especially like to thank Dan for an outstanding job! He really went far beyond what was required of him. Thank you all very much, Doug Fordyce

Posted by Penny Coffman on 01/29/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Heart
I am the daughter of Douglas Fordyce. My Dad had a heart cath at your facility yesterday, 01/28/19. His nurse, Dan was EXCEPTIONAL! He not only made my Dad feel comfortable by taking wonderful care of him, answering his questions and listening to his stories but he also was reassuring to our family and I really appreciate it! He obviously goes above and beyond in his work and I wanted it known how happy we were with his care and kindness. Thank you Dan!

Posted by Carrielyn Brunette on 01/28/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Er
You are awsome! Thank you for the excellent service and care! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Catherine Feighery on 01/28/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 West
Thank you so much Crystal for your welcoming spirit when I floated to your unit on Sunday. You were always available to lend a helping hand or answer questions. You are a wonderful charge nurse and should be commended.

Posted by Earl Damallie on 01/27/19
Kyla Whitt
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit: Emergency
Dear Kyla, Thank you so much for taking such good care of me when I come to the ER. I know we have had our ups and downs with our relationship, but I want you to know that you are such an amazing nurse, and you do great at what you do. Thank you for always comforting me when I am struggling with my mental health, you always have a way of giving me hope during my mental health struggles. Thanks again for all you do!! :) Sincerely, Earl Damallie

Posted by Samantha mills on 01/25/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for taking such great care of me and my baby i am Thankful for how knowledgeable you where and responsive you was when needed. We couldn't of asked for a better Nurse Thanks

Posted by judy liechty on 01/23/19
heather ?
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: rehab
It's been over a year now, so I am not sure if she is still there. She graduated from Ohio University and she always came in the room and said "O U'!! She was truly a wonderful upbeat nurse I would have taken her home with me if I could have THANKS HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Jessica for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Ashley for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Courtney for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a nurse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it! Special thanks for sharing story with us and for making me the lovely origami bird!

Posted by Tasha Noethcutt on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Eric for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Eric for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Ida wheeler on 01/20/19
All nurses All
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
I want to thank all ICU nurses for caring for my mother Ida Wheeler while she was in your care in the month of November. I have seen all of you take great care and paitence with my mom. I am soo thankful. The hospital and paitents are blessed to have you there to take care of all families. My message is late because I lost her in hospice and it was so hard and heartbreaking. Again I want to thank you all !!!

Posted by Pat on 01/19/19
Zoe Ting
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 2 West
Thank you for listening to my daughter's concerns about me, and for being by my bedside the whole time. Though I could not remember what had happened, I remembered you were right by my side the whole time, holding my hand and telling me it will all be okay. Despite having 6 patients on your own, you delivered excellent nursing care. You were more like a friend than a nurse, I felt safe having you as my nurse. The extra trip that you made to ICU after you got off work, just to see how I was doing and to pray with me, made my heart melt. So thank you, Zoe :)

Posted by Sibyl on 01/18/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Ray was kind, personable and very helpful. He kept me comfy and made me feel like I was at home. Thanks Ray you are great!!!!

Posted by Sibyl Carter on 01/18/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Thanks for being such a great nurse! You made my stay fun and you helped entertain my crazy family. I really appreciated you ?? P.S. they finally let me eat!!! Woooohoooo Sibyl

Posted by Adam on 01/16/19
All nurses
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: All units
There are no words to express my gratitude. Warriors and the trenchs...on the frontline..making a difference. Saving our lives. Thank you

Posted by Emma Garrett on 01/15/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor
Thank you so much for all of your help the two nights you were my nurse. Thank you also for helping me deliver my baby boy Jackson, we will never forget it! You were really awesome and super helpful!! Emma, Alex, and Jackson

Posted by Lindsay Porter on 01/14/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I am a nursing student at Cedarville University and spent some time at Soin last semester (October through December). I had the pleasure of interacting with a lot of wonderful nurses and am so grateful for the things I learned from them! It was rare to work with a nurse that wasn't quick to educate and encourage. I can't believe I forget these details, but I believe it was the nurse manager that really made an impact on me. I don't remember her name, but she goes around to all of the patients to ask about their experience. One particular day I was working in the ED she approached my nurse and me and gave us a quick word of encouragement that our patient was very pleased with how we were treating them. She specifically pointed out that I was doing a great job. It is uncommon for nurses we students are not working with- especially leadership- to even acknowledge our presence on the floor. This nurse not only took the time to acknowledge my presence but also to encourage me in my endeavors. That meant so much to me and will stick with me for a long time. Everyone in the ED was so great to work with and I'm very grateful for my time there! Thank you!

Posted by Lilian Frederick on 01/13/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
thank you, you let me feel like a human while being in the hospital for so many days

Posted by Amy Hoover on 01/10/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: emergency
Thank you for the great care you provided to my husband on our recent visit. We appreciate your personable approach, excellent ED experience.

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Susie Greenwood
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Susie Greenwood. Professional, smart, funny, dedicated, caring, uplifting. Can’t say enough about this exceptional nurse which made my recent stay at Kettering Medical Center as comfortable as possible. Thanks, Susie!

Posted by Cristina Johnston on 01/09/19
Paula Mundhenk
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Surgery
Paula stepped in when she realized I was not getting the care I needed. She not only met my medical needs but my emotional needs as well. Her empathy during my recovery from surgery made the uncertainty of my situation seem a little bit better in that moment. I wish I could get her a bouquet of daisy. I feel strongly that she deserves a daisy award for her excellent care!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Kelly McCockran
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
I was recently diagnosed with cancer and stayed at Kettering Medical Center. The care I had from all the nurses was exceptional but one of the most outstanding people I came across was Nurse Kelly. Her knowledge, dedication, caring nature, wit, and friendship is much appreciated. She went above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as possible and her personal touches gave me a newfound look on life. Thanks, Kelly! You’re a true angel, girl!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Don Whittacker
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
It was a sincere pleasure meeting Don Whittacker during my recent hospital stay at Kettering Medical Center. He took the time to listen and share his own stories which meant the world to me. We share a lot of the same beliefs and he made my stay as comfortable as possible and gave me hope. Thanks, Don!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Kat Durham
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
One of the sweetest, most caring, sincere, dedicated people I ever had the pleasure of meeting is Kat Durham, a nurse I had at Kettering Medical Center. I can’t thank her enough for making my stay as comfortable as possible. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and Kat was very uplifting and always in good spririts. She came into my room one night and noticed I had been coloring and later that day came back with an inspirational coloring book which she personally signed. Thanks, Kat! I imagine this angel of a human being has touched many lives because she has certainly touched mine. Thank you so much for everything!

Posted by Adam Kempf on 01/06/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
I wanted to thank John for his kindness and caring during my recent visit to the ER. John listened to everything I wanted to say and truly cared. John made sure he was in the room with me when new member of the hospital would visit me to act as my advocate and make for an easy transition. John is truly an asset to Sycamore and deserves an atta-boy from his supervisors. I am currently writing this while still admitted at the hospital and everyone I have encountered has been caring and amazing!

Posted by Karen Couch on 01/04/19
Karen Couch
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
I would like to thank all the staff on the hall I was on room 1013. They were all so kind and efficient, and very knowledgeable of my condition. I really can't pick out one of them who was better than the next. Thank you Southview Hospital for your staff.