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Posted by Hawkins family on 02/18/19
Sherina Bunch
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Float
God sent angel you are! From start to end of shift you did a fantastic job. You were very patient and you really cared with passion. You got my father to smile, talk, and eat something he hadnt done in 3 days prior to coming to Kettering. You took the stress load off by finding reliable resources on your lunch break to help my family out. When i say we will never forget you I mean that! You put a special place in our hearts to me knowing once I left my father was in good hands with you. Thanks for all you did that day. I’m still smiling. Employees like yourself make a difference who truly care about what they do for their patients.

Posted by Anna on 02/14/19
Lori Schaaf
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Instructor
Thankyou gor being such a great instructor.

Posted by Anna on 02/14/19
Angela Huff
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Instructor
Thank you for all the help these past 2 weeks. You & Lori. Make a great team .

Posted by Ashley Tuco on 02/13/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Nicu
We are so thankful for all the wonderful care Brenda provided to our little Adalynn during her stay in the NICU. Brenda became like family and was always willing to listen and better explain things when I did not understand what was going on.

Posted by Charles Johnson on 02/12/19
2 North Nurses and Staff 2 North Nurses and Staff
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 2 North
My Name is Charles Johnson. I was a patient in 2 North in Room 2316 in January prior to bowel obstruction surgery on January 15. I had suffered from a very painful chronic bowel obstruction condition resulting in over a dozen hospital admissions since 2001. The surgical. team of Dr. Andersen is confident that my condition has been cured by the surgery. My care during my many admissions has been superb and particularly by the Nurses, Nurses Assistants and Staff of 2 North during my last admission. Even though there were certainly many more, I want to thank Nurses Roberta, Zack, Melissa, Monica, Cathy for their sympathetic and caring support during my stay and recovery. My wife Teresa and I are forever in your debt.

Posted by Linda Bryant on 02/11/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
We brought my dad in to the ER a few weeks back and David was the nicest nurse ever , so kind and compassionate to my dad he is so appreciated!!

Posted by Stacey Hodge on 02/10/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: L&D
I hope this finds the right nurse. I just want to say thank you SO much to Cary for helping me get through the birth of my first daughter. I had a long and challenging induction but she made it so much better for me. She started my induction before her shift was over and came back for her next shift and worked with me again. There’s something so calming and special that her presence helped with. She went above and beyond for me and even talked about tv shows between contractions to take my mind off the situation. I could not have done it without her. I went in to the induction absolutely terrified and my fears were eased. So thank you again. You and the other labor and delivery nurses and staff are AMAZING and I was so lucky to be placed in your care!!! Stacey Hodge & baby Finlee Hodge :)

Posted by Katrina Dudley on 02/08/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 5
Dear Ben, My family and I want to thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and the care that you took of our beloved Stanley Zeisloft. We think you did an excellent job responding to our needs and assisting us through the difficult situation. Best of luck to you in your career and life going forward! God bless you, The Zeisloft family

Posted by Carol Severance on 02/07/19
Delaine Adrian
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
Sending you a BIG shout out for a job well done! Thank you for taking time to organize our equipment closet and providing continued support to ensure MSICU is always ready to provide exceptional care to our patients. You make a difference, Thank you! CAS~

Posted by Misty Brightman on 02/07/19
Carrie Cabinoff
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: MSICU
My family and I would sincerely like to thank Carrie for the impeccable care and attention that she provided to my brother in law. Carrie was always willing to explain any questions or concerns that we had, and I feel that she went above and beyond her duties. Carrie, Thank you for everything! The MSICU has an amazing team of nurses and we were blessed to have you all! We would also like to thank... Taylor, Tina, Gladys, Erin and David! You all are amazing and greatly appreciated!

Posted by terri johnson on 02/06/19
Kim johnson
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you so much for caring for me.

Posted by Stacie Jordahl and Elizabeth Withrow on 02/06/19
Brianna Abraham
Southview Medical Center, Unit: Maternity
You are not only a wonderful nurse but an amazing person inside and out. We appriecate not only your help thru the delivery but also your kindness thru out our time with you as our nurse. The care you showed our son we will forever be grateful. Thank you very much Bri you truly are a amazing person. Much love from The Withrows and baby Kingston. Thank you.

Posted by Doug on 02/05/19
Katie Mccord
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: Cardiac
She went out of her way to make sure that my mothers needs were always met.

Posted by Ron Wyatt dawn cerullo on 02/05/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: 4
Thank you for being so understanding you are so easy to talk to and very caring

Posted by Ron Wyatt Dawn cerullo on 02/05/19
Samantha Stephen
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Icu
You are a awesome nurse u gave us Hope when no one else did I thank u from the bottom of my heart you definitely were meant to be a nurse

Posted by Scott Gray on 02/03/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: Icu
Thank you Paige for the exceptional care you provided my mother Candy! There is no doubt you are highly committed and dedicated to your patients. It was your high level of professionalism, skill, knowledge and determination that gave us comfort and peace. We are greatful to you as well as the ENTIRE Kettering team at Fort Hamilton! My mother was fortunate to be in your care! Great doctors are supported by great nurses! Thank you!!

