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Return to Normal: A Hysterectomy’s Role in Better Health

Mar 26, 2021

Return to Normal: A Hysterectomy’s Role in Better Health

Andi Weaver is a busy woman with a full life. Of her many commitments, she cares for her daughter, who has special needs. Many of Andi's decisions revolve around doing all she can to give her daughter the best in life. Despite her busy days, Andi likes finding time to spend with family and friends.

That all came to a stop with blood, confusion, and pain.

Andi started bleeding excessively. She couldn’t take her daughter anywhere for fear of bleeding in the car. She didn’t go out with friends, afraid she would bleed in public. And the pain was excruciating.

She needed help. When she turned to her doctors for guidance, she found an answer she wasn’t expecting. But it was the only option for Andi to reclaim her life.

Finding the tumors

Andi’s issues began with problems with her Intrauterine Device (IUD). She was sent to Dr. Anna Parizh, OB-GYN, for help. Dr. Parizh realized why the IUD wasn’t working: Andi’s entire uterus was full of fibroid tumors.

“I was in such a state of shock when I found out. I really couldn’t say anything for a couple of seconds,” Andi says.

Her problems worsened when the tumors continued growing. At one point, each tumor was over 7 inches, causing excessive bleeding.

What Andi thought was a birth-control issue turned out to be a severe, debilitating situation.   

“They disfigured my body. My stomach had swollen so much from them it was as if I was literally carrying a baby,” she says. “I couldn’t bend over, lie down, or sit. It was like I was pregnant.”

Only one option

The situation came to a head when Andi bled so much that she went to the emergency department. She was bleeding excessively, passing massive blood clots, too. She needed a shot to slow the bleeding.

Despite being in the hospital with major health concerns, her biggest worry was her daughter and how she was to continue caring for her.

“I was terrified because I kept thinking about my daughter,” Andi says. “All I could think about was how do I do this? I had to figure out what to do about school and doctors. I had to get help from my immediate family members and close friends. It was such a nightmare.”

The emergency department doctor told Andi a hysterectomy was the only option that might help her get her life back. He advised her to follow-up with Dr. Parizh right away.

For Andi, the thought of a hysterectomy didn’t come with fear or anxiety—but with relief.

Why a hysterectomy?

Andi had seen her life all but come to a stop.

Andi couldn’t drive. She couldn’t dress comfortably, using liners in her clothing. She couldn’t exercise, take daily walks, go to church, or see friends. Depression and anxiety had overwhelmed her mind.  

So, the news that she could have her life back, even if it meant removing her uterus, was welcomed.

“It was a relief. I was so excited. I was so ready that I thought it was a blessing to happen to me,” she says. “I just wanted it done.”

Andi was set to follow up with Dr. Parizh and her team.

Trusting in compassionate care

Andi knew she was in good hands with Dr. Parizh. She had been impressed with Dr. Parizh’s knowledge and warmth.

“Dr. Parizh made me feel so comfortable, and she was so loving. She actually listened to me, and she sent me immediately out to get tests or ultrasounds,” Andi says. “She walked me through the steps and process of what I was going through. She kept encouraging me, was always available, and never wavered from that.”

Andi was especially impressed with how Dr. Parizh treated her daughter.

“If my daughter is in the office, her anxiety will cause her to ask many questions. But she was able to feel comfortable with Dr. Parizh. Not a lot of doctors can do that,” Andi says.  

Dr. Parizh was the right physician to give Andi her life back. And Andi was more than ready to have her life back.

 “I could breathe”

Andi had her hysterectomy in the summer of 2020. The tumors had grown so large the surgery had to be done via C-section. The surgery team removed the tumors and then her uterus.

Andi soon noticed the difference.

“I felt it the moment I was getting ready to leave the hospital,” Andi says. “By that third day, I knew the tumors were gone because it was such a difference. I felt like I could breathe, and I could actually bend over.”

Andi has seen a return to normal. The restrictions on her life have been lifted. The bleeding stopped, and her stomach is no longer as swollen. And she can focus on her daughter’s care.

“I feel like I’m a woman again,” Andi says. “I feel so much more energetic. I don’t feel wiped out, and I don’t sleep all the time. I’m able to move, and I can actually see the ground! I can’t say enough about Dr. Parizh. I really feel like she saved my life.”

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