When to make your daughter an appointment with a gynecologist

November 27, 2017

As your daughter moves from middle school to high school you might wonder if you need to make her an appointment with a gynecologist.

It may seem like she is too young, or the exams and topics discussed at your annual appointments may feel unnecessary or irrelevant for your teenager, but what happens at your annual appointments typically will be different from what occurs at your daughter’s first visits with a gynecologist.

All women have different needs and Kettering Health Network OB/GYNs tailor appointments for what stage of life each patient is in.

If your daughter has started her period, it is a good idea to take her to see an OB/GYN. Kettering Physician Network gynecologist Kelly Risner, MD recommends girls first see a gynecologist between the ages of 15 and 16.

First appointments usually involve discussions between the physician and patient that cover physical changes and overall health through puberty.

Breast and pelvic exams usually begin when sexually active with problems and pap smears generally starting at age 21.

“Although it can sometimes be difficult for moms to make their daughter an appointment with a gynecologist—whether they feel like they are too young or simply don’t want them to move into that next phase of life—by establishing regular preventative health appointments as a priority, they are modeling positive self-care for their daughters and providing them with a foundation to live a healthy and bright future,” says Dr. Risner.

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