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Patient Stories

At Kettering Health Network our patients are very important to us, which is why we highlight the health journeys of our patients. Listen to real patients talk about their experiences with The Neuroscience Institute at Kettering Health Network.

Doug was a flight attendant who had never had a problem with his brain before. Then one night at dinner, Doug collapsed and said he didn't feel quite right. That is when he was rushed to Kettering Medical Center.

The physicians at Kettering Medical Center were able to take a scan of Doug's brain and find a tumor that was causing him problems. After two surgeries, they were able to remove the tumor and get Doug back to his life. Since his procedure, Doug has been tumor free and grateful for the care he received at Kettering Medical Center.

Rick had been going to various doctors for years about his seizures with no results. He was then referred to Kettering Medical Center and was able to receive the care he needed. He said in reference to his care, "It wasn't till I went to Kettering Health Network that they treated me like a person and not a patient."

As an avid bowler, Rick's seizures were starting to affect his daily life. After receiving treatment from Kettering Medical Center, Rick was able to take less medication and get back to doing what he loves. In 2014, Rick had been seizure free for 3 years since receiving his care and was able to continue bowling as well as continue cutting the grass for his church, an activity he enjoys doing in his free time.

Ken was going to meet his son when he noticed something wasn't right. He said his head felt like it was "ready to explode." His son took him to the ER at Southview Medical Center.

The last thing Ken remembers was being told he'd had an aneurysm, and was being transferred to The Neuroscience Institute at Kettering Health Network.

After two weeks in the hospital, and a couple weeks of recovery, Ken was back to work painting and taking care of his family. Ken thanks the precision and skill of the caregivers at Kettering Health Network for helping him get back to living his life.

Dan was working construction at the Dayton Food Bank building when his stroke hit him without warning. He was unable to speak and tell his co-workers that he needed help.

Feeling trapped in his own body, Dan knew exactly where he needed to go. He quickly thought to grab a pen and paper to write down "Kettering." But nothing. He tried again... something simpler. The A B C's. He couldn't get past the letter D. His co-workers knew that something was terribly wrong and they called 911.

The ambulance brought Dan to Kettering Medical Center, where the stroke care team was awaiting his arrival. Within minutes the stroke team administered the drug t-PA which establishes blood flow and dissolves the blood clot.

Today Dan has fully recovered from his stroke. He is a father, a grandfather, and enjoying every minute of his life with those that matter most because of Kettering Health Network.