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Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
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Adult Behavioral Care Services

Risk Factors

Adults can hurt, too. One in five Americans live with a mental health disorder. Estimates indicate that about 2/3 of all people do not seek treatment for fear of disclosure or rejection. Mental illness is a disease just like any other disease (cancer, diabetes). It is treatable and people do get better. Feelings of depression and anxiety are common, especially when associated with a life situation that seems impossible to deal with. We can help.

At Home
  • Conflict with children/siblings
  • Marriage/separation/divorce
  • Death
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Significant health Issues
With Friends
  • Fights/breakups with friends
  • Drug or alcohol issues
At Work
  • Dislike co-workers/mangers/bosses
  • Pressure about habits, peer pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • Bullying or being bullied
  • Sexual harassment

Start the road to recovery by contacting us at one of our locations today.


The inpatient programs at Kettering Health Network include adult mental health services and co-occurring services (mental health & substance use)

  • 24-hour care for adults 18 years and older with serious psychiatric disorders
  • Daily physician, social services and nursing care
  • Medication management
  • Occupational/recreational therapy
  • Group and individual therapy

The treatment team works closely with each patient and support system to develop treatment goals and follow-up services after discharge.

These programs provide an alternative for patients who would otherwise require inpatient hospitalization or those for whom outpatient care is not enough.

Mental Health Day Program: Mon-Wed, 1-4pm
Mental Health Evening Program: Mon-Wed, 5-8pm
Co-Occurring Program (Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders): Tue-Thur, 9am-12pm
After the Call (Program for First Responders): Mon-Thur, 9am-12pm

Services include group treatments that help participants:

  • Reduce fears, anxieties and depression
  • Manage anger, guilt and shame
  • Curb destructive impulses and behavior
  • Express thoughts and feelings
  • Practice interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills
  • Build structure to their days
  • Manage medications through individual psychiatry sessions
  • Navigate a Co-Occurring (Mental Health & Substance Abuse) diagnosis

Our team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and chaplains provide patients with individualized treatment plans and interventions. These programs are offered at Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center.

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation for adults
  • Medication management and follow-up for adults
  • Individual therapy for children/adolescents and adults
  • Psychological testing for children/adolescents

For an appointment or more information call: (937) 534-4651.

Resources for Starting the Road to Recovery: