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These workshops are designed to promote mental and physical health. Kettering Health Network's professional healthcare staff present topics of specific interest to your organization and highlight risk reduction strategies.

For more questions about the right presentation for your employees, give us a call (937) 558-3988.

Cost: $150 per workshop
10 minutes? 10 easy steps? Find out ways to achieve a healthier you. Learn tips on making healthy choices and exercises you can do at home to improve your fitness. Taught by a Kettering Health Network exercise physiologist.

Sedentary fatigue can affect the body long term. Taking the time to stretch and move neck, shoulders, hips etc. while still seated, will allow for better circulation and muscle health and continue productivity in a short period of time.

This workshop focuses on ways to maintain and improve back health and core strength to maximize daily living skills and prevent injuries.

Have you been working out but nothing is changing? Find out new and innovative techniques to revamp your exercise routine for optimal results. Taught by a Kettering Health Network exercise physiologist.

Having an adequately strong core protects the whole body from injury. It allows for better movement patterns and balance, whether the movement is push-ups, squats, or simply walking or sitting. Improving core strength is vital to quality of life regardless of age or ability.

There is a flood of information available on food and nutrition. And it is often difficult to separate science from myth. Learn the scientific truth and clear up misconceptions. Make educated nutrition decisions.

Food that are consumed daily have a profound and lasting impact on health and well-being. Learn how to eat clean, wholesome foods to maximize wellness. Develop strategies to select nutrient dense proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Ergonomics is an applied science that coordinates the design of devices, systems, and physical working conditions and form, with the capacities and requirements of the worker. Recognizing patterns of movement that can jeopardize the employee's health and assisting with exercises, education and equipment to decrease the chance of injury is the goal of the program.

Falls can be detrimental to quality of life now and in the future. Taking steps to create a foundation to try to prevent these types of injuries from happening is the best insurance. Be proactive in your safety not only building on physical strength and balance but also examining surroundings for trip hazards.

Americans love to eat out but let's do it right! Learn strategies to make better decisions while eating away from home. Or better yet... Make your kitchen full of quick meal ideas for better nutrition. Plan, prepare, stock up and enjoy great tasting meals.

Learn the fundamentals of exercise and the basic components of any exercise program. Learn tips on starting safely, setting goals, and sticking with your program. Taught by a Kettering Health Network exercise physiologist.

Are there foods that zap your energy or affect your concentration? Become more aware how food choices can affect your mood and productivity. Explore strategies to add variety in your daily intake to improve your mood and feel better.

If you are trying to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, there is an app for that! Come and hear about current nutrition and health related apps that may help you reach your goals.

Have you ever thought of your favorite vacation spot or best friend and felt better? These are examples of guided imagery, which utilizes positive scenarios to bring about beneficial changes in your mind and body.

Learn how to use your blood sugar results to manage your diabetes. We will discuss current American Diabetes Association guidelines, spotting trends, measuring impact of your medication, food, activity, and stress.

There can always be a better, safer way to do things to prevent injury. This program can assess the situation and provide education on adjustments to ensure safety.

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to mindfulness, guided imagery, and breathing. Participants will learn about and experience each technique.

Do you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry after work wondering what you can make for dinner? Feel like you spend money at the grocery store but still have nothing to eat? Learn how to stock your kitchen with healthy basics that you can use to create quick, tasty meals and snacks.

OSHA states that if an object is more than 35lbs there should be a device or more than one person to help lift it to avoid injury. This is rarely utilized due to the demand on employees to get tasks done. Also, educating on proper technique to keep back, legs, & shoulders, healthy is imperative to injury prevention. Our program can provide the education needed.

Did you know that if you have diabetes it is important to keep your feet healthy? Learn tips and tricks for taking care of your feet.

High blood pressure is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. Come learn about high blood pressure, why it is a risk factor for coronary heart disease how to manage it, and the role of salt in this process. Taught by a Kettering Health Network healthcare professional.

Learn what matters when it comes to heart disease and some simple but significant steps you can take to improve heart health. Taught by a Kettering Health Network Center for Heart and Vascular Health registered nurse.

Help manage your response to stress while increasing focus, mental resilience, creativity, and energy.

Are you in control of the foods you eat or does food have control over you? Hungry, stressed, tired, angry, happy, lonely, anxious? Why do you eat beyond your basic needs? Explore strategies to embrace and enjoy nutritious meals and snacks.

This workshop will review some of the newest technologies that have hit the market to help you manage your diabetes! A certified diabetes educator will review new devices and be available to answer your questions.

Want to get fit without purchasing a gym membership or expensive equipment? Learn how to use body weight and minimal equipment to gain maximum fitness benefits. Taught by a Kettering Health Network exercise physiologist.

Take charge of yourself by setting goals that promote good health and prevent disease. Learn how to control negative dietary choices. And, how to embrace beautiful and nutritious foods that protect health while boosting vitality.

Explore the nutritional benefits of these and other ancient grains. Learn not only why they are healthy but how to prepare and enjoy them. Go home with sample recipes!

Healthy food should look beautiful and taste great. Learn what a healthy eating pattern is and why it is important. And what foods and beverages should be included. Developing improved eating styles and increasing physical activity leads to optimal wellness.

Regardless of sport there is risk involved. This program helps with understanding these risks and how to minimize their impact through education and practice.

When you have diabetes it is even more important to stay healthy because we know that illness can affect your diabetes management. Learn how to minimize illness and should you get a cold or the flu, how to manage those sick days.

Life is short, even though some days or seasons may seem long. Stress impacts everyone differently. Learn how stress affects the body and different strategies to help improve your response. This workshop can be a single session or a two- or three- part series.

If you have diabetes you may be concerned about traveling away from home. In this workshop we explore travelling tips to make your vacation safe and enjoyable.

Are the health claims about coconut oil really true? Is it better to eat butter than margarine because it is "natural"? We will look at the science behind all of the "hype". Learn about current recommendations for amounts and types of fat we should include in our diet.

This program focuses on the areas of health that are uniquely important to women. You get your regular check-ups, mammogram and Pap smear, but is that enough? Find out what every woman can do to improve her health throughout each decade of her life. Taught by a Kettering Health Network healthcare professional.

How well you and your doctor talk to each other is an important part of receiving good health care. However, talking to your doctor is not always easy. A Kettering Health Network registered nurse will guide you through the process from choosing a doctor, preparing for a doctor's visit, and how to effectively communicate with your doctor.

A certified yoga instructor will discuss the benefits of yoga and lead a demonstration of beginner yoga moves.