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Diagnosing Movement Disorders

Diagnostic accuracy is key to treating movement disorders. Therapeutic approaches may differ for movement disorders from patient to patient. In fact, a medication that works very well for one movement disorder could potentially make another movement disorder worse—highlighting the necessity of proper diagnosis.

Our highly-skilled physicians will begin the diagnostic process with a complete physical and neurological exam, neurodiagnostic testing, and laboratory testing. We also rely on state-of-the-art testing, such as neuroimaging and laboratory studies that may include genetic testing.

Because of the considerable number of movement disorders, it can be difficult to pinpoint a particular condition. Following testing, our medical team collectively reviews results and determines the diagnosis. In some cases, it may require further observation of a patient's response to medication to confirm the diagnosis.

The medical professionals at Kettering Health Network bring the most advanced and evidence-based tools in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders.