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5 Ways MyChart helps you take control of your healthcare

Apr 11, 2019

5 Ways MyChart helps you take control of your healthcare

If you’ve thought how nice it would be to have a way to schedule doctor’s appointments online, to check your test results, pay your bills and even communicate directly with your doctor, Kettering Physician Network has the solution in MyChart.

MyChart is a free, interactive, personalized online portal which allows patients to be proactive in their health care. Any patient who receives service at a Kettering Physician Network office or Kettering Health Network facility is eligible to participate. Create an account, set up a username and password, then patients have full access to all of their information contained on the system.

Here are five great reasons to have (and actively use) a MyChart account.

1. E-Visits: The virtual visit, or “E-Visit,” is a quick, convenient way of dealing with minor problems like back pain, cough and cold symptoms, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, heartburn, and urinary problems. For the cost of a $35 co-pay, patients can use the MyChart system to schedule an E-Visit with their primary care physician. Patients login to the system and answer a questionnaire, which is reviewed by the doctor within 1-2 business days.

Once the doctor receives the information about your symptoms, he or she will decide whether they can help you via E-Visit, or if you need to come into the office. If they do require you to come in, the physician will cancel the E-Visit, and you can schedule the office visit directly in MyChart. No co-pay is charged until the visit, either virtual or in person, is completed. All primary care physicians in Kettering Physician Network participate in the E-Visit program.

2. Online appointment scheduling: Since one of MyChart’s purposes is to provide more efficiency in medical services, the ability to schedule appointments online eliminates the need to make a call to an office to set up that appointment. Within MyChart, established patients (those who have been seen within the last two years) can select their physician, see the available appointment times with primary care physicians and choose the one most convenient to their schedule.

3. Online bill payment: MyChart provides patients with links directly to the Kettering Health Network accounting system. Recent improvements include a guest payment option that doesn’t require the patient to be logged in. If you are logged in, you can send secure messages to the Kettering Health Network billing department, which typically responds within 24 hours, either by email or phone.

4. Faster access to test results: One of the most popular features of MyChart is the ability for patients to review their test results. Most results are available within the first 48 hours, but the recommended wait time is about five days, allowing the physician to review them first and send an explanation, as needed. Once test results are entered, the patient will receive a notification to view them – no more waiting for a letter in the mail!

Sometimes patients may not know the purpose for a specific test. Within MyChart, a content management system provides a searchable library of information, enabling clearer understanding of what various tests reveal.

5. Direct communication with your healthcare providers: Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of MyChart is the ability to securely communicate directly with your physicians. Gone are the days of phone tag between the doctor’s office and the patient, and miscommunication or confusion of information passed from reception to nurse to doctor, in a seemingly endless game of “telephone.”

Utilizing MyChart, a physician can send a message directly to the patient as soon as they see test results, provide special instructions, or follow-up with information from an appointment. When submitting questions to their doctors through MyChart, patients typically receive answers within 24 hours.

MyChart offers a securely encrypted way for patients to access personal medical information using the internet. This allows patients to better manage time and become more involved and informed in their medical care. Click here to find a provider who participates in the MyChart program.