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The Difference Thorough Care Makes

Mar 19, 2021

The Difference Thorough Care Makes

Pictured: Diana Robinson presenting a quilt she made to thank Carole Anderson for her lifesaving care.

Diana Robinson was at ease—Carole Anderson was not only a familiar face, but she was also an extraordinary ultrasound technician. Gentle and thorough, Carole made Diana feel she was in good hands—even if this was just a standard heart screening.

Or so Diana thought. Diana and Carole’s chatter halted as Carole stopped talking and moving, focusing exclusively on her ultrasound machine.

She asked Diana if she had problems with her thyroid. She didn’t.

“I think you might now,” Carole said.

Don’t panic

Carole told Diana to schedule an ultrasound, specifically on her thyroid.

With Carole’s kind demeanor and calm reassurance, Diana didn’t worry. She left that day without anxiety, determined to make an appointment to get her thyroid checked as Carole suggested.

Even at the appointment, even after hearing the word “cancer,” fear never crept in; she knew she caught it in time. She never expected a routine check of her carotid artery to take her down this road, but she knew things could have gone differently if it weren’t for Carole’s attention.

Beyond a job

Diana knew the space in her heart where worry could have resided was filled with gratitude. She had someone looking out for her—someone whose care made all the difference.

“Carole was looking at my carotid artery, but she was also looking at all the things around it,” Diana said. “She could have whizzed by, knowing I wasn’t there for my thyroid.”

Because she didn’t have any symptoms, Diana feared the cancer could have grown while she was unaware of it—if Carole hadn’t said something.

“In my mind, she’s the hero, and she saved me,” Diana said. “If she hadn’t noticed, I might not be here next year.”

Needed treatment

Diana’s cancer was contained, so she didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation treatment. She had one procedure and was later determined to be cancer-free.

Like all good stories, Diana triumphed over her enemy: cancer. But, like all good stories, she didn’t do it alone.

She says this story isn’t about her.

“It’s about Carole,” Diana says. “I personally think she saved my life.”