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Get back in the action with specialized orthopedics treatment

POSTED: October 09, 2017

Scott Bressler has never been someone who likes to sit still for long. Always an energetic person, his highly active lifestyle nearly came to a screeching halt.

“I can remember that exact moment when I crashed,” said Bressler. “It was only after the five-hour surgery that I realized how bad it was.”

The accident tore three ligaments and broke his knee.

A difficult diagnosis

“Scott came in with a motorcycle injury,” remembered Krista Migliore, DO, an orthopedic surgeon at Fort Hamilton Hospital. “He had torn three of the four stabilizing ligaments in his knee. The only way that we were going to get him back to the activity level he was at before was to completely reconstruct all three ligaments.”

Bressler was scared. He knew the recovery and rehabilitation would be difficult and painful.

“I think that, initially, he felt defeated by the diagnosis, but I assured him that it was something we could take care of. It’s something that we can reconstruct,” said Dr. Migliore.

Dr. Migliore felt confident that they were going to get him back to his normal activity level, and rightfully so. She’d seen and worked on this kind of injury before. During her time working with the Indianapolis Colts, she gained first-hand experience in multi-ligament reconstructive knee injuries.

Exceeding expectations

For Bressler, physical therapy began right after surgery. He knew the long road he had ahead of him, but he found hope through the constant encouragement of Dr. Migliore and his physical therapists.

“I remember Dr. Migliore told me she expected that I’d get to a range of motion anywhere from 125 to 128 degrees with my knee in physical therapy,” recalled Bressler. “But my therapists were determined to get me beyond that…and they did. They got me to 138 degrees!”

Quality care

This year, Kettering Health Network was once again named a Truven Health Analytics 15 Top Health System. Fort Hamilton Hospital, an integral part of this nationally recognized health system, provides top quality orthopedic care to Hamilton and surrounding areas. 

In addition to multi-ligament reconstruction, Fort Hamilton Hospital treats a variety of other orthopedic issues – many the result of “weekend warrior” recreational activities.

“A person doesn’t have to experience a sports injury to be able to come and see us as a patient. Just about everyone participates in some kind of recreational activity. We see knee replacements, hip replacements, and fractures,” said Dr. Migliore. “Something we offer that a lot of other orthopedic physicians don’t is hip arthroscopy.”

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows doctors to view the hip joint without making a large incision through the skin or soft tissue.

Back in action

As for Bressler, he is back in action just like he was before the accident.

“It was the doctors and physical therapists at Kettering Health Network that really saved me,” said Bressler. “And I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

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