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Quick Emergency Care Saves Xenia Woman's Life

Jan 08, 2021

Quick Emergency Care Saves Xenia Woman's Life

Rhea Stidham was eating at the Bob Evans in Xenia when she started experiencing crushing chest pain. While she had never experienced that sensation before, she knew it was a sign of a heart attack from first aid classes she had taken in the past.

When the pain did not improve with time, she knew she needed to seek emergency care.

“It was like someone hit me in the chest—it felt like it took my breath away. The pain didn’t give up, it just continued,” she says. “I realized I was having a heart attack really quickly. I explained what I was feeling to my husband and he said we needed to go to the hospital immediately.”

Visiting the local emergency department

Greene Memorial Hospital was the closest emergency room to Rhea’s location. Since they were familiar with the hospital, Rhea’s husband took her straight there. When they got to the hospital, bloodwork was performed that indicated Rhea experienced a heart attack.  

She was given nitroglycerin and her pain subsided. Since she was suffering from the effects of a heart attack, Rhea was admitted into the hospital. She was eventually moved to Soin Medical Center for additional testing.

The Kettering squad moved Rhea to her new location, where she spent the night under constant supervision by staff. They ran different tests the next morning to determine what caused the heart attack.

Receiving exemplary care

The medical care Rhea received was excellent. Staff members were attentive, and she felt compassion from all she met. She was also happy with her care during transport.

“They were very attentive. I was pretty much never alone, there were nurses coming and going all the time,” Rhea says. “It was very good care, with sweet people. The gentlemen in the transport were amazing—they talked, they calmed me down. It was comforting.”

Reliable care close to home

Being a lifelong resident of Greene County, Rhea and her husband were comfortable with the level of care they knew they would receive from Greene Memorial Hospital. That made it easy to visit the hospital during an emergency situation.

“Using the hospital before, we were comfortable with their ability to take care of us,” she says. “Staff were personable and easygoing. As bad of an experience as having a heart attack was, I felt like I was being cared for.

“I felt like a person, opposed to a patient. It made me feel good that they were taking care of me like they were.”

Seeking care

If you need care in the Greene County region, the team at Greene Memorial Hospital is here to help you and your family through your health journey.