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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
04/23/2019 Ellie Kathleen
Alexandra and Jacob Kettering
04/26/2019 HARPER LOUISE
04/05/2019 Carrie Lynn Nichole
Angel and Chad Kettering
05/16/2019 Ambrose Trace
Angela and John Kettering
04/16/2019 Willa Marie
Ashley and William Southview
05/16/2019 Maverick Ezra
Ashton and Michael Kettering
05/08/2019 Dixie Leann
Breezy and Mason Southview
03/28/2019 Karlie Grace
Brooke and Zachary Kettering
04/10/2019 Mikayla Joy
Carissa and Jermyl Kettering
04/04/2019 Ovie Ean
Carmel and Onome Kettering
05/15/2019 Couri Jhene
Charise and Nouri Kettering
04/11/2019 LEVI JAY
03/28/2019 Josiah Legend Quoc
Chayna & Bao Soin
03/20/2019 Zoyanae Amoree
Chelsea Southview
05/07/2019 Karlie Jo
Chelsie and David Southview
03/26/2019 Ryker David J
Cheyenne and Austin Kettering
05/20/2019 Lincoln Lee
Cheyenne and Johnathon Southview
04/08/2019 Keith Edward
Ciera & Dustin Soin
05/04/2019 Hendrix Clarence
Ellie and John Kettering
05/01/2019 Owen Michael-Ray
Erin and Cory Southview
05/01/2019 Addison Iris
Erin and Ian Southview
03/28/2019 Jonathan Warren
Katie and Zachary Kettering
05/12/2019 Raelynn Grace
Kelly and Dennis Southview
04/24/2019 Memphis Maverick Wolf
Lacey and Travis Southview
04/06/2019 Journee Leiana
La'Kishia and Joshua Kettering
04/16/2019 Macksen Anthony
Laura and Mark Southview
05/01/2019 Norah Lynn
Lauren and Robert Kettering
05/10/2019 Harper Jane
Leah and Jordan Kettering
03/27/2019 Noah Allen
Leslie and Chad Kettering
04/19/2019 Aloni Amore
Montela and Tavion Southview
03/29/2019 Beau
Natalie and Daniel Kettering
04/30/2019 Julia Walid
Rana and Walid Southview
04/15/2019 Harlan Cole
Rebecca and Austin Southview
04/21/2019 Blythe Claire
Rhyan & Daniel Soin
05/13/2019 Noami Grace
sarah and Robert Kettering
05/05/2019 Jonah Spencer
Tara & Adam Southview
04/05/2019 Ashlynn Elizabeth
Tess and Robert Southview

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