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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
03/11/2020 Branson Allen William
Allison and Brandon Kettering
03/10/2020 Emahree Taheara Jean
Amanda and Cortland Southview
02/07/2020 Juniper Fae
Amanda and Joshua Kettering
02/13/2020 Paris Francane
April and Perry Jr Southview
02/23/2020 Karla Isabella
Arcelia & Carlos Southview
02/15/2020 Ella Grace
Ashley and Joshua Kettering
03/11/2020 Claire Dawn May
Brittany and Michael Kettering
02/16/2020 Brooke & Cody
Brooke & Cody Southview
02/15/2020 Messiah Derron Lee
Brooke & Cody Southview
02/25/2020 newborn girl
Fadima and Avaz Southview
03/04/2020 Chance Whiskey
Jessica and Darcy Southview
02/22/2020 Brooks Keeton
Kori and Sam Southview
02/28/2020 Kymanni Levi
Kyasa and Larry Kettering
03/06/2020 Dominic Ray
Lafonda and James Kettering
02/05/2020 Olivia Grace
Lena and Andrew Kettering
02/03/2020 Rylie Ar'Mann
Martina and Rodney Kettering
03/07/2020 MERRITT DAVID
02/11/2020 Thomas Macy
Tiffany and Thomas Southview
02/20/2020 Lauren Alivia
Vanessa and Justin Southview

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