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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
07/18/2019 Isaiah
Alexis & David Soin
08/14/2019 Asher James
Amanda and Jeffrey Kettering
07/27/2019 Legendary A'maru U'gene
Amaria and Derrel Kettering
09/12/2019 Emma Marie
Asjley & Ryan Soin
09/08/2019 BRYSON DONYEA
BRITTNEY Southview
07/18/2019 Brian Xaviar
Cheyenne & Joshua Soin
08/13/2019 Avery Evelyn
Christina and Travis Kettering
08/06/2019 Brandon Patrick
Elizabeth & Kevin Soin
08/03/2019 Jazelle Emerie
Erica & Jeffrey Soin
08/17/2019 Isabelle May
Erika & Michael Soin
08/01/2019 Layla Marie
Jessica and Dan Kettering
09/18/2019 Derrick Jeffery
Jillian & Billy Soin
08/22/2019 Liam Michael
Jillian and Shane Kettering
07/23/2019 Willow Grace
Johnnae and David Southview
07/31/2019 Ava Marie
Kelly and Brian Kettering
08/26/2019 Kallie Marie
Kimberly And Ryan Kettering
08/28/2019 Alaysia Sandra J
Manyjane and David Kettering
07/24/2019 Mia
Megan & Tyler Soin
07/24/2019 Thomas Xavier
Melissa and Thomas Kettering
09/09/2019 Amelia Lea
Rachel and Matthew Kettering
09/06/2019 Lilith Rayne
Rebecca and Michael Kettering
09/07/2019 Robbie Levae
Rochelle Kettering
07/23/2019 Brayden Michael
Saraya and Bradley Kettering
08/02/2019 Cody James
Tricia and Troy Kettering

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