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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
02/24/2019 Kamryn Elizabeth Jean
Adara and Robert Southview
02/25/2019 Amir Jsan
Ahteonna Southview
01/25/2019 MARLEE REED
02/22/2019 Anilan Lynn
Alexis & Elijah Soin
01/25/2019 Elijah Shepard
Alissa Kettering
02/08/2019 Giuseppe Armando
Amanda & Arthur Soin
01/21/2019 Natalie Renee
Amy and Nicholas Southview
03/05/2019 Hannah Arlene
Amy and Scott Kettering
03/05/2019 Joseph Vincenzo
Andrea and Nicholas Kettering
02/19/2019 Declan Scott
Ashleigh and Brandon Kettering
02/02/2019 Jude Malachi
Brandy and Kent Southview
03/13/2019 Amelia Rose
Candice and Anthony Kettering
03/01/2019 Cai Lyn
Courtney Kettering
02/28/2019 DANIEL CODY
02/20/2019 Payton Thomas Patrick
Elizabeth and David Southview
03/15/2019 Rylee Ann
Emily and Andrew Southview
02/08/2019 NIXON DANIEL
02/01/2019 Rowan Frances
Emily and Ryan Southview
02/04/2019 Kaviyah Joi
Erica & Hiszan Southview
02/08/2019 Caroline Erin
Erin and Daniel Kettering
01/21/2019 Laekyn D Elizabeth
Heather and Ryan Kettering
03/08/2019 Emory Prince
Jaerica and Aryan Southview
01/19/2019 Bella Marie
Jamie & Brian Southview
03/08/2019 Aamaya Ekam
Jaspreet and Sandeep Southview
02/18/2019 Mia Montgomery
Jessica & Dustin Soin
02/07/2019 Aurora
Jordan and Jonah Kettering
03/12/2019 Sophie Marie
Kaleigh and Tyler Kettering
02/19/2019 Liam Carter
Kate & David Soin
01/18/2019 Declan Michael
Kelsi & Michael Southview
02/10/2019 Benjamin Charles
Kimberly and Aaron Kettering
01/21/2019 Jamar
Kimiko & Jamar Soin
02/08/2019 Hezekiah
Lasena Soin
01/28/2019 Jameson Carter
Leanne and Ronald Southview
03/06/2019 Malaya Faith
Madelyn and Eric Southview
01/17/2019 Oberon Eli
Mahkayla and Logan Southview
01/21/2019 Joleen Danielle
Meagan and Scott Kettering
01/24/2019 NAJ'LA SHYNAE
NESHA Southview
03/06/2019 Evan Jr,
Precious and Evan Sr. Southview
03/07/2019 Alayna Grace
Riley and Trenton Kettering
03/03/2019 Adalyn Marie
Sarah and Marc Kettering
02/08/2019 Haven Noelle
Shannon and Nigel Kettering
01/31/2019 Jaxson Steven
Sonya and Steven Kettering
02/08/2019 Weylyn Violet
Tara and Andrew Kettering
03/12/2019 Nasir
Tiara Soin

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