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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
09/06/2019 Daniel Joseph
Alexandria and Dean Kettering
08/17/2019 Myles Christopher Louis
Ashley and Morris Kettering
07/29/2019 Wahaj
Asima and Qaisar Kettering
08/23/2019 Zayden Blayne
Audumn and Cameren Southview
07/31/2019 Aubrie Renee
August and Kaeleb Southview
08/19/2019 Sawyer Shayne James
Brandy & James Soin
08/30/2019 Amyia Simone
Bra'Onna and Anthony Southview
07/26/2019 ELIANA RENEE
09/05/2019 Arabella Marie
Brooke & John Soin
07/29/2019 Westley Ray
Brooklyn and William Kettering
08/22/2019 Atlas Jaxon
Carly and Joshua Southview
08/07/2019 Elijah Alan
Casey and Troy Southview
08/22/2019 Jason Ray Wayne
Courtney and Preston Kettering
07/19/2019 Eric Stanford
Crystal & Eric Soin
08/05/2019 Tristan Rae
Danette and Tyrae Southview
08/02/2019 Lexi Lynn
Elissa and Brandon Kettering
09/04/2019 Maybree Rose
Emily & Amy Soin
08/16/2019 Daryan Dashawn Jr.
Erica and Daryan Southview
08/26/2019 Vera Adelina
Faith and Leo Southview
07/27/2019 Lamycha Cleelashay
Gleland and Mikel Kettering
09/12/2019 Sawyer Joseph
Heather and Benjamin Kettering
09/02/2019 Zaiden Lucious
Jessica and Jon Southview
07/19/2019 Kasen Robert
Jessica and Nicholas Kettering
08/13/2019 Elli Jo
Jessica and Steve Kettering
07/25/2019 JA'IRE ABDUL
08/22/2019 Antwuan De'Martay Jr.
Kanisha and Antwuan Kettering
09/06/2019 Tanner Douglas
Kara and Corey Southview
08/11/2019 Kinsley Jo
Katherine & Ryan Soin
09/10/2019 Athena Kelly Alexandra
Kelsey and Chris Southview
08/05/2019 Dy'nair Dawnrue
Kennishea and Donnie Kettering
08/08/2019 Brylee Nichole
Kileyla and Isaac Kettering
08/07/2019 Adeline Jane
Kristina & John Soin
08/30/2019 Murphy
Lindsey and Patrick Kettering
08/05/2019 Dreiden Michael
Maria & Trenton Soin
09/12/2019 Silas Arron
Micah & Trevor Soin
08/08/2019 Sami Jo-Jewell
Nani & Calvin Soin
09/11/2019 Simon Vincent Cahill
Rachel and Bruce Kettering
07/02/2019 ALAYNA AUTUMN
08/04/2019 Alice Siana Brooklynn
Shantel & Shania Soin
08/14/2019 Elizah Alexandria Lynn
Sierra Southview
08/08/2019 Cooper William
Blake Alan
Stephanie and Nick Kettering
09/19/2019 Zayvier Mateo
Taylor and Matthew Southview
07/29/2019 Jaxson Thomas
Tori and Matt Kettering
08/02/2019 Emery Sue
Toria & Joshua Southview
08/11/2019 Emily
Trisha & Travis Soin

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