A cool treat

June 01, 2017

Looking for the perfect summer dessert? DIY popsicles are colorful desserts that are fun to make and fun to eat.

1.Round up your popsicle molds

Store-bought molds come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes. Looking for a simpler option? Use small plastic cups and popsicle sticks.

2.Pick your flavors

Here’s where the fun really starts. Try combinations of your favorite flavors like mint and mango or strawberry and kiwi—or stick with one flavor at a time.

3. Mix it up

Want something cool and crisp? Freeze pieces of fruit in your favorite juice or flavored water. Looking for something creamier? Mix banana or Greek yogurt with your fruit to give it a smooth, custard-like texture before freezing.


Waiting is the hardest part. Freeze your fruit mixtures until solid, about four hours. Then enjoy on those hot summer days.

"Select some colorful fresh fruits and herbs to create a signature popsicle. Enjoy the natural sweetness of summer fruits while also getting healthy nutrients and fiber—it’s a guaranteed way to cool down and enjoy a yummy treat!"

–Jane Key, reinterested and licensed dietitian on Kettering Health Network’s Community Outreach team

Here are our favorite flavor-loaded ingredients:

100% fruit juice like orange, apple, or cranberry

Almond milk

Coconut water









Greek yogurt

Basil leaves

Mint leaves


Lime juice

Lemon juice