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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
02/10/2019 ENZO APOLLO
02/18/2019 Katelyn Jane
Amanda and Shawn Southview
02/16/2019 Lola Louise
Amy and Chris Kettering
03/16/2019 Lincoln Fox
Anna and Lucas Kettering
01/23/2019 Colton Henry
Brittany and mark Kettering
03/05/2019 Grayson Lee Wayne
Claudia and Caleb Southview
02/10/2019 RIYDER MAE
02/01/2019 Collin Michael
Destiny and Joseph Southview
03/01/2019 Henry David
Erica and Dustin Kettering
03/14/2019 Liam Matthew
Heather & Antonio Soin
02/08/2019 Wilder Fox
Joanie and Judd Kettering
02/27/2019 Na'kai Charlee
Jonnesha and Nicholos Southview
02/27/2019 Na'kai Charlee
Jonnesha and Nicholos Southview
02/26/2019 Anthony Jamison
Josie and Christian Kettering
02/16/2019 Annina Louise
Katherine & Mason Southview
03/08/2019 Alexander vJames
Kathleen & Michael Soin
03/01/2019 Isaac James
Kellie and Adam Kettering
02/07/2019 Laiken Mikayla
Kimberly and Kevin Kettering
02/11/2019 Kyson Stuccato
Kristen and Braden Southview
03/08/2019 Emmie Grace
Leah and Ryan Kettering
02/21/2019 Laurelai
Savannah and Emoniey Kettering
03/10/2019 A'maura Jean
Shawnae and Tony Southview
02/01/2019 Natalia Jo'ann
Sylina and Jordan Southview

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