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Caring for the Krolls

March 24, 2015

Tim and Denise Kroll like to think they are “double trouble.” However, with their great attitudes, sense of humor, and zest for life, this couple is really double the fun.

Both Denise and Tim came under the care of Kettering Home Care in March. Denise has had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 22 years, and Tim was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) a little over a year ago. As a result, they are confined to wheelchairs and stay at home.

Home Care helps

But even with these debilitating diseases, the Krolls take each day as it comes, help each other along the way—usually with big smiles on their faces—and maintain a sense of humor.

When they met John Healy, their physical therapy assistant from Kettering Home Care, the Krolls found someone to match their positive attitudes.

Our staff is here for you

“John is the absolute best! We love him. We cannot believe how much better we are doing and how quickly,” says Denise. She goes on to say that John is doing so much more with them than previous providers have.

Denise also sings the praises of Vicki Cirrito, their medical social worker. Denise says, “In all of the years that I have had home care, no one has ever helped like Vicki.”

It is important that those you love receive compassionate, competent, and comfortable care. For patients like Tim and Denise, Kettering Home Care provides just that.

What Is Home Health Care?

At its most basic, home health care refers to health services that are delivered in the home.

The services themselves can be quite diverse. Some patients receive rehabilitation therapy or skilled nursing care. Others may receive more targeted care, such as pain management, wound care, or infusion therapy.

While the primary focus is medical care, home healthcare services may also involve everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or bathing.

Home health care can be appropriate for people of all ages. It’s generally favored when a person wants to stay at home but family and friends can’t provide all of the needed care. This may be the case if a person has an illness or injury, or is chronically or terminally ill.

A doctor can help you decide whether home health care is suitable for your loved one.