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Lung Cancer Care

The moment you or a loved one receives a lung cancer diagnosis sends your mind spinning with questions.

The experts at Kettering Cancer Care know what you are going through and are here to help you find answers. From coming up with a treatment plan to answer 'what's next?' to offering spiritual support as you wrestle with 'why me?', we are with you every step of the way with compassionate care and leading-edge treatments to help you navigate through this crisis to wellness. It's all part of our commitment to your health, for life.

Early Detection

Where lung cancer is concerned, early detection can mean the difference between a positive or negative prognosis. Knowing this, we've developed a low-cost, early detection program for those at high risk of lung cancer. Our program includes a low-dose, lung CT screening that has proven to detect 85 percent of early-stage lung cancers. When advisable, the Kettering Cancer Care team is also here to perform a PET scan, biopsy, bronchoscopy and other procedures to determine if something suspicious is actually lung cancer.


The symptoms of lung cancer take years to develop, making it critical to have an experienced team on your side for diagnosis. Kettering Health Network offers the diagnostic services you need, such as biopsy or bronchoscopy, along with support services to provide the educational and emotional tools to help manage your diagnosis and subsequent treatment. View the full lung cancer diagnosis page.


You need more than treatment; you need a customized plan that considers your disease, the current state of your health and your personal wishes. At Kettering Health Network, we listen to you and select the most appropriate treatment, which may include a combination of:

From our surgeons and oncologists to our specially trained nurses and nutritionists, Kettering Health Network is ready to serve you and empower you to move past your cancer diagnosis to a brighter tomorrow.