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Advanced Heart Screen

October 08, 2019     8:00 AM - 12:30 PM     Kettering Medical Center    $ 399.00

An enhanced and complete evaluation and health plan!

This easy two visit program will accurately assess your risk for heart disease. Your initial evaluation visit includes a multi-test package: non-invasive heart calcium CT scan, 12 lead EKG, detailed lipid profile including breakdown of HDL and LDL particle type affecting artery walls, triglycerides, blood sugar average (Hgb A1c), vitamin D level, artery inflammation tests (hs CRP, MPO), body mass index, blood pressure, and heart risk scores).

Your results visit includes a one on one review and a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

On-line support tools help you to continue your healthy heart goals.

Complete evaluation cost: $399

Lab only option cost $246

Call (937) 395-8492 to schedule an appointment or request this heart screen.

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