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Weight Loss Plans

Kettering Weight Loss Solutions and the Kettering Diabetes and Nutrition Center offer a variety of options that can be personalized to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you make simple lifestyle changes that help you lose weight and keep it off.

Kettering Weight Loss Solutions

HMR Weight Management Program
Our skilled doctors and educators help individuals develop the skills to lose weight and keep it off. The HMR program centers on the patient's needs and experiences. It helps redefine their lives with productive changes and lifestyle skills. Physician supervision is provided from the initial evaluation through the weight loss phase, which allows us to monitor those with medical conditions.

Weekly classes are available to discuss specific problems, potential barriers and health management. After weight loss, there is ongoing support with our long term maintenance program. Dietary options include low-calorie meal replacements for maximum weight loss. Fees for the program vary with medical and dietary options.

Kettering Diabetes & Nutrition Center

LEARN Program
We encourage our clients to reduce their current calorie intake and increase their physical activity. Our approach is to help our clients replace old, unhealthy habits with new, healthier ones that can be permanently sustained. Research has shown repeatedly that weight loss helps in the treatment of Diabetes, GERD, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia.

Kettering Diabetes and Nutrition Center utilizes The LEARN Program as its core behavior-modification method. The LEARN Program is a lifestyle-change program and stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Relationships, and Nutrition. The key principles include calorie restriction, increased physical activity, and behavior modification. Our program includes baseline and post-treatment assessments, 12 weekly sessions, and The LEARN Program manual, a comprehensive client-based treatment manual. For more information call Kettering Diabetes and Nutrition Center at (937) 395-8472.

Free Info Session

Would you like more information on the HMR or LEARN program? To register online, choose a Free Session Date below or call the appropriate location. For directions please click the location below or call Kettering Weight Loss Solutions at (937) 433-5957.

Date Time Location
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Other Services

  • Available in a private setting
  • Helps you understand your relationship with food
  • We assess your progress and develop your skills
  • Learn about weight loss and health related topics ranging from portion control, to coping with stress and cravings
  • Available support from a psychologist, mental health counselor, dietitians, and exercise physiologists
  • Choose a counselor best suited to help you meet your goals
  • For more information call Kettering Weight Loss Solutions at (937) 914-7510
  • Helps to reduce overall caloric intake
  • Lose and maintain 2½ – 3 times as much weight as those on traditional diets
  • We offer a large variety of great tasting meal replacement shakes, soups, entrees, nutrition bars and more. For more information call Kettering Weight Loss Solutions at (937) 914-7510 or go to Kettering Weight Loss HMR Diet.
  • Helps you understand your eating habits
  • Determine your nutritional needs
  • Provides education on serving sizes and label reading
  • Helps you create a customized nutritional plan
  • Research shows mood, weight, blood pressure, exercise and increased satisfaction in relationships can all improve with stress management training
  • Learn tools to revamp stress pathways in the brain to favor more joy and happiness
  • Choose a six-week introductory basic skills training group or sign up for advanced ongoing stress management training
  • The advanced training groups provide a safe, supportive environment to further develop skills in motivating you to take care of your health
  • Please contact us at 937-384-3895 or Via Email to learn more about this training.