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Baby Gallery

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Birth Date Baby's Name Parents Hospital
12/04/2019 Halen Reed
Alexis and Jakob Kettering
12/28/2019 Everleigh May
Alivia and Levi Southview
12/31/2019 Lily Willow
Amanda and Robert Southview
01/01/2020 Peyton Lucille
Andrea and Andrew Kettering
12/31/2019 Kaia June
Arreon and Alex Kettering
11/15/2019 Carson Knox
Ashleigh and Kyle Kettering
11/22/2019 Jake Francis
Ashley & Kevin Soin
11/27/2019 Regan Lynn
Ashley and Alexander Southview
12/28/2019 Connor Ashton
Ashley and David Southview
12/20/2019 Jaxson Lee
Barbara and William Kettering
12/14/2019 Titus Gary
Bethany and Andrew Kettering
11/29/2019 Miracle Malika
Briauna Southview
12/15/2019 IZAIAH
01/10/2020 Audrey Rose
Cali Lynn
Cathryn Kettering
12/13/2019 Brooke Marie
Elizabeth and Joshua Southview
11/30/2019 Holden James
Haley Southview
11/25/2019 Thomas James
Ingrid and Nathaniel Southview
12/31/2019 Jenesis
Jade Southview
11/22/2019 Joe Louis
Jade and Joe Southview
11/25/2019 Jamir Lamar
Jasha and Ryan Kettering
01/15/2020 Benjamin Nicholas Lee
Jaylin and Christian Kettering
12/26/2019 Korra Alexis
Jennifer and Kevin Southview
01/07/2020 Weston
Jessica & Bradley Soin
01/10/2020 Audrey Grace
Jordan and Christopher Southview
12/22/2019 KLAIRE RENEE
12/30/2019 Khalil Aiden
Kendra and Joseph Kettering
12/27/2019 Benjamin Uriah
Krysten and Caleb Southview
11/18/2019 Georgia Anne
Leah and Greg Kettering
12/20/2019 Prudence Isabelle
Lindsey & Janson Soin
01/13/2020 Sydney Nathaniel III
Mackenzie and Sydney Southview
01/13/2020 Valerie Rose
Maggie and Drew Kettering
01/05/2020 SAINT YISRA'EL
MAKAYLA Southview
12/31/2019 Kiara Kadhambari
Malavika and Surya Kettering
12/10/2019 Audrey Renee
Megan and Jeff Kettering
12/19/2019 Baby Boy
Megan and Michael Kettering
12/16/2019 Oliver Washington
Molly and Robert Southview
12/11/2019 Olivia Jade
Mykala and William Kettering
11/28/2019 Natalie Ann
Rachel and Michael Kettering
12/15/2019 Gurbaaz
Rajde & Paul Soin
01/15/2020 Callie Kaye-Marie
Ronybrooke and Andrew Southview
12/20/2019 Tessa Sloane
Savannah and Josh Kettering
11/28/2019 Rory Leigh
Shelbi & Zack Soin
11/26/2019 Colton Thomas
Sierra and Michael Southview
12/02/2019 Victoria Faith
Tressie and Justin Southview

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