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Staying Active During Autumn

Oct 01, 2020

Staying Active During Autumn

What better time to get outside than autumn, when the weather is perfect for all sorts of activities?

Benefits to staying active

According to Kettering Health Network cardiologist Harvey Hahn, MD, being active has a variety of benefits, including

  • Elevating your mood
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Lowering mortality

“If you can walk 10-15 minutes continuously every day, that will lower your mortality rate. In the same token, the more you walk, it helps you lose weight, control blood pressure, lower your risk of diabetes, decrease cholesterol—so it has a myriad of effects on your health,” he said. He also considers exercise to be an intermittent stressor, which will help make you stronger in the long run.

“You stress yourself out, you rest and recover, and the next time you have to do something you can tolerate it better. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. This is true with exercise,” Dr. Hahn said.

He added, it is important to stay active with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Being in better shape, with a better immune system, is going to be helpful moving into the winter months.

Exercising outside

According to Dr. Hahn, outdoor exercise decreases stress levels, while sunshine and fresh air elevate your mood.

“It is a great environment to exercise and stay active,” he said. “In the summer if its too hot, it’s probably not the best time to try it out. As it gets cooler, there should be a lot more opportunities to get out there and enjoy your walk, run, or bike ride.”

It is important to dress for your activity and have a light jacket as it gets cooler. Dress appropriately for the weather and your activity and you’ll have a great time outdoors, no matter the conditions.

To get outside for exercise, the local Miami Valley trails are a great option to see new sights, while improving your health.

“In Ohio, we have lots of really nice trails. A lot are based on the old railroad pathways, so there are miles of interesting trails to walk in,” Dr. Hahn said. “I would go out there, try different areas, or go back to your favorite one. It’s nice to get out there.”  

Tips to a successful workout

  • Don’t compete with anyone else
  • Go at your own pace and leisure
  • Get a group together and be social

“If you’re exercising, you’re outdoors, and you’re being social—I think that’s awesome,” Dr. Hahn said.

If you’re ready to get out and be active, visit Miami Valley trails for more information on local options.