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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
10/25/2019 Sophie Isabella
Abby & Justin Soin
09/27/2019 Layne Tyler
Adelee and Tyler Kettering
09/18/2019 Anastasia Marie
Aleka and Matthew Kettering
09/23/2019 Bennett Christopher Junior
Alexis and Bryan Kettering
10/10/2019 Weston James
Alicia and Devon Southview
09/20/2019 Ivy Paige
Amy and Kevin Kettering
10/30/2019 Scarlett Janis
Ashlee and Brad Kettering
09/19/2019 Mason Wayne
Chassi and Shawn Kettering
11/03/2019 Robert James Jr.
Chastity and Robert Sr Southview
09/16/2019 Hudson Michael Douglas
Chelsea and Allen Southview
10/09/2019 Dominic Rashad
Chelsea and Jaluan Southview
09/12/2019 Jeffrey David
Christie and Jeffrey Kettering
09/11/2019 Baby Girl
Clarissa and Jacob Kettering
10/18/2019 Carmen Rosalie
Destiny and Justin Kettering
09/13/2019 Oscar Louis
Gracie and Oscar Kettering
10/23/2019 Joshua DJ
Jacqueline and Joshua Kettering
11/06/2019 Jolene Gloria
Jana and Justin Southview
09/27/2019 Shae'Oni K'Lynn
Ja'Shonna and O'Shae Southview
10/10/2019 Joseph Samuel Jr.
Jennifer and Joseph Kettering
09/27/2019 Kamden Grace
Jessica and Mark Southview
10/26/2019 Emanuel Nasir Lee
Jonnae & Jurney Soin
10/22/2019 Emmitt Reid
Jordin and Tyler Southview
10/27/2019 ANDREW DAVID
11/04/2019 Matias Sebastian
Karelis and Sebastian Southview
10/09/2019 Jemma Elizabeth Jean
Katherine and Anthony Southview
10/07/2019 Hannah Lee
Kimberly and William Southview
10/18/2019 Josephine Lynn
Krista and Anthony Kettering
11/04/2019 Zaelyn Grace
Lacey and Chris Kettering
10/30/2019 Evelyn Mae
Leah and Eric Kettering
11/07/2019 Manolia
Mariam and Muhanned Southview
09/17/2019 Maddox Zander
Marni and Bryon Kettering
10/16/2019 Josephine Lynn
Megan and Brent Kettering
09/23/2019 Elijah
Megan and Brent Southview
10/30/2019 Usmon
Nargiza and Nurzod Southview
09/20/2019 Nahila Isabella
Nashaly and Alexander Southview
09/30/2019 Cohen Mac
Rachel & Ridge Soin
09/13/2019 Elliott Arya Brienne
Rachel and Andrew Kettering
10/14/2019 Ruby Elizabeth
Sarah and Christopher Kettering
09/26/2019 Shelby Lynn
Shana and Christopher Kettering
10/11/2019 Noah Yorel
Shinasta and Charles Southview
09/17/2019 Taveon Antonio Delashawn
Sierra and Taveon Southview
10/02/2019 Beckman Lee
Sophia and Lee Southview
09/25/2019 Omar Sami
Sophia and Sami Kettering
10/25/2019 Urijah Steven
Tara and Steven Jr Southview
09/17/2019 Tilly Ann
Taylor and Dustin Southview
09/20/2019 Hannah Grace
Teresa and Andrew Southview
11/07/2019 Eva Grace
Whitney & Joseph Soin

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