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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
09/07/2020 Scarlet Raye
Amber and James Kettering
07/30/2020 Evelyn LaVon
Ashley and Joseph Kettering
08/10/2020 Reese Mathew
Ashley and Mathew Kettering
08/05/2020 Michaela Rose
Ashley and Steven Kettering
09/10/2020 Connor John
Brittany and Sean Kettering
08/29/2020 Kaylee Ann
Brittney & Kevin Soin
07/30/2020 Noah Garvey
Caryn and Norman Kettering
08/18/2020 Emma Kathrine
Corrina Christian Soin
09/18/2020 Tyy'Leigh Denym
Daleshay and Tyybreyon Kettering
08/03/2020 Elias
Danielle and Casey Kettering
09/10/2020 Archie Jordan
Emily & Casey Soin
09/18/2020 Kaiden James
Haley & Taylor Soin
07/05/2020 Crew Emerson
Heather and Reid Kettering
08/20/2020 Anna Marie
Julie and Rick Kettering
08/20/2020 Baby Boy
Katherine and Aaron Kettering
09/04/2020 Amarissa Grey
Katherine and Jeremy Kettering
09/18/2020 Haylee Elizabeth
Kelly and Brent Kettering
09/08/2020 Renesmae LeAnn
Kiara and Tyler Kettering
09/23/2020 Roman Michael David
Lyllian and Jimmy Kettering
09/04/2020 Liam James
Madeline Kettering
06/17/2020 Ellianne
Megan and David Kettering
09/15/2020 Raelynn Elizabeth Deserae
Megan and Dustin Kettering
09/28/2020 Sloan Judeth
Meredith and Andrew Kettering
09/18/2020 Sawyer Reed
Miranda and Ben Kettering
09/02/2020 Wade Michael
Monica and Thomas Kettering
08/12/2020 Issa Mohammad
Najwa and Mohammad Kettering
08/20/2020 Maisley Ann
Natalie and Corey Kettering
08/25/2020 Axel
Rachel and Danny Kettering
08/21/2020 Raelynn Marie
Samantha Kettering
08/13/2020 Autumn Rose
Samantha and Charles Kettering
09/08/2020 Daniel Joseph III
Samantha and Daniel Kettering
09/02/2020 Winnie Meadow
Tara & Eric Soin
09/18/2020 Caleb Michael
Taria and Jeremy Kettering
07/30/2020 Dalaqnan Lee Jr
Tierra and Dalaqnan Lee Kettering
09/09/2020 Baby Girl
Toni and Matthew Kettering
08/25/2020 Liam Anthony
Valerie and Mason Kettering

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