Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
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Specializing in Hand Care

The Hand Center located on the campus of Southview Medical Center is the most advanced facility for hand surgery and hand trauma needs in the region. The Hand Center continues to develop and adapt new methods in the field of hand surgery to offer patients the best in care.

We repair traumatic injuries, repetitive motion injuries, arthritic conditions and hereditary disorders. Our goal is to restore the patient's use of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder to the greatest degree possible.

Experience, outstanding medical staff, and modern facilities combine to create a treatment center that is the first choice in caring for the hand or upper extremities. We have experienced certified hand therapists at the hand center to provide specialized therapy for better recovery.

Be sure to keep your hands safe as the weather warms up. Click images below for more safety information.

  • Obey safety barriers and safety officials.
  • Stay back a minimum of 500 feet from the launching site.
  • Resist the temptation to pick up firework debris when the display is over. The debris may still be hot, or in some cases, might be "live" and could still explode.

  • Avoid garden tools that have finger grips molded into the handle. Blisters, calluses, and muscle pain can occur if the finger grips on the handle are too small or too large for your hand.
  • When purchasing pruners, loppers, or shears, look for brands featuring a safety lock and other safety features.
  • Try before you buy - while still in the store, practice using the tool. If it's too heavy, too big, or too small, leave it on the shelf!

  • Keep your tools in good working condition
  • Use tools that are the right size and strength for the job
  • Don't work with oily or greasy hands
  • Secure all small work with a vise or clamp
  • Always carry pointed tools by your side with the points and heavy ends down
  • Cut away from yourself when using chisels or other edged tools