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Stroke Treatment

Time is a critical factor in seeking treatment for stroke. Any delay in seeking medical attention can cause permanent brain damage and anyone experiencing signs and symptoms of stroke must call 911. Time is Brain!

Most strokes occur as the result of a blood clot, which can limit blood flow and cut off oxygen to the brain. Administering the drug t-PA can significantly impact the return of function and overall recovery time by reestablishing blood flow and dissolving the clot.

The delivery of t-PA requires a patient to arrive at the hospital immediately.

It is a race against the clock and patient knowledge of the signs and symptoms of stroke is essential to the stroke team's success in stopping and reversing the damage caused by a stroke.

Neurointerventional Services

Neurointerventionalists are physicians who have specialty training in performing minimally invasive procedures used to diagnose and treat diseases of the head, neck and spine. At Kettering Medical Center, these physicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide care for patients with the most complex needs. The availability of Neurointerventional services extends the treatment window time for stroke victims up to 8 hours and even 24 hours for some patients.

Some of the services provided include:
  • Delivery of intra-arterial t-PA (clot buster drug) directly in to the clot to restore blood flow to the brain for ischemic stroke victims.
  • Utilization of mechanical clot removal (thrombectomy) devices to restore cerebral blood flow.
  • Balloon and Stent assisted coil embolization of brain aneurysms.
  • Onyx Embolization of brain aneurysms, AVMs, fistulas, brain tumors and head and neck cancers