Posted by Candy's Family on 02/03/19
Fort Hamilton Hospital, Unit: ICU
Thank you Paige for all of your care with Candy! We are so grateful for your care and compassion, and for all of your dedication and commitment to your patients. You help put everyone at ease and gave us peace of mind knowing she was in good hands with the Kettering team. You and all of the nurses and doctors at Fort Hamilton are outstanding! We are so lucky to have such amazing nurses like you taking care of our loved ones. Thank you!!

Posted by Janelle Phillips on 02/03/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor and
Cheryl, What can I say!?!? You are the reason so many people become nurses! It is by watching you in your element, caring for a patient, that an individual would want to be like you. I watched you care for my daughter while she labored and knew she was going to be perfectly fine. With love and humor you led her through the labor process. And to top it stayed past your shift until baby Lincoln was born. As a nurse myself I learned so much by just watching you. Thank you so much Cheryl. I will never forget you! Janelle

Posted by Fred hodapp on 01/30/19
Grandview Medical Center, Unit: 5th floor
Thank you for everything you did for me. You made me feel safe and cared for! No matter what was going on you made time for me and I felt better knowing you would be back. You made me look forward to your part of my stay, I had a few good nurses but nobody compares to you. You can tell you love your work and your patients, and in return I can't help but love you. Thank you again and I hope grandview realizes what they have in you! Fred

Posted by Penny Coffman on 01/29/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Heart
I am the daughter of Douglas Fordyce. My Dad had a heart cath at your facility yesterday, 01/28/19. His nurse, Dan was EXCEPTIONAL! He not only made my Dad feel comfortable by taking wonderful care of him, answering his questions and listening to his stories but he also was reassuring to our family and I really appreciate it! He obviously goes above and beyond in his work and I wanted it known how happy we were with his care and kindness. Thank you Dan!

Posted by Larry Lawson on 01/29/19
Entire nursing staff
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit: Emergency
I was admitted into the emergency room at approximately 4:30 pm on 1/28/19. I was suffering greatly from impacted bowels but the nursing staff ministered my care professionally and with humor trying to calm my agitated state. My bowels are now clear and I'm feeling much better. I owe my great results to the excellent care I received from physicians and nurses from your emergency trauma center. I especially wish to thank the nurse who so pleasantly cleaned me up after my bowels finally broke loose at 3:00 this morning. She was such a sweet gentle lady. I kept apologizing for causing her extra work and she told me she loved her job and loved helping patients like me. She sent me home in a relaxed and calm state and for that, I wish to commend her. She and the rest of your emergency room staff are a credit to the fine care Greene Memorial provides our little town of Xenia. Thanks again. You folks were fantastic.

Posted by Douglas Fordyce on 01/29/19
, Unit: Cardiac
I under went a heart Cath yesterday and would like to express my appreciation. I'm sorry I can't remember the names of those in the Cath lab but they all did a very good job and dealt with we very kindly. The nurseing staff were all very helpful as well but I would especially like to thank Dan for an outstanding job! He really went far beyond what was required of him. Thank you all very much, Doug Fordyce

Posted by Catherine Feighery on 01/28/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: 5 West
Thank you so much Crystal for your welcoming spirit when I floated to your unit on Sunday. You were always available to lend a helping hand or answer questions. You are a wonderful charge nurse and should be commended.

Posted by Carrielyn Brunette on 01/28/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Er
You are awsome! Thank you for the excellent service and care! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Earl Damallie on 01/27/19
Kyla Whitt
Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit: Emergency
Dear Kyla, Thank you so much for taking such good care of me when I come to the ER. I know we have had our ups and downs with our relationship, but I want you to know that you are such an amazing nurse, and you do great at what you do. Thank you for always comforting me when I am struggling with my mental health, you always have a way of giving me hope during my mental health struggles. Thanks again for all you do!! :) Sincerely, Earl Damallie

Posted by Samantha mills on 01/25/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Thank you for taking such great care of me and my baby i am Thankful for how knowledgeable you where and responsive you was when needed. We couldn't of asked for a better Nurse Thanks

Posted by judy liechty on 01/23/19
heather ?
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: rehab
It's been over a year now, so I am not sure if she is still there. She graduated from Ohio University and she always came in the room and said "O U'!! She was truly a wonderful upbeat nurse I would have taken her home with me if I could have THANKS HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Jessica for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha Noethcutt on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Eric for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Ashley for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Courtney for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a nurse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it! Special thanks for sharing story with us and for making me the lovely origami bird!

Posted by Tasha on 01/22/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
Thank you Eric for keeping me comfortable and for being so attentive. It always great to have a muse that enjoys their job and does an exceptional job at it!

Posted by Ida wheeler on 01/20/19
All nurses All
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: ICU
I want to thank all ICU nurses for caring for my mother Ida Wheeler while she was in your care in the month of November. I have seen all of you take great care and paitence with my mom. I am soo thankful. The hospital and paitents are blessed to have you there to take care of all families. My message is late because I lost her in hospice and it was so hard and heartbreaking. Again I want to thank you all !!!

