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Thank you to our 2016 community champions

We asked them, why is it important to take time?

Nancy Beers - West Carrollton
Athletic Director - West Carrollton High School,Mother of 4, Grandmother of 5

"Having regular check-ups and mammograms has been my habit my entire adult life. Both my mother and maternal grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer in their later years. They were both able to receive early treatment and went into remission. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, but from old age, not cancer. My mother is still living and her cancer has not returned. I have too much to live for and too many things yet to do to risk losing my life to a detectable and curable disease. I eat well, stay fit and have yearly physicals and mammograms. I encourage all women to be proactive where their health is concerned."

Julie Curd - Beavercreek
Teacher, Beavercreek City Schools, Wife, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 3 boys

"It is so important to have annual screenings because cancer can be defeated! I have friends and family who are breast cancer survivors because of early detection. Be proactive with your health and take the time to get your annual screening."

Erin Hoeflinger - Springboro
Mom, Wife, Daughter and President, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Ohio

"The answer boils down to three numbers: one in eight and one-third. One in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime and early detection is the key to survival. We must encourage the women we love to get their annual screenings because one third of the women over 40-years-old in this country have not had a mammogram in the last two years. One in eight and one-third. Those numbers have to change and the best way to make that happen is all of us raising our voices until we're heard by every woman."

*Sources:  1 in 8:  American Cancer Society: Key Statistics about breast cancer

*Sources:  one-third:  CDC:  Health in the United States 2015, pg. 260

Gaylynn Jordan - Dayton
Firefighter and Medic - Dayton Fire Department: Station 16 - Mother of 4 and Grandmother

"I am a mother of 4 (young adults) and have one 4 year old granddaughter. I am an IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer and a member of Dayton's Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) committee. I also serve on the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters (OAPFF) Legislative Committee."

"My bucket list includes riding my motorcycle to all of the National Parks out west, hiking into the Grand Canyon and rafting out, and hiking in Iceland. Having annual mammograms is one way I stay healthy want to remind other women to do the same."

Jackie Parrish - Hamilton
Community Leader

"Be brave. Be responsible for your own health by having a mammogram every year, even though you may not enjoy it. Early detection was the key for me."

Michelle Riley - Dayton
Grandmother, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Poverty and Hunger Advocate and Chief Executive Officer of The Foodbank

"Early detection is the key to a cure. We women set so many good examples for each other, let this be yet another way we look out for ourselves and those that we love. Encourage others to get a mammogram regularly."

Jenell Ross - Centerville
President - Bob Ross Auto Group, Founder Norma J. Ross Foundation and Pink Ribbon Driven

"It is important to have annual screenings to help with early detection. This allows treatment to begin sooner and can help to minimize the spreading of the disease along with increasing chances for survival."

Leatha Savage - Dayton
Mother, Wife, Police Officer - City of Dayton

"I choose to have an annual mammogram because of being a wife, mother, friend and Police Officer. I enjoy life and all it has to offer and something as simple, (but important) as a mammogram can help extend the time life has blessed me with. Also I am an advocate for women to take care of themselves and not just all the others in their (our) lives."


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