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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
09/25/2019 Levi Alexander
Alesha and Stephen Kettering
10/03/2019 Axel Matthew
Alison and Nathan Southview
09/26/2019 Beaux Warren Eugene
Amanda & Jerry Soin
09/21/2019 Orin Michael
Amber and Chad Southview
10/18/2019 Emery Jean
Amber and Seth Kettering
09/30/2019 Mitchell William
Anna and Steve Kettering
10/31/2019 Aaiyah Mae
Ashley Kettering
09/23/2019 Newborn boy
Ashley and Darrick Southview
09/13/2019 Jeremy Michael
Ashley and Gregg Kettering
09/25/2019 Charlei-Jo True
Brittany and Robert Kettering
10/04/2019 J'King Nathaniel
Charline and Joshua Southview
10/29/2019 Warren Antonius
Chelsea and Philip Kettering
09/08/2019 Karsyn Lane
Chelsi and Justin Southview
10/24/2019 Lillian Kate
Cherish and Andrew Southview
09/28/2019 Archer Thomas
Deanna and Anthony Kettering
10/10/2019 Nakyla Renae
Dyese and Marcus Southview
11/01/2019 Josiah
Jasmine and Darrell Southview
10/03/2019 Kartyr Ellison
Jennifer & Jacob Soin
10/22/2019 Rose Juliet
Jessica and Daniel Kettering
09/25/2019 Gregory Allen III
Jessica and Gregory Kettering
10/17/2019 Samson
Jillian and AJ Kettering
09/13/2019 Reese Carrol
Julianne & David Soin
10/01/2019 Charlie Julianne
Julianne and Andrew Kettering
09/24/2019 Jovi Ophelia
Kassidy and John Southview
09/28/2019 Kylar James
Kathryn & Cameron Southview
10/15/2019 Ava Lynn
Megan and Jeremy Kettering
10/14/2019 Roman Daniel
Monica and Ryan Southview
10/02/2019 Alyssa Jane
Olivia and Caleb Kettering
10/30/2019 Tillie LaRue
Rachel and Bryan Kettering
10/07/2019 Emery Lucas
Rebecca and Matthew Kettering
10/26/2019 KaLeiah Janine Ellise
Shekiva Southview
09/15/2019 AMIRA SKYY
10/21/2019 Haylee Anne
Stacie and Corey Kettering
10/01/2019 Zayne Quade
Tara and Steven Southview
10/22/2019 Violet Marie
Taylor and Brandon Southview
10/17/2019 Baby Boy
Tejenai and Tavionte Kettering
10/02/2019 Teagen Emma
Victoria and Colton Southview

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