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Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
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The Fight Against Cancer: It’s More than Treatment

Your life is made of a hundred processes: cleaning the house, caring for family members, planning healthy meals, driving to work, and volunteering at your child’s school. You do a lot to keep life’s train running on time.

A cancer diagnosis disrupts all of this. Looming questions cloud your mind: What do I do now? How do I manage this? What lies ahead for me? Worst-case scenarios halt your thinking: What will happen to my job or my family?

Planning for and managing cancer treatment requires your time and attention, but it doesn’t always mean you need to put your life on hold. Kettering Cancer Care services focus on whole-person care, extending beyond chemotherapy and radiation. We offer resources to help you navigate the other areas of your life that cancer impacts.

Someone by your side

Some institutions require you to be hospitalized to benefit from the resource of a social worker. But we have social workers available to all patients at Kettering Cancer Care. You focus on healing, and a social worker will help you look at all areas of your life and identify where they might be able to help.

Kettering Cancer Care patients will complete a screening to flag areas where patients may need assistance.  

“A medical assistant or nurse will look at the whole picture with you,” says Rae Norrod, manager of Cancer Support Services at Kettering Cancer Care. “They’ll ask, ‘Are you going to be able to fix your meals? Clean your house? Get through your day-to-day? Who is available to help you?’”

Patients can receive assistance with their finances or everyday needs. A social worker will help them explore agencies and programs that exist to help with these concerns. Many factors determine if patients qualify, so it’s best for them to have an expert to help navigate the system.

“The social workers explore your needs and look at the possible resources,” Rae says. “They can anticipate what many people in your situation go through and what’s coming next.”

A vessel for healing

When you’re battling disease, you want to be well-nourished for the fight. Kettering Cancer Care registered dietitians assess your nutrition needs and help you develop an individualized plan.

Our dietitians understand cancer, and they can anticipate risk factors based on your treatment plan. Certain foods or supplements can interfere with a chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or other treatments. Working with a registered dietitian can reduce the risk for certain side effects and keep your treatment effective.

Space for support

Learn how to best take care of yourself or find someone to relate to in Kettering Cancer Care’s support groups and classes.

“We offer a variety of classes to help you understand more about your cancer,” Rae says. “Aside from education, we offer support groups where you can talk to other people who are going through similar things you are.”

Accommodating for the limitations from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to offer classes and support groups virtually where possible. These include

  • The Chemo Class: An oncology-certified registered nurse will teach those starting chemotherapy about potential side effects and how to care for themselves during treatment.
  • Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey: Women diagnosed with breast cancer can explore common questions and available resources with an oncology-certified registered nurse.
  • Survivors & Caregivers United Support Group: Anyone affected by cancer—whether they’re a patient, survivor, or the loved one of someone diagnosed—can benefit from this group. Guest speakers host discussions, providing information on cancer-related topics. Facilitated by an oncology-certified registered nurse and a faith leader from the community, the group offers attendees a safe space to explore questions and gain support.

Take the next step

If you’re a Kettering Cancer Center patient looking for more information, call (855) 500-2873 (CURE), and our team will register you for a class or direct your call to the most appropriate team member.