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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
10/14/2019 Aspen Waiverly
Alecia Southview
10/27/2019 PEYTON JUNE
10/04/2019 Nova Amina
Amara & Craig Soin
10/08/2019 Ariel Leighann
Amber and Bryan Southview
11/02/2019 Emilee Nicole
Ashley and Justin Kettering
09/12/2019 Emma Marie
Asjley & Ryan Soin
10/24/2019 Emma Grace
Asya and Josh Kettering
10/22/2019 Rowan Michael
Brittney and Zachary Kettering
09/24/2019 Karl Malcolm Jr.
Brooke & Karl Soin
09/21/2019 Tayler Nicole
Casey and Sean Southview
09/22/2019 Mia Evelyn J
Chelsea and William Kettering
10/25/2019 Asher Levi
China and Dylan Southview
09/25/2019 Kiernan Storm
Courtney & Zach Soin
09/26/2019 Jonathan Allen
Elizabeth & Anthony Soin
11/06/2019 Anthony Jason
Erin and Eric Kettering
10/18/2019 Annabelle Marie
Holly and K.C. Kettering
09/18/2019 Derrick Jeffery
Jillian & Billy Soin
10/01/2019 Xavier D
Kalei and Jaiedin Kettering
09/22/2019 AUTUMN RAINE
10/25/2019 Hanalee Blake
Kristen and Nathan Kettering
10/12/2019 Sasha Rose
Lezley and Brandon Southview
10/07/2019 Paisley
Michelle Southview
09/07/2019 Robbie Levae
Rochelle Kettering
10/04/2019 Brady William
Sara and Timothy Southview
11/05/2019 Magnolia Mae
Sarah and Austin Southview
10/06/2019 CORA JO
10/25/2019 Jesiah Isaac
Tierra Southview
10/02/2019 Aiden Wu
Yao and David Southview
10/15/2019 Emily Mujin
Yijiao and Chuncheng Southview

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