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Frequently Asked Questions

Kettering Health Network is committed to making your stay as pleasant as possible and responding to your concerns or complaints. We encourage you to share your comments with your nurse, nurse manager, department manager, or supervisor responsible for your care.

If you have any questions, please look through the information below.

I have a question about my bill.

If you need to request an itemized statement, update insurance information, pay your bill, dispute a bill or have other billing questions call (937) 384-8788 or submit your question.

I want a copy of my medical record.

If you need any information on your medical record or need to obtain your medical record call (937) 752-2200 or visit Medical Records

How can I contact a patient in the hospital?

Patient information will be happy to assist you in finding a patient.

Fort Hamilton: (513) 867-2241
Grandview: (937) 723-3281
Greene: (937) 352-2190
Kettering: (937) 395-8605
Soin: (937) 702-4891
Southview: (937) 401-6307
Sycamore: (937) 384-8706

How much will it cost for my surgery? How do I get HCAPS?

If you need price quotes, your facilities financial advisor will be able to provide that information. They can also help you apply for HCAPS and work out paying through Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security.

Fort Hamilton: (513) 867-4178
Grandview: (937) 723-4055
Greene: (937) 352-2421
Kettering: (937) 395-5178
Southview: (937) 723-4055
Soin: (937) 352-2421
Sycamore: (937) 384-6172

Patient Pricing  |  HCAPS Application

Advance Directives, Patient Rights or Ethical Issues?

Patient Relations would be happy to assist you if you have any other questions.

Fort Hamilton: (513) 867-3399
Grandview: (937) 723-3213
Greene: (937) 702-4005
Kettering: (937) 395-8613
Soin: (937) 702-4005
Southview: (937) 723-3213
Sycamore: (937) 395-8613

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