3 Ways Spirituality Helps Health

March 28, 2018

It’s no secret that spirituality and faith can help us find more meaning in life. But did you know that this increased sense of purpose directly leads to positive impacts on your physical health?

  1. Spirituality reduces stress. Studies have shown that when you mentally “let go” of your worries or forgive those who have hurt you—such as when giving them over to God in prayer—your brain is less distracted by negative thoughts, blood flow to the brain increases, and blood pressure decreases.
  2. Prayer boosts your immune system. Those who have a daily habit of prayer or meditation lower their fight-or-flight response and turn on their “rest-and-repair” response. When this happens, your immune system “charges up” your body and helps guard against illness. 
  3. Religion lowers risk of depression. Those who have a spiritual practice have an increased sense of hope, which is shown to relieve symptoms of depression. Research also shows that engagement in a positive community, whether spiritual, social, or service-oriented, reduces one’s risk for depression.

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