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Financial Assistance

It is our goal to resolve and remove the financial worries from your experience.

Kettering Health Network's patient billing and financial aid programs ensure that all patients receive the best medical care available regardless of their financial situation. Kettering Health Network treats all patients equally with respect, care, and compassion.

We will never put financial circumstances ahead of patient care. Our patient registration team will work with you to make paying for your medical care go as smoothly as possible by offering estimates for procedures prior to date of service to identify a financial solution that best fits your budget.


Kettering Health Network is committed to meeting the health care needs of our community through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. All patients, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, national origin or financial status, may apply for financial assistance.

Availability of Financial Assistance: You may be able to get financial assistance if you do not have insurance, are underinsured, or if it would be a financial hardship to pay in full your expected out-of-pocket expenses for emergency and other medically necessary care that Kettering Health Network provides.

Eligibility: Kettering Health Network provides financial assistance based upon need. To determine need, we review your household income and compare it to the Federal Poverty Level guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We also review the amount of charges for which you are responsible.

If you and/or the party responsible for payment has combined income equal to or below 250 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, you will have no financial responsibility for the care that Kettering Health Network provides. If you fall between 251 percent and 400 percent of the guidelines, you may qualify for discounted rates for our care.

If you are eligible for financial assistance under this policy, Kettering Health Network will not charge more for your emergency or other medically necessary care than the amounts we generally bill to individuals who have insurance for such care. In certain cases, we may presume you are eligible for financial assistance if you already qualify for certain types of governmental aid.

You may be ineligible for financial assistance if you have sufficient insurance coverage or we determine your income is enough to pay for care. Please see the links to the left in our menu for our full policy, which provides more explanation and details.

Our Financial Assistance Policy and Applications are required for programs listed and are available at any hospital registration department, at or by mail. To obtain a copy of this information by mail you should call any of the facility numbers listed below.

Our Financial Assistance Policy, Application Form, Plain Language Summary and related information is available in English and Spanish.

Kettering Health Network is here for you
If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, application or payment programs available, please call the hospital where you are scheduled or received care at the phone numbers listed below, or our customer service department.

Kettering Medical Center: (937) 395-8880
Fort Hamilton Hospital: (513) 867-2301
Grandview Medical Center: (937) 723-3237
Greene Memorial Hospital: (937) 352-2201
Soin Medical Center: (937) 702-4875
Southview Medical Center: (937) 401-6215
Sycamore Medical Center/Kettering Behavioral Medical Center: (937) 384-8774
Kettering Health Network Customer Service: (866) 319-2981