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Session Documentation - Perinatal & Neonatal Collaborative Rounds

Professional Practice Gap

Gap: State which gap from the RSS planning document will be addressed, or design an event-specific topical gap:

GAP 1:
Lack of expected physician knowledge needed to provide optimum, consistent care for their patients. This lack is particularly evident in the care of perinatal and neonatal patients. To care for these patients, the most up-to-date evidenced-based information is not always considered.

GAP 2:
Care of perinatal and neonatal patients is, at times, uncoordinated and inefficient. One cause of fragmented care is poor communication among physicians and other healthcare professionals. This fragmentation can result in excessive diagnostic testing, which can be unnecessary, repetitive, and costly.

GAP 3:
Healthcare is often delivered without consideration of the involved costs in relation to the limited resources available for healthcare delivery; there is a need to increase physicians' awareness of the costs of treatments and diagnostics. By increasing the understanding of medical economics, patient care can be optimized while the costs are better controlled.

GAP 4:
Physicians are unfamiliar with or unaware of the requirements for maintenance of licensure, certification and credentialing.

GAP 5: Other


Learning Objectives

Identify 1-3 specific steps to be experienced by participants designed to address the needs and close the gap. These statements will describe the learner actions required to achieve the educational needs - the outcomes. Begin each statement with a measurable, action-oriented verb.


Session Specific Analysis

Please develop 2-3 Yes/No questions that can assess the participants' achievement of the event's educational objectives. They will be distributed 2- 3- months post-event. Enter each question on a separate line.

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