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Sports Performance

Sports Medicine at Kettering Health Network offers a variety of sports performance enhancing classes. We have programs to help you improve your fitness, work on your form and technique, prevent injuries while exercising, or get an edge over the competition. Our team has various programs at a variety of locations and times to help meet your needs and get you performing at your best.

Basketball Skills Development

Join our basketball training program to develop your shooting and dribbling skills and perform at your highest level. Each 1 hour session will be customized to the player's strengths and weaknesses.


Dartfish is state of the art motion analysis software that allows us to examine your biomechanics to prevent injury and increase performance. Over 90% of Olympic medal winners have trained with Dartfish.

Dartfish provides instant visual feedback which enhances athletes' understanding of motion. Movement can be broken down to 90 frames per second. Using numerous drawing and measuring tools to point out key positions, we can make the invisible visible. We can also share information with you via print-outs, CDs, e-mail, or YouTube.

Gait analysis, throwing motion, and golf swings are just a few of the many motions we can help you break down and analyze.

The Edge Performance

Change your workout, change your life, improve your health
The adult fitness program is designed to fit your busy life. It is for adults aged 18 and up who want to improve their fitness level or lifestyles. Each individual is pre-tested to determine goals and program criteria specific to their needs. The program meets two times a week for eight weeks, ending with a post-test to compare individual results. It can help you lose weight, get in better shape or improve your recreational game by designing a program tailored to your fitness level and busy schedule.

  • Adult Fitness
  • Senior Exercise Programs
  • Boot Camps
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Tactical Performance Enhancement
  • Firefighter Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Training

Fast Twitch

Fast-Twitch is the elite sports performance training company in the Dayton area. The coaching staff has many years of coaching, playing, and training experience at the collegiate level. All coaches are degreed exercise scientists and certified strength and conditioning specialists, CSCS. The coaches bring Division I strength and conditioning intensity and cutting edge sports enhancement training to male and female athletes of all ages who are preparing for any athletic competition. All training programs are customized to the individual and medically sound using scientifically proven principles to enhance athletic performance.

  • Male & Female Athletes of All Sports
  • Ages 7 & Up - Separate into age appropriate groups
  • Professional & Collegiate Athletic Development
  • Improve Explosive Power
  • Enhance Speed & Agility
  • Develop Total Body Strength
  • Gain Footwork, Balance, Flexibility

Get Moving, Get Fit

Get Moving, Get Fit is a 6-week injury prevention program for runners 16 years old and up. It includes strength training and circuit training as well as a nutritional consult.

Sports Acceleration

Our team of highly trained professional exercise physiologists, fitness specialists, and athletic trainers design and direct the specific program to meet your individual needs and goals including speed, agility, strength, power, and self-confidence. We use various techniques to test your fitness, including the super treadmill, plyometrics, weight training, and sprint cords.

Sports Acceleration is a 4-8 week training program consisting of 2-3 sessions per week lasting approximately 1 and a half hours each; you can start you program at any time. This program benefits any competitive individual age 10 years and older with minimum height requirement of 54". We offer several levels of training programs ranging from youth protocols for beginning athletes, recreational protocols for older athletes participating in competitive and recreational sports, and distance running protocol that emphasize endurance and conditioning for emergency response professionals.

This international training program is offered in the greater Dayton area only through Kettering Sports Medicine Center. Sports Acceleration is not a camp or clinic; it is the ultimate training program. Our program allows individual flexibility in scheduling assessments and appointments.

Stress Tests & Linking Lab to Life

Our team of exercise physiologists offer advanced physical fitness evaluations for you, whether you are just beginning to exercise or if you do advanced work-outs. Our programs include:

  • Measurement of aerobic fitness
  • Determination of maximal heart rate
  • EKG (physician supervised)
  • Body composition
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Nutritional analysis
  • VO2 max testing
  • Determination of anaerobic threshold