Posted by Pat on 01/19/19
Zoe Ting
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 2 West
Thank you for listening to my daughter's concerns about me, and for being by my bedside the whole time. Though I could not remember what had happened, I remembered you were right by my side the whole time, holding my hand and telling me it will all be okay. Despite having 6 patients on your own, you delivered excellent nursing care. You were more like a friend than a nurse, I felt safe having you as my nurse. The extra trip that you made to ICU after you got off work, just to see how I was doing and to pray with me, made my heart melt. So thank you, Zoe :)

Posted by Sibyl on 01/18/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Ray was kind, personable and very helpful. He kept me comfy and made me feel like I was at home. Thanks Ray you are great!!!!

Posted by Sibyl Carter on 01/18/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
Thanks for being such a great nurse! You made my stay fun and you helped entertain my crazy family. I really appreciated you ?? P.S. they finally let me eat!!! Woooohoooo Sibyl

Posted by Adam on 01/16/19
All nurses
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: All units
There are no words to express my gratitude. Warriors and the trenchs...on the frontline..making a difference. Saving our lives. Thank you

Posted by Emma Garrett on 01/15/19
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Labor
Thank you so much for all of your help the two nights you were my nurse. Thank you also for helping me deliver my baby boy Jackson, we will never forget it! You were really awesome and super helpful!! Emma, Alex, and Jackson

Posted by Lindsay Porter on 01/14/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: Emergency
I am a nursing student at Cedarville University and spent some time at Soin last semester (October through December). I had the pleasure of interacting with a lot of wonderful nurses and am so grateful for the things I learned from them! It was rare to work with a nurse that wasn't quick to educate and encourage. I can't believe I forget these details, but I believe it was the nurse manager that really made an impact on me. I don't remember her name, but she goes around to all of the patients to ask about their experience. One particular day I was working in the ED she approached my nurse and me and gave us a quick word of encouragement that our patient was very pleased with how we were treating them. She specifically pointed out that I was doing a great job. It is uncommon for nurses we students are not working with- especially leadership- to even acknowledge our presence on the floor. This nurse not only took the time to acknowledge my presence but also to encourage me in my endeavors. That meant so much to me and will stick with me for a long time. Everyone in the ED was so great to work with and I'm very grateful for my time there! Thank you!

Posted by Lilian Frederick on 01/13/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: 3 west
thank you, you let me feel like a human while being in the hospital for so many days

Posted by Amy Hoover on 01/10/19
Soin Medical Center, Unit: emergency
Thank you for the great care you provided to my husband on our recent visit. We appreciate your personable approach, excellent ED experience.

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Susie Greenwood
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
Susie Greenwood. Professional, smart, funny, dedicated, caring, uplifting. Can’t say enough about this exceptional nurse which made my recent stay at Kettering Medical Center as comfortable as possible. Thanks, Susie!

Posted by Cristina Johnston on 01/09/19
Paula Mundhenk
Kettering Medical Center, Unit: Surgery
Paula stepped in when she realized I was not getting the care I needed. She not only met my medical needs but my emotional needs as well. Her empathy during my recovery from surgery made the uncertainty of my situation seem a little bit better in that moment. I wish I could get her a bouquet of daisy. I feel strongly that she deserves a daisy award for her excellent care!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Kelly McCockran
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
I was recently diagnosed with cancer and stayed at Kettering Medical Center. The care I had from all the nurses was exceptional but one of the most outstanding people I came across was Nurse Kelly. Her knowledge, dedication, caring nature, wit, and friendship is much appreciated. She went above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as possible and her personal touches gave me a newfound look on life. Thanks, Kelly! You’re a true angel, girl!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Don Whittacker
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
It was a sincere pleasure meeting Don Whittacker during my recent hospital stay at Kettering Medical Center. He took the time to listen and share his own stories which meant the world to me. We share a lot of the same beliefs and he made my stay as comfortable as possible and gave me hope. Thanks, Don!

Posted by Sandi Cassity on 01/09/19
Kat Durham
Kettering Medical Center, Unit:
One of the sweetest, most caring, sincere, dedicated people I ever had the pleasure of meeting is Kat Durham, a nurse I had at Kettering Medical Center. I can’t thank her enough for making my stay as comfortable as possible. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and Kat was very uplifting and always in good spririts. She came into my room one night and noticed I had been coloring and later that day came back with an inspirational coloring book which she personally signed. Thanks, Kat! I imagine this angel of a human being has touched many lives because she has certainly touched mine. Thank you so much for everything!

Posted by Adam Kempf on 01/06/19
Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: ER
I wanted to thank John for his kindness and caring during my recent visit to the ER. John listened to everything I wanted to say and truly cared. John made sure he was in the room with me when new member of the hospital would visit me to act as my advocate and make for an easy transition. John is truly an asset to Sycamore and deserves an atta-boy from his supervisors. I am currently writing this while still admitted at the hospital and everyone I have encountered has been caring and amazing!

Posted by Karen Couch on 01/04/19
Karen Couch
Southview Medical Center, Unit:
I would like to thank all the staff on the hall I was on room 1013. They were all so kind and efficient, and very knowledgeable of my condition. I really can't pick out one of them who was better than the next. Thank you Southview Hospital for your staff.