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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
11/01/2019 Joanne Lee
Alexandra and Peter Kettering
09/19/2019 Elliza Jane
Alison & Cody Soin
10/19/2019 Kanye Matthew
Allison and Dana Southview
10/31/2019 Wyatt David
Chelsea and Tom Kettering
10/14/2019 Elijah James
Emiley and Daniel Southview
10/08/2019 Ava Grace
Faith and Riley Southview
11/01/2019 Julian Grey
Hannah Kettering
09/12/2019 Sawyer Joseph
Heather and Benjamin Kettering
10/08/2019 John Charles
Jamie and Charles Kettering
10/30/2019 Elijah George
Janna and John Kettering
11/09/2019 Elyse Maree
Jessica & Brad Soin
10/19/2019 Julian Emmanuel
Julieanne and Darius Kettering
10/21/2019 Brantley Kenneth Wayne
Kaley and Tristan Southview
11/02/2019 Eisen James
Katherine and James Kettering
10/09/2019 Annarae Marie
Katie and Austin Southview
10/24/2019 Bennett Theodore Michael
Kellie & Shaun Soin
10/14/2019 Levi Roy
Kristen and Nathan Southview
11/07/2019 Mena Ashraf Abdalrhman
Linda and Ashraf Southview
10/23/2019 Zeaven Edward
Lyndsey and Dustin Kettering
10/14/2019 Kollin Levi Allen
Margaret and Christopher Southview
09/12/2019 Silas Arron
Micah & Trevor Soin
09/27/2019 Tanner Ryan
Mollie and Matthew Southview
10/28/2019 Rylie Nicole
Natasha & Anthony Soin
09/26/2019 Rhys Oliver Dean
Paige & James Soin
09/17/2019 DoSiah LeRoyce
Paula and Darocs Kettering
09/11/2019 Simon Vincent Cahill
Rachel and Bruce Kettering
10/23/2019 Ethan Thomas
Rebekah & Derek Soin
10/28/2019 Rogan Dakota
Rebekah and Richard Southview
09/28/2019 Samuel Elias
Rosario & Jose Southview
10/02/2019 Wallace Gabriel
Saige and Matthew Kettering
09/24/2019 Zayde Jaxton
Sarah and Derrick Southview
10/07/2019 Leland Scott
Shawna and Zachary Southview
09/19/2019 Zayvier Mateo
Taylor and Matthew Southview
10/02/2019 Leon Enrique
Yosary and Enrique Southview

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