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Frequently Asked Questions

A patient is ready to drive when the surgeon says you are. It is very individual and depends on your progress.

In most cases you will be allowed to shower as soon as you leave the hospital (usually 3-4 days after surgery).

It depends on your progress. Some patients do very well on their own without continued assistance from a physical therapist. Others will need someone to come into their home for a few weeks to make sure they are doing the exercises properly and reaching their goals.

Most likely. Security is tighter and you will probably have to be checked. Some physicians will supply you with a card but security personnel are required to check anyway. Show them your scar!

When your surgeon says it's ok, that is usually when you feel able. Depending on your surgery you might have to adjust positions.

Some patients report a dull ache in cold weather but you will usually not feel anything.

It depends on the individual. Someone who maintains an active lifestyle and has few medical conditions could easily have spine surgery into their 90s. An individual with many medical problems and a sedentary lifestyle would be a higher risk at any age.

The best shoes have a low, wide heel, good shock absorption, a nonskid sole and a full heel (no clogs or backless type shoes).

It depends on an individual's progress after surgery and what type of work they do.

It depends on your progress. The surgeon will advise you.