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Kettering Cancer Care at Soin

About Kettering Cancer Care at Soin

Kettering Cancer Care expanded services in Greene County. Following the design and mission of the Kettering Cancer Center, our new Soin Medical Center location offers patients the most advanced patient-centered care in an environment that focuses on healing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

First Floor

Radiation Oncology

- A Service of Soin Medical Center
Our center offers a range of radiation therapy options to provide specific treatment needed for each patient. With the most advanced radiation technology, our radiation oncologists provide precise and accurate treatment for a wide range of cancers.

The radiation-oncology suite was strategically placed to allow for convenient and efficient technology upgrades and additions. Design decisions simultaneously accommodate the most advanced technology and patient needs.

"We have all the latest cutting-edge technology to track, target, and kill tumors in any part of the body, sparing normal healthy tissue. While there are other machines that can do the same thing, our advanced treatment center can deliver the same knock-out punch to a tumor in under two minutes, where an older machine like the CyberKnife would take under 2 hours," says E. Ronald Hale, MD, MPH, Radiation Oncology Network Medical Director.

Second Floor

Kettering Breast Evaluation Center

- A Service of Soin Medical Center
Our full-service breast evaluation center, located onsite with technology like 3D Mammography and ultrasound-guided biopsies, offers women access to the highest level of preventative care and diagnostics. The convenient location also allows for quick referral to physicians in the same building.

Fourth Floor

Grandview Infusion Center

- A Service of Grandview Medical Center
The new center has 20 infusion bays and 15 exam rooms. The infusion space offers floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful views, and decorative touches that make the area feel more like a home environment than a medical facility.

Nursing bays are near patients but not immediately next to them, creating a quieter, more relaxed environment while ensuring that caretakers are close by.

Medical Oncology

The fourth floor is home to our three Medical Oncologist who provide the most advanced patient-centered care in an environment that focuses on healing the whole person-mind, body, and spirit.