A Growing Need

A high propensity of cancer continues in southwest Ohio, and the population continues to age. However, Soin Medical Center's current infusion center is close to capacity, making it difficult for staff and physicians to manage the traffic and schedule of patients. Soin is adding two medical oncologists, but this will also increase demand for infusion services.

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Need for Comprehensive Care

As a regional center for Kettering Cancer Care, Soin Medical Center has always planned to offer a radiation therapy program to offer more comprehensive care. Cancer patients at Soin have faced the challenge of having to go elsewhere for radiation therapy. Cancer patients find it stressful and draining to travel any distance for infusion and radiation services, and services close to home help them better handle their cancer journey. At Soin, we do not want patients to face delays or inconvenience in their treatment, nor do we wish to see patients traveling to a different facility to receive the care they need.