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Thank you to our 2017 community champions

We asked them, why is it important to take time?

Cindy Dingeldein - Hamilton
Interior Designer, Community Design Alliance


"Without good health, we can't accomplish all our goals for family and work. Early detection and regular mammograms are an important part of staying healthy in a fast-paced world."

Kelly Fackel - Dayton
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Athlete, Nonprofit Leader at Grandview and Southview Medical Centers


"Taking care of my health and scheduling my annual mammogram is important because I want to be and stay as healthy and fit as possible for the rest of my life. Breast cancer has impacted my family and it is a terrible disease that can be treated and defeated. Mammograms are not the most "pleasant" of tests, but the teams at KBEC provide the best possible experience and ensure that my health stays on track!"

Kim Faris - Dayton
Wife, Mother, Grandmama, Aunt, Friend, MIX 107.7 Radio Personality


"As I have grown older, and yes wiser; I have discovered the importance of being one's own health self-advocate. No one knows your body better than you. There are 8760 hours in a year, please take 1 of those hours to get your annual mammogram."

Kristan Huff - Kettering
Wife, Mom, Optometrist


"It is important to stay healthy so my husband and I can raise our seven-year-old son. Getting a mammogram is part of making sure I can be a part of his life for many years to come."

Lynn Cowell - Oakwood
Wife, Mother, Principal of Smith Elementary, Oakwood City Schools


"Preventative health care is the key to early detection. Modern technology has blessed women with a quick and painless way to detect cancer, often before even a lump can be felt. I have many dear friends and colleagues who have had breast cancer detected early through a mammogram and have beat it with a vengeance. You are too important to not take care of yourself."

Linda Kahn - Dayton
Dedicated daughter, sharing sister, loving wife, thankful mother, and I hope a caring friend, CEO of the Ohlmann Group


"'Treat' yourself to a mammogram every year. Pick an annual date, something memorable, and get a mammogram done as a way to help you protect the precious gift of life. For example, you could make it a birthday present to yourself, in hopes of another year of good health. Whatever day you choose, book your mammogram and get it done. When it comes to breast cancer, knowledge is power and early detection is key. BE PROACTIVE! And if you think can't afford a mammogram, please seek out help. Our community has resources to help you and it may just save your life. Give yourself the gift of time and the better odds of ensuring good health by scheduling your annual mammogram. We are caretakers for so many, we need to ensure our own oxygen."

Marsha Bonhart - Dayton
Mother, health advocate, Director of Public Relations and Media at Dayton Public Schools


"The three-pronged approach is the best way to early diagnosis: annual mammograms, regular breast self-exams and physician exams. The disease may call your name, but it doesn't have to take your life."

Shelly Parker - Bellbrook
Wife, Mother of twin girls, Dental Hygienist


"Being proactive and having a mammogram every year is important for me because I want to show my girls that early detection saves lives."

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Women that are under-insured or have no insurance may qualify for a FREE mammogram. Please contact us for additional information.

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