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Brain Injury

Brain injury (BI) can be an overwhelming, life changing event for patients and families. Recovery may be a prolonged process filled with uncertainty. The specially trained occupational, physical and speech therapists at The NeuroRehab and Balance Center guide patients and families through every step of their journey and empower them to reclaim the things that matter most. Our comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation team has completed extensive education and specialized training. Our team uses evidence-based therapy and advanced technologies to help each survivor reach their highest level of functioning and best quality of life.

Specialized Services

  • Individualized physical, occupational, and speech therapy assessments and treatments
  • Certified vestibular rehabilitation therapists
  • Certified brain injury specialists and board certified neurologic clinical specialists
  • Neuro - Developmental Treatment (NDT) certified therapists
  • Wheelchair and adaptive equipment evaluations
  • Driving rehabilitation specialists
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with patient education focused on lifestyle and home safety adjustments
  • Skill development for returning to activities including school/work
  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment for swallowing disorders
  • Specialty certified feeding eating swallowing specialist (SCFES)
  • Speech language pathologists trained in assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders
  • Facial neuromuscular re-training and biofeedback to improve facial muscle strength and control
  • Augmentative and alternative communication inculding assessment and expertise to determine communication, including equipment needs
  • Memory, cognitive, speech and language specialists
  • Case management and coordination of care
  • Registered nurse and licensed social worker
  • Coordinated discharge planning

Advanced Technologies


"The NeuroRehab and Balance center is a great place to have therapy. When you walk in, everyone has a smile on their face. Nobody lets you feel alone. You can go talk to anyone and everyone is nice to talk to. That is one reason why I love going; to meet new friends. Every time I go, I can always see someone new with a smile on their face. This place has really helped my social skills too. Now I'm not so scared to talk to a new person.

When I had speech therapy, she had helped me with my reading, spelling and comprehension. I think that helped me in my life because now I can read important things like the newspaper and forms at the doctor's office and understand them. When I had occupational therapy, they helped me in the kitchen with cooking, cleaning and also getting into the bathroom. Physical therapy helped me with my strength, balance, walking, trust and safety. Overall, the NeuroRehab and Balance Center has helped me in many ways but most of all, they have helped me be ME again and meet new people. You can just be yourself when you walk in."

- Alex

Support Group

Upper Valley Medical Center
3130 North County Road 25A
Troy, OH 45373
Shirley Whitmer, Coordinator (937) 339-0356

Access Center for Independent Living
901 South Ludlow Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Brain Injury