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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/14/2019 Tre'Leigh Armani-Dior
Aaresiah and Tre Kettering
12/14/2019 Tae'Lamar Sincere
Alexys and Terrence Kettering
12/04/2019 Amelia Grace
Allison & Blake Soin
11/30/2019 Ella Jade Elam
Amanda and Brian Southview
12/19/2019 Octavia Samantha
Angel Southview
01/08/2020 Marlow Nichole
Ashley and Anthony Kettering
12/04/2019 Addelyn Jane
Ashley and Nicholas Southview
01/09/2020 Ermias Nasir
Ca-Prezja and Dezhaun Kettering
01/16/2020 Everlynn Amari
Ciara and Joshua Southview
12/21/2019 John Michael Jr
Corenda and John Southview
11/22/2019 Mia Emery
Courtney and James Southview
12/19/2019 Braylen Andrew
Deanna Kettering
01/05/2020 Iyla May
Dejah & Dennise Soin
01/15/2020 Paisley Ann Marie
Jennifer Southview
12/03/2019 Rowan Carl
Jessica and Justin Kettering
12/19/2019 Isabel Norma
Kitiara and Eric Southview
11/20/2019 Blakely Ann
Kristen and Dylan Kettering
12/06/2019 Austin Raymond
Kristin and Kyle Southview
12/27/2019 Brielle Amore Tr'mesha
Leondra and Billy Southview
01/07/2020 newborn boy
Lindsey and Gregory Southview
01/07/2020 Colt Jasper
Madison and Trenton Southview
11/21/2019 Wyatt Tyler
Mallory and Robert Southview
12/17/2019 Pearl Eloise
Megan and Martin Southview
11/26/2019 Karmen Elizabeth
Melisha and Martin Kettering
11/27/2019 Evelyn Grace
Mollie and Austin Kettering
12/06/2019 Jaxson Lee
Natasha and Jason Kettering
11/13/2019 Harris Michael
Sara and Joel Kettering
01/02/2020 Mavin Louisa
Sarah and Sean Kettering
12/13/2019 Gabriel Carter
Shanell and Angelo Kettering
12/07/2019 Gage Parker
Victoria and Brandon Kettering

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