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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
10/16/2019 Aria Mae
Alexis & Maliq Southview
09/13/2019 Miguel Don Lee
Aliyah & Michael Soin
10/03/2019 Maddox Jacob
Ariel and Jacob Southview
10/09/2019 Fall Faith
Autumn and Darius Kettering
11/02/2019 Brynn Leigh
Bridgette Southview
09/14/2019 Hudson David
Carissa and Jacob Southview
10/26/2019 Hannah Maria
Carla and Aaron Southview
09/23/2019 Jeremy Alan Jr
Chelsea and Jeremy Southview
10/25/2019 Cameron Jacob
Christina and Billy Southview
09/17/2019 Lucas James
Courtney Southview
10/23/2019 Cathryn Olugbemisola
Crystal and Opeyemi Kettering
09/28/2019 Dennie McArthur
Da'Bria and Dennis Kettering
10/01/2019 Austyn Rayne Marie
Destiny and Tchanse Kettering
10/14/2019 Sawyer Grey
Faith & Galen Soin
09/30/2019 Madison Dawn
Heather and Bobby Kettering
10/29/2019 Brighton George
Heidi and Troy Kettering
10/17/2019 Jackson Tucker
JennaRae & Josh Southview
09/26/2019 Makenna Brielle
Jessica Kettering
09/21/2019 Rosalie Ann
Jessica and Clark Southview
10/21/2019 Joseph David
Kaitlyn & Jason Soin
10/22/2019 Spencer Fredrick
Katie and Zach Southview
11/02/2019 BRAXTON CLAY
10/10/2019 Archie Braun
Kristin and Lance Kettering
09/24/2019 Noah J
Kristin and Timothy Kettering
09/16/2019 Newborn girl
Kyasia Southview
10/03/2019 Micah
Maleaia and Mitchell Kettering
11/04/2019 Ty Alexander
Mallory and Troy Kettering
09/18/2019 Keysaun Crosetti
Martina and Keysaun Southview
10/03/2019 Peter Kent
Mary and David Kettering
10/02/2019 Gage Christopher
Paige and Terry Kettering
10/21/2019 Kash
Randi & Coty Soin
11/01/2019 Cora Jade
Sheyla and Christopher Kettering
09/16/2019 Sabrina
Tayler and Khaled Kettering
10/19/2019 LILY MAY
TIFFANY Southview
11/05/2019 Ryder Elric
Violet and Joshua Southview

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