Cardiac Collaboration Grants New Chance at Life

November 13, 2017

If there is anyone who has a heart for the outdoors, it’s Judi York. After spending over 30 years teaching and serving as a school administrator, Judi retired with plans of riding her horses, tending to her garden, and enjoying time on her farm with her family.

“The Summer of 2016 was the first summer I was retired and I had all these trips planned to take the horses trail riding,” says Judi. “And then I got sick.”

In January 2016, Judi’s gastrointestinologist discovered a murmur in her heart. She was referred to a cardiologist in a different healthcare network who ran tests and determined Judi’s heart was out of rhythm, a condition known as atrial fibrillation (A-fib).

“I was told I was in A-fib on a Thursday and the doctor acted like it was no big deal,” says Judi “I had no idea what it meant or how serious it was. That following Sunday I had a stroke.”

Judi went to an Emergency Room in a different healthcare network where she was prescribed medication and discharged.

“Instead of feeling better, I just kept feeling worse,” says Judi. “I felt like no one was listening to me and that’s when I knew I needed a second opinion. I needed someone to help me. So I went to the Emergency Room at Wilson Health.”

When Judi arrived at Wilson Health her heart rate was 38. Kettering Physician Network cardiologist Rehan Ahmed, DO saw Judi and after examining her and conducting further tests, determined she had critical stenosis of her aortic valve and needed open heart surgery.

Kettering Health Network and Wilson Health are partnered together to provide the best cardiac care to residents of West Central Ohio and beyond. For those living in the Greater Sidney and surrounding areas, routine heart care, interventions, and emergencies can be handled close to home at Wilson Health. When more advanced treatment is needed, Kettering Health Network’s award-winning Heart and Vascular Care is just a short trip away.

“I credit Wilson Health, Dr. Ahmed, and Kettering Health Network for saving my life,” says Judi. “I think I would have died had I not gone there that day.”

Judi had her open-heart surgery at Kettering Medical Center. “To have this kind of partnership between Wilson Health and Kettering Health Network—where I can have a seamless transition of care—is invaluable,” says Judi. “Right after surgery, I felt like a million bucks.”

Judi is now enjoying retirement and doing the things she loves.

“Last year I couldn’t mow my yard. I couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen because not enough blood was moving through my body,” says Judi.

“Now I can go to my barn and take care of my animals, I can go trail riding with my horses, work in my garden, and spend time with my family. I’m just happy to be around and thankful for the cardiac care I found at Wilson Health and Kettering Health Network.”

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