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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Let us help you understand prostate cancer diagnosis

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer in American men, and is a legitimate concern - especially in men over 50. The process of definitive diagnosis, may requires invasive procedures. Not all tests make sense for all men. Our staff can guide you by providing accurate information and helping you decide on a plan that is best for you. Contact us for more details.

Some of the common tests that may be recommended for you include the following:

By inserting a gloved finger into a patient's rectum, a primary care physician can make a quick determination whether the prostate is abnormally enlarged, has suspicious lumps, or is more or less firm than normal.

The PSA test can give physicians a broad idea of whether a patient might have prostate cancer. The blood test measures levels of PSA in the blood stream an elevated or increasing level can indicate a number of issues from prostatitis, to prostate enlargement, or prostate cancer.

A small probe about the width of a finger is lubricated and placed in your rectum. The probe gives off sound waves that enter the prostate and create a picture of the prostate. It can also be used during a prostate biopsy to guide the needles into the correct area of the prostate.

Prostate biopsies are uncomfortable for some men, but a biopsy is the only way to reliably confirm the presence of prostate cancer. Your urologist or radiologist inserts a special needle into the prostate to extract tissue for review. A negative biopsy doesn't necessarily mean no cancer, as the test may have just missed localized cancer tissue.

If you still have questions about prostate cancer diagnosis, contact Kettering Cancer Care for all the advice and support you need. We can help you determine how to move forward, and schedule an appointment to put your mind at ease as soon as possible.