How to Stress Less and Stay in Good Cheer

October 29, 2018

The holiday season is for spending time with family, expressing gratitude, and celebrating together. But preparing for gatherings and last-minute holiday shopping can still generate some stress.

Let your family help

Many people struggle with feeling that they don’t have enough time to complete all their tasks. One way to combat this stressor is to take advantage of family and delegate certain tasks among them. That way, you involve your family and prepare for the celebration together. For example, you can divide the gift-giving list and shop together, or ask your family to cook some of the dishes.

Prepare for crowds

During this time, people are stepping away from work, and we see an increase in crowds at shopping malls and restaurants. It’s important to prepare yourself before going out, remembering that lines are going to be long. If you have anxiety about crowds, it might be helpful to use some headphones to play relaxing music or calming mantras into one ear. Or avoid the lines altogether and complete your shopping online.

Tap in to inner peace

It’s important to practice gratitude regardless of the time of year, but it becomes especially relevant during the holidays. Remember to take a step back, have patience, and be present in the moment. In addition to remembering what you’re thankful for, make sure you’re taking time for yourself amid the holiday stress to do activities you really enjoy.

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