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Posted by Don Anderson on 01/18/17
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I would like to thank everyone who was on duty Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in er. On Jan 17/ wife Sandy was having trouble swallowing..from surgery from monday..well these folks from the lady who checked us in to the Dr eric..nurses..x-ray guy...CLASS ACT.couldn't ask for better people thank you so much..GOD BLEss

Posted by Mariah Newton on 01/18/17
Southview Medical Center, Unit: L&D
Marilee was with my husband and I on my first full day of getting induced. She immediately made her love for her job known as soon as the shift started. As a nurse myself I know how gratifying it is for a patient to acknowledge your care but absolutely nothing compares to what Marilee gave us. She was able to ease any anxiety with her knowledge and help us understand what we were in for. She called the following two days I was in the hospital to check in on us. I didn't just appreciate her care but I learned from her. She is an angel! And a hilarious one at that! Even when I felt discouraged or in pain, she was there to make us laugh. Thank you from Mariah, Erik, and Holt!

Posted by Danielle Szempruch on 01/18/17
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: mommy baby
Danielle - Thank you so much for your exceptional care while my baby and I were in the mommy baby unit. I really felt like you took great care of me as I recovered from a c-section. You checked in on me but weren't at all intrusive and we greatly appreciate the time our newborn spent with you in the nursery. We were able to get some much needed rest! It really shows how much you love your job and you are great at it. Thank you so much!

Posted by Tammy on 01/17/17
Southview Medical Center, Unit: 1010
A beautiful woman, with a beautiful soul. You never complain and you always keep a smile. I've seen you slammed in here, and you just smile and scurry off to the next patient. Everything you do, you do it 100%. You don't try to rush through or gloss over areas to attempt to make up for lost ground. You follow through and complete. That made me feel very trusting of your ability and knowledge. I want to thank you Miss smiles, for having a way of relaxing even me. I was blessed in having you to take care of me. Take care of yourself now, and know, you have a new lil buddy out in California. :D Love and light, Tammy

Posted by Tammy on 01/17/17
Deb (Deborah) Taylor
Southview Medical Center, Unit: 1010
When I asked you to explain something, you did. If I just needed reassurance in a procedure getting done, you were there until I fully understood it, and to ask if I needed anything else. You are one of the most caring people I have ever met. Thank you, Deb, you gave me a friend when I had nobody. My home was over 1500 miles away in California. I want to thank you for that. God Bless you and yours for always. Your newly found friend, Tammy <3

Posted by Teresa on 01/16/17
Jason Powell
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
You were my mom's nurse when she was admitted the morning of Jan. 12. Thank you for your caring, friendly, patient, and professional manor . You were helpful and put us at ease. Please know that your hard work is appreciated.

Posted by Rhonda klug on 01/15/17
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I would just like to take a minute and thank you for your care of my husband while he was a patient in your care! My husband was seen in the ER on 1/12/17 he was having wheezing and coughing and trouble breathing to complicate his medical picture he had suffered a MI 14 year prior which had a significant impact on his heart . Initially on intake they gave him a breathing treatment and a dose of cardizem which seem to have a almost immediate positive affect on him. The doctors had decided to admit him because of his cardiac history so we were waiting on a bed to become available. While we were waiting my husband starting to become very pale and sweating which gave me great concern since he had seemed to start feeling and looking so much better with just breathing treatment and some medication. Seeing his eyes start to roll back in his head and the extreme sweating really alarmed me so I informed his nurse and she came in to check him. She had decided to check to see if he had been running a fever when she could not get a temperature on him she said she thought maybe his blood sugar was low so she decided to check his blood sugar his blood sugar was not especially low but she had mentioned that patients with this problem were hard to get a temperature reading on! So this situation concerned everyone and all the doctors had returned to look again at my husband to make sure they had not missed anything while the doctors were scratching their heads the nurse "Joyce " had suggested we try giving him some orange juice? The doctors were s skeptical thinking maybe something more serious was going on. I said to the doctors "would it hurt to just try giving him some orange juice"? So we did that and almost immediately he started to come out of it! I know the doctors were doing their best to figure out what was going on because my husband heart was pretty severely damaged in his heart attack, but "Joyce" was the one who had figured it out and I just want you and her to know how greatful we both are for being fortunate enough to have "Joyce " as his nurse. My husband is Dr. Mark Klug he was in the ER on 1/12/17, he was in bed 15 if that helps! Please relay our thanks to her she h a real asset to the Kettering Healthcare system and he was so privileged to have the benifit of her experience and knowledge. Sincerely, Rhonda L Klug

Posted by Rhonda Susco on 01/14/17
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 442
I was admitted first for observation. All the nurses and nurses sides were great. Corey was great. But Lisa really anticipate d my needs, even though I am not in the habit of asking for help. She cut up my salad even. You feel alone in the hospital when you are faced with alot of Medical problems. And my husband could not be with me alot because he works 12 hours a day because of the strain my needs puts on us. The nurse I had the day before also helped me immensely. She had worked 16 hours, and was red-faced, and had sort of reddish hair. I so wish I could remember her name. I think she was the charge nurse then. I was well taken care of by good people. Also, yesterday, there was a tired, very sweet black woman. A nurses aid. People don't know how hard hospital workers work. And maybe they should get more gratitude. Thank you.

Posted by Angela on 01/12/17
Ginger Senters
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Labor and
Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me, and caring about the comfort of myself and my son! Blessings to you!!

Kettering Medical Center, Unit: CCU
Dear Sara, You took care of my dad, Howard Emil Stakelin Jr., on his last day here on Earth 1/3/17, your care was a blessing in the heartbreak of our lives. Our dad was the leader of our family , the strongest man we all ever knew, and beside my mom for 46 yrs. Though we are beyond sad that he has left us, we know that he was here the last 5 yrs by the grace of God enduring tremendous amounts of pain. He fought bravely by the day. He spent his last Christmas with us in his oldest grandson's home with his first great granddaughter and that was a blessing words cannot explain. We didn't want to let him go, but he was so very tired, not one day that I have here on earth will ever be the same without my dad. He would do anything for me, he still told me I was beautiful almost every time I spent with him, he sang to me every year on my birthday, I am almost 50... now that is determination.... He made us laugh - he would tell us every phone call when we would ask how are you Dad? "oh older and uglier...." Thank you for taking fine care of our most important man ever, you kept him comfortable and with dignity, and we will always think of you as we remember his last breath, day with us... Peace be with you.

Posted by ANGEL VALERIO on 01/10/17
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ER
Colby, You took care of my Dad -Howard Emil Stakelin Jr. on Dec. 26,2017, in the ER. You were so amazing, you took your time and when he asked the same question over and over - you never looked bothered or treated him bad. He told us he was not going to make it, and we lost Dad on 1/3/17, he fought very hard to be with us these last few years. Thank you for giving him dignity and understanding his hardship. We were obviously under great stress and knew how gravely ill our father was. You have a special gift that you are sharing with strangers daily - we are lucky to have gotten to see it with our Dad. Thank you for your care.

Posted by Richard D Eyre on 01/10/17
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Pre Op
Deb 1/10/2017 Its been almost a week since surgery, I'm doing great I would like to Thank You for being so kind and genuine, you are a great asset to Kettering Health Network Thank You Deb my Pre Op Nurse Richard D. Eyre

Posted by Heather Faust on 01/08/17
, Unit: Icu
Thank you Lisa for your care and concern for my grandmother Mrs. Warren. I wish you could see her at her best.... Your patience and care are appreciated!

Posted by Heather Faust on 01/08/17
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Icu
I don't know where to start..... The minute Claudia came into my grandmother's room I felt so grateful for the immediate care, thoroughness, and compassion she brought with her! All the nurses have been wonderful and have provided wonderful care, but wanted to give a SHOUTOUT to Claudia for being there for my grandmother and for us! Please recognize her for being so wonderful and showing such care! Marilouise Warren's family Heather Faust Heidi Able Bonnie Yezzi

Posted by Heather Faust on 01/08/17
Soin Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Emily.... We arrived here at this wonderful facility on the 6th and you provided outstanding care for my grandmother. It is reassuring to know that she is in good hands. Mrs. Warren's family

Posted by Tina on 01/05/17
Brittany Parrott
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Icu
I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I'm truly Blessed to have such a wonderful person care for me....

Posted by Kaylen Haltom on 01/04/17
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
Every time I share my son's birth story I have to brag about every nurse at Kettering, and Kayla in particular. We shared an emotional moment as she was about to be off duty after being with me through most of my labor. She made me feel comfortable and in control. I am so grateful she was on duty that night.

Posted by Jennifer Vaughn on 01/04/17
Entire 4th Floor INCLUDING ICU Entire 4th Floor INCLUDING ICU
Grandview Medical Center, Unit:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ER and THE ENTIRE 4th Floor ICU and the 4th Floor Acute Care Unit. I was admitted thru the ER on Christmas mirning, December 25, 2016 at approximately 9 am. From Environmental Services to the top of the line Pulminary Specialist, Dr. Sickenger and the Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Zapft and Assidtant Jason, and their ENTIRE nursing and assistant team, I will be forever grateful. Thank you to the Respiratory Team who helped my tired lungs. Bravo to both Physical and Occupational Therapy and of course, the Food Service Chefs. Thank you EVERYONE who contributed to my healing process. Sincerely, Jen Vaughn

Posted by Anthony on 01/03/17
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Orthopedic
I want to thank all of the staff that I had contact with at the Hand and Orthopedic Center of Excellence at Southview Medical Center on December 23, 2016. I want to specifically thank Angie, the pre-op RN, Kym, the anesthesiologist, Lisa, the O.R. RN, Kim, at the front desk, and Jenny, the post-op RN. Everyone was so friendly and attentive and took very good care of me during my brief visit there. I want to also thank Dr. Martineau and Saran for their care through the treatment of my injury.