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10 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life—And Mom's Too

May 08, 2019

10 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life—And Mom's Too

If you’re a mother, you spend a lot of time promoting the well-being of your family—but are you doing that for yourself? One secret to success is finding joy in your life. If you’re looking for a way to bring a smile to your own mother’s face this Mother’s Day, make some room in life to share these experiences with her.

Being joyful has the power to help you bounce back from stressful events, solve problems, think flexibly, and even fend off diseases. And it’s easier to do than you might think. Here are 10 simple tips to make sure you’re incorporating happiness into your life.

  1. Do something you loved as a kid. Sing silly songs, splash in puddles, or see how high you can swing.
  2. Laugh at life’s hassles. No day is perfect. But there’s often something at least a bit amusing in the challenging situations if you look for it.
  3. Collect sayings or photos to make you smile. Then stick them where they’re easily visible to look at when you need a pick-me-up.
  4. Play a song you love. Imaging tests of brains show that music can release feel-good hormones.
  5. Go for it. Stop putting experiences you want to try on hold. Bake a pie from scratch, learn to crochet, or sign up for an indoor climbing class—explore what intrigues you.
  6. Take a nature break. Look up at the sky and see how blue it really is. Go on an early-morning walk and delight in the dew on the grass. Let nature’s beauty soothe you.
  7. Take a mental break. Close your eyes and imagine a place you love. Use all your senses. Are you drawn to the beach? Smell the salt water, feel the sun on your back, and hear the crashing waves.
  8. Spread happiness. When you get good news, don’t keep it to yourself—tell a friend. You’ll relive the moment and have the extra pleasure of your friend’s reaction.
  9. Seek out happy people. Good moods are contagious.
  10. Develop your playful side. Learn a few new jokes to share, arrange nights out with friends, or have a regular game night with your family.

Speak up. Sometimes, finding joy doesn’t seem so simple. Be honest with yourself and your doctor about the stresses and challenges you face. Ask for help if you feel depressed or anxious. Talk with your doctor or a professional counselor, who can suggest many ways to improve your health and wellness—both mental and physical.


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