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Click here for more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and visitor restrictions.
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Diabetes Management

Physician Care

The Kettering Health Network Diabetes Center is staffed with board certified endocrinologists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. These professionals specialize in the management of diabetes. Their expertise is used to identify strategies that improve blood sugar control and promote successful disease management.

Education Programs

Our team provides comprehensive and personalized diabetes self-management skills training and ongoing care and support. Self-management is the most important type of education for any individual with diabetes. Applying these newly acquired skills can reduce risks and complications associated with diabetes and improve your overall quality of life. Education is essential for controlling diabetes. Our expert team will provide you with the best possible care, treatments, and education.

Education gives you what you need to care for your diabetes successfully. Attending a diabetes education class provides you with the necessary tools to manage your diabetes. A referral from your primary care provider is required for all classes except the Prevent T-2, diabetes prevention program.

To enroll in the diabetes self-management programs, you must have a referral from your doctor for Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) or Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Your insurance company may cover the cost of your visits or you can make self-payment arrangements. Currently, Medicare allows 10 hours of diabetes self-management (DSMT) education in the first consecutive year after education begins and covers two hours each year after for an update of current information.

Medicare allows for three hours in the first year and two hours each year after for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) with a registered dietitian (RD) for a meal plan designed for you.

Class List

Every year after you complete the Diabetes Self-Management Education Training Program, (DSMT) you can stay updated on new information and self-management skills by meeting with certified diabetes educators every year for a 2 hour Review Class. Topics include healthy eating, blood sugar testing, medications, exercise, lifestyle changes, complications and problems related to diabetes.

Specialized diabetes self-management training for women diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes A series of individual or group appointments will focus on nutritional needs and blood glucose management.

Meet with a diabetes nurse educator to learn how to inject diabetes medication correctly.

Certified Diabetes Educators; nurses and dietitians will meet with you over a series of appointments starting with a one hour individual assessment and then individual or group appointments to provide you with comprehensive training including:

  • What you need to know to successfully manage your diabetes.
  • Healthy eating and meal planning
  • Taking medications
  • Monitoring blood sugars
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Prevention of complications
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting

One-on-one consults with nurse and/or dietitian are available to assist in the successful management of your diabetes.

If you are new to insulin pump therapy or upgrading your insulin pump, you can have specialized training over a series of appointments both individual and group, with the certified diabetes educators to learn advanced carbohydrate counting and insulin pumping skills.

For more information on a program call: (937) 401-7572.