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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
08/30/2019 Landon Grey
Alyssa & Kyle Soin
08/07/2019 Collins Elouise
Amanda & Jacob Soin
07/31/2019 Naomi
Amanda and Derrick Southview
07/26/2019 UNKNOWN
08/31/2019 Camden Lee
Anastasia and Clinton Southview
08/28/2019 Corielle Mackenzie
Ashley andn Steven Kettering
08/14/2019 Willow Grace
Brittany and Jordan Kettering
09/01/2019 Olivia Jade
Chantel & Steven Soin
09/07/2019 Aramaya Amelia Marie
Destiny& Brandon Soin
09/04/2019 Delilah Renee Rose
Elena & Taylor Soin
08/23/2019 Harper Kate
Emily and Christopher Southview
07/23/2019 Oliver Bradley Quinlan
Erin and Trevor Kettering
08/16/2019 Jeremy Scott Jr.
Hanna and Jeremy Southview
08/14/2019 Alayna Michelle
Hannah and Devin Southview
08/13/2019 Kennedy June
Heather Kettering
09/10/2019 Abigail Lynn
Jami and Howard Kettering
08/07/2019 Emma James
Jessica and Aric Southview
08/08/2019 Gavin Gregg
Jessica and Derek Kettering
09/02/2019 Paxton McKinley
Jessica and Kyle Kettering
08/04/2019 SKY JAY
08/30/2019 Addison Elise
Kasey and Robert Kettering
07/31/2019 Rhett Ellis
Katie and Nathan Kettering
09/03/2019 Wyatt Taylor
Katriana and Nicholas Kettering
09/17/2019 Ian James
Kelli and Derreck Southview
09/01/2019 Ellie Jean
Laura and James Southview
09/18/2019 Megan Willow Sophia Snow
Lisa and Charles Southview
08/28/2019 Elijah Lewis
Lucinda & Elijah Soin
08/22/2019 Cecilia Elizabeth
Miranda and Benjamin Southview
08/28/2019 Coast Holland
Morgan and Zachary Kettering
09/03/2019 Hayden Axel
Samantha and Seth Kettering
09/10/2019 Colson Bryon
Shelby and Eddie Kettering

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