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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
01/05/2020 kairyn Jacob
Abigail Soin
01/02/2020 Ava Yvonne
Novalee Marie
Aleeica Kettering
12/03/2019 Jack Allen
Alexandra and Kaleh Kettering
01/04/2020 Leanna Victoria Nicole
Allison and Richard Southview
12/11/2019 Aden
Angel and Qushaun Kettering
12/07/2019 Octavia Nikole
Ashley and Nicholas Kettering
12/19/2019 Nathanael James
Britney and Nathanael Southview
12/28/2019 Felix Devoreaux
Candice and Devoreaux Southview
12/15/2019 CORALYN JO
12/04/2019 Weslynn Jade
Carri and Bradley Southview
11/21/2019 Hudson Grace
Erin and Jamie Southview
11/27/2019 Odin Cyrus
Harlie and Nathaniel Southview
12/15/2019 Avery Noelle Jean
Jacinta and Chris Kettering
01/09/2020 Bennett Oliver
Jackie and Mark Kettering
12/29/2019 Ryder David Eugene
Jessica and David Southview
12/14/2019 Cameron Dale
Kathryn and Andrew Southview
01/11/2020 Elijah James
Kayla and Matthew Southview
12/31/2019 Kyle Ernest
Kristina & Ryan Soin
11/29/2019 Ariah Grace
Kristina and Ramarr Kettering
01/02/2020 Oliver Chadwick
Laura and Chadwick Kettering
11/24/2019 Lyla marie
Lindsay & Robert Soin
11/19/2019 Legaci Deshawn
Mychael Southview
11/27/2019 Nesrynn Lyra
Emrynn Micah
Nicole and John Kettering
11/16/2019 Elijah James
Renee & Oscar Soin
12/20/2019 Wyatt Lyn
Sarag and Brenton Southview
12/16/2019 Aashrit
Shashikala and Sagar Southview
12/02/2019 Josilynn
Shelby and Jacob Southview
12/26/2019 Michael Joshua
Stella and Joshua Southview
01/02/2020 Charlotte Marie Ann
Taylor Southview
12/09/2019 Baby Boy
Tiffany & David Soin
12/20/2019 Iris Love
Tonya and Jason Kettering
11/19/2019 ADELINA JUNE

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