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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
07/16/2019 Halima Ridvan
Alfiya and Ridvan Southview
05/21/2019 Melanie Ann
Amber and Bryan Kettering
07/03/2019 Yusra
Anam and Mansoorali Kettering
07/12/2019 Skyla Sloan
Ashley & James Southview
07/01/2019 Levi Dean Eugene
Ashley and Kyle Southview
07/15/2019 Dacari Cayden
Autumn & Dre-Sean Soin
06/25/2019 Anthony Hale
Billie and Craig Kettering
06/28/2019 Karson Joseph
Britney & Kevin Soin
07/09/2019 Maes'lea Marie
Brittany Southview
06/22/2019 Eleanor Claire
Brittany & Jeffrey Soin
07/16/2019 My'son Levante
Chrisd'anna and Mychal Southview
07/09/2019 Annabella
Crystal & Josh Soin
06/18/2019 Caleb Michael
Erin and Brent Kettering
07/21/2019 Avery Kathryn
Erin and Chris Kettering
07/02/2019 Jaelynn Cha'rie
Erinn and Cleophus Kettering
05/31/2019 DAISY JANE
07/10/2019 RUBEN LEE
06/04/2019 James Kenneth
Jamie and Chad Kettering
06/25/2019 Bella Ann-Marie
Jasmine & Nicholas Soin
06/17/2019 Anabella
Jennifer & Luis Soin
06/20/2019 Savannah
Jennifer and Hector Kettering
05/22/2019 D'Juan Anthony
Jessica & Juan Soin
07/12/2019 Skylar Rey
Jessica & Michael Soin
07/01/2019 Kashtyn Maddox
Jessica and Brandon Kettering
06/19/2019 Freya McKenzie
Jillian & Kyle Soin
07/01/2019 Emilio Jesus
Josselyne and William Kettering
07/14/2019 JACKSON CASH
07/06/2019 Decker Jameson
Kimberlyn & Dillon Southview
06/20/2019 Reid Anthony
Kristine and Matthew Southview
07/16/2019 Zekiel Jason Ray
Krystal Southview
06/08/2019 Vivian Noelle
Larissa and Stephen Kettering
07/02/2019 Kenneth James
Lesha & James Southview
06/05/2019 Eliza Jane
Lindsey and John Kettering
07/15/2019 Noah Anthony
Lyndsay and Tyler Southview
07/02/2019 June
Madison and Spencer Kettering
06/25/2019 Logan Christopher
Maria and Chris Southview
05/21/2019 Lilah Jane
Marissa and Aaron Kettering
06/04/2019 Hadley Louise
Megan & Tyler Soin
07/01/2019 Maple Rose
Michelle and Chase Kettering
05/31/2019 LIAM GEORGE
05/20/2019 Bianca Mane
Natasha and Jordan Kettering
05/22/2019 Silas Parker
Rebekah & Patrick Soin
06/25/2019 Zion Abigail
Rebekah and Jamie Southview
06/12/2019 Jackson Dean
Reyanna and Dakota Kettering
06/06/2019 Molly Beth
Sarah and Matt Kettering
07/05/2019 Grayson Ray
Taylor Southview
06/06/2019 Nicholas Wayne
Tina and Cody Kettering
07/14/2019 Khushi
Urvi and Chintoun Kettering

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