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Complex Hernia Repairs

"Complex" hernias can appear in many ways. Most commonly these are hernias that have been repaired one or two times and yet continue to come back. They can be hernias that have been repaired and have had problems with infection. They can also be hernias that have other severe issues associated with them (fistulas, skin loss, skin breakdown, etc.). Frequently, these hernias can be present in patients with difficult medical issues to manage as well (obesity, cancers, previous surgeries, etc.). In the end, though, any hernia can go from being straightforward to "complex" despite the best treatments available.

Complex hernias require very detailed treatment. Extensive national research has recognized that patients with these hernias require detailed treatment plans that treat the entire patient and multiple medical conditions rather than just concentrating on the hernia itself. Those treatments range from weight loss (both surgical and non-surgical), infection control, and cessation of smoking, to pre-operative nutrition optimization, wound management, and close long term follow up. Without these steps, failure is common and recurrence of hernias almost guaranteed.

On top of preparation and follow-up, surgeons who specialize in the re-arrangement of the various muscle layers of the abdominal wall and groin as well as skin and tissue manipulation are often required for these repairs.

The Hernia Center at Soin Medical Center has this type of program in place. From pre-operative preparation through complex surgical reconstruction and all the way to long term follow up, there is no longer a need to go anywhere else.