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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
07/10/2019 Treven Amir Laveren
Aarionna and Trevon Southview
06/02/2019 Andrew Corban
Amanda and Chris Kettering
05/21/2019 Aaliyah Denise
Ashley & Tyree Soin
06/18/2019 La'Bria Elizabeth Paisley Chak
Brittany and Juan Southview
06/13/2019 Brady Arthur
Brittnay and Brady Kettering
06/24/2019 Charlotte Marie
Brooke and Mitchel Kettering
07/07/2019 PACE MACAW
06/22/2019 Everleigh Grace
Caylin and Danny Southview
06/18/2019 Oaklen Wade
Chelsea and Travis Southview
05/28/2019 Karly Sue
Cori and Kyle Southview
05/20/2019 Kaiden Patrick
Danielle and Brendan Kettering
07/10/2019 ALAN MATTHEW
06/27/2019 Charlie Victor
Danielle and John Kettering
07/04/2019 Grayson Michael Ugene
Elizabeth and Patrick Southview
05/22/2019 William Adam
Emily & William Soin
06/28/2019 Charlotte Evelyn
Erin and Jay Southview
06/29/2019 Nova Rae
Heather and Michael Southview
07/03/2019 Braelynn Anne
Jordan & Austin Southview
06/14/2019 Ace Kingston Leroy
Kaitlyn and Luis Southview
07/08/2019 Arthur Elliott Holliday
Kayla and Andrew Southview
06/13/2019 Lylah Michele
Kayla and Benjamin Kettering
06/06/2019 Alexander Howard Allen
Kayleigh and Michael Southview
06/21/2019 Braxton Scott
Madison and Eric Southview
05/21/2019 Beckett Shane
Marjorie and Adam Kettering
07/14/2019 Sophie Marie
Megan and Mark Kettering
07/15/2019 Jaxson Gabriel
Mikayla and Kazack Southview
06/28/2019 Kristy
Ngan and Khoa Southview
05/21/2019 Charlotte Rose
Nicolette & Charles Soin
06/07/2019 Everly Rose
Page & Kyle Soin
06/18/2019 Elijah James
Rebekah and Jordan Kettering
06/05/2019 Ah'maad Lamont Malakai
Ricae Southview
06/28/2019 Aniyah Joy
Sarah and Cody Southview
06/19/2019 Meredith Kathleen
Stephanie and Jon Kettering
07/11/2019 Tenley Jaymes
Tiffany and Tyler Kettering
06/14/2019 Galis
Yanhui and Tamier Kettering

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