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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
12/02/2019 Everleigh Catherine
Abigail and Austin Kettering
12/09/2019 Zoey Ann
Aleysia and Randall Southview
11/21/2019 Ayden Witte
Amanda and Dustin Southview
12/23/2019 Oakley Brooks
Angel and Brandon Southview
12/09/2019 Mathew William
Anna and Chad Kettering
12/17/2019 Genevieve Rose
Brittney and Steven Kettering
10/14/2019 Ireland Jade
Christiana and Nathan Kettering
11/25/2019 Lacy Ann
Elizabeth and Brandon Southview
01/06/2020 Car'lena Denise Jean
Emily and Carl Southview
11/21/2019 Ayshe
Faminaz and Ibragim Southview
01/11/2020 Lane Matthew
Kelli and Joshua Southview
01/10/2020 Kenzo Loyd
Paige and Robert Southview
12/07/2019 Cambree Lynn
Shania & Ashton Soin
11/19/2019 Landon Murlin
Stephanie and Ryan Kettering

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