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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
03/29/2019 Ayden Cantrell
Aalayah Southview
03/23/2019 Deon Lamar
Abigail and Deon Southview
05/02/2019 Silas Lee
Alyson & Jeremiah Soin
04/25/2019 OLLIE JACOB
05/03/2019 Max Joseph
Amy & Dexter Soin
05/06/2019 Andrew Clayton Jr
Ashley and Andrew Southview
04/16/2019 Brycen Connery
Ashley and Travis Kettering
04/10/2019 Camden Adam
Ashli and Wesley Kettering
04/05/2019 Clovers Isaiah
Bre'Aunna and Edward Kettering
03/26/2019 Jovie Ray
Brittany and Kyle Kettering
05/13/2019 Nathan Robert
Brittney and Kyle Southview
04/10/2019 Jonathan Stephen James
Cara and Joshua Southview
03/21/2019 Leo Alexander
Casey and Alexander Southview
03/18/2019 Martin Daniel
Christine and Brian Kettering
04/26/2019 Judith Marie
Crystal and Christopher Kettering
04/24/2019 Olivia Marie
Hannah Lou
Danielle and Patrick Kettering
04/15/2019 Japan Ashanti
Derasha and Demeacco Southview
04/11/2019 Jai'dyn Lavon
Devannie and Lucious Kettering
05/03/2019 Bradley Ace
Emalee & Curtis Soin
04/15/2019 Paisley Isabella
Gabrielle and Christian Kettering
05/16/2019 Asher Edmund
Genesis & Josh Soin
03/31/2019 Liam Cruz
Heather Southview
04/20/2019 Robert Carlos
Jeanna and Mutebwa Southview
04/03/2019 Lennon Rose
Jennifer and Jordan Kettering
04/23/2019 Amir Loiy
Jerrica and Loiy Southview
04/15/2019 Emma Suelynn
Jessica Southview
04/26/2019 Benjamin Adam
Jessica and Andrew Kettering
05/11/2019 Kyla Brielle
Josiah & Eric Soin
03/22/2019 X'Zellia Love
Kayla and Virgil Southview
04/27/2019 Gerard Alan
Kaylee & Gerard Soin
03/23/2019 Marley Rose
Kaytlynn and Justin Kettering
03/22/2019 Joy Ivory Jean
Laurissa and Pierre Kettering
04/11/2019 Delaney Ann
Leslie and Ryan Kettering
04/20/2019 Asher
Lily and Ryan Kettering
03/22/2019 Mathias Emiliano
Logan and Julio Kettering
03/25/2019 Kevin Cruz
Marcia and Augosto Southview
03/22/2019 Athena Monroe
Melissa Southview
03/24/2019 Emerson Samuel
Melissa & Anthony Soin
03/20/2019 Grayson James
Molly Kettering
04/19/2019 Everleigh Rene'
Molly and Devin Kettering
05/13/2019 Maggie Jane
Pamela & William Soin
04/29/2019 Sonny Leo
Samantha and Antonio Southview
04/02/2019 Shiloh Taylor
Samantha and jacob Kettering
04/10/2019 Jeremiah James
Stacey Kettering
04/11/2019 Boston Mar - Lee
Tiffany & Rich Soin